3 of My Favorite European Christmas Markets


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After visiting 17 European Christmas Markets this year, here are my 3 favorites, featuring a cathedral, a palace and one with medieval backdrops.

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3 of My Favorite European Christmas Markets

  1. 1. 3 of My Favorite European Christmas Markets monkeysandmountains.com /european-christmas-markets I love Christ mas market s! This year I made it t o sevent een Christ mas market s in Germany and in Salzburg, Aust ria – not bad!. That’s pretty decent, but when you consider that there are twenty four Christmas markets in Munich alone, and thousands of Christmas markets in Europe, I still have a long way to go. Many other Christmas markets were nice, but all started to blur together after a while. Here are my 3 favorite European Christmas Markets of 2011 that are each unique and stand out from the stiff Christmas market competition: Trier, Germany Trier is Th e Ca th e d r a l i n Tr i e r i s a b e a u ti fu l b a ckd r o p fo r th e Tr i e r Ch r i s tm a s Ma r ke t. Germany’s oldest city and with its Roman ruins its steeped in history. Trier is beautiful anytime of year, but it really shines during the holidays. The Christmas market is nestled in the historic market square and extends to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Cathedral (Trier Dom in German) providing a spectacular backdrop and making it one of the most beautiful Christmas markets I have visited.
  2. 2. Th e s tr e e ts s u r r o u n d i n g th e m a r ke t i n Tr i e r a r e a l s o d e co r a te d . Hellbrunn Palace, Salz burg, Austria If I
  3. 3. If I had to Th e m a r ke t a t He l l b r u n n P a l a ce i n S a l z b u r g i s ve r y r o m a n ti c. No te th e a d ve n t ca l e n d a r i n th e p a l a ce wi n d o ws . choose my favorite Christmas market in Salz burg it would without a doubt be the one at Hellbrunn Palace, even though I enjoyed the other Christmas Markets in Salz burg as well. The palace makes for a dramatic setting and its windows serve as an advent calendar. It’s also the most romantic Christmas market I’ve been to this year with all its lights and its nearby grounds making for a perfect place for couples to sneak a quick kiss or two in relative privacy. The Hellbrunn Palace Christmas Market is also more spaced out than others are so although it was busy, it never felt claustrophobic as some others do. It also has an unusual Christmas tree that captivated my attention.
  4. 4. A p a l a ce s e tti n g a n d b e a u ti fu l l i g h ts m a d e th e Ch r i s tm a s m a r ke t a t He l l b r u n n P a l a ce m y fa vo r i te o n e i n S a l z b u r g . Esslingen Medieval Market, Germany
  5. 5. Th e Me d i e va l Ma r ke t i n Es s l i n g e n , G e r m a n y i s h i g h l y e n te r ta i n i n g . The Esslingen Christ mas Market locat ed just out side of St ut t gart is t he most ent ert aining market I’ve been t o! I think it would be a huge hit with children. It is nestled in the heart of medieval Esslingen with vendors dressed in medieval costumes selling medieval wares and drinks served in heavy pottery reflective of the middle ages. It’s easy to forget what century you’re in, especially if you get caught up in medieval games, which are highly addictive and were one of the highlights!
  6. 6. m e d i e va l g a m e s a t th e m a r ke t i n Es s l i n g e n Will my list change next year? Quite probably, with thousands of European Christmas Markets to choose from I think it will be an evolving list and I’ve already started my list for next year including the Christmas Markets in Alsace France recommended by Jeff from EuroTravelogue. What are your f avorites? About Laurel Laurel Robbins is a free- spirited adventurer, award- winning travel blogger at Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel Blog. Many hats, one travel obsessed Canadian in Germany.