Stop Giving Sales to your competitors- Leverage LinkedIN to generate leads


Published on - If you're not getting regular leads from your LinkedIN profile you're missing out on giving yourself a raise this year.

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Stop Giving Sales to your competitors- Leverage LinkedIN to generate leads

  1. 1. Dramatically Increase Your Sales with Site, Search & Social HARNESS THE POWER OF THE INTERNET: Leverage LinkedIN to Drive Leads
  2. 2. Why LinkedIN… ● It`s a networking site specifically intended for business; with over 100,000 million users it`s very likely your prospects are using it. ● LinkedIN users are affluent- with a median household income of $100,000. ● Your LinkedIN profile displays on Google when people search your name. What can LinkedIN do for me? ● Get access to your target customers ● Show up when users search for what you sell ● Increase your credibility by displaying endorsements, experience, skill, education, awards and thought leadership. Hello! Thanks for checking out my ebook. I've included all the information you'll need to create a LinkedIN profile that generates leads for you. If you need my help or want to discuss working together, please contact me directly. Sincerely, Laurel Lindsay President and Internet Marketing Consultant The New Media Group Inc. Let`s connect! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIN:
  3. 3. Table of Contents 4 Creating your profile 3 steps to getting set up 5 Optimize your profile Show up in search results 6 5 Steps to grow your network Expand your reach6 Your action plan Be social in 7 minutes a day7 Etiquette for Engagement Do`s and Don`ts for connecting online 8 Measure your results What success looks like 9 Getting qualified leads 10 Steps to Working your Network 10 About the Author Laurel Anne Lindsay
  4. 4. Creating Your LinkedIN Profile: 3 steps to success Like anything, the best way to learn is to start somewhere. Block off an hour one evening and commit to filling out your profile. For best results have the following on hand ● An email address that works ● A recent, professional image you`re willing to show the world ● Most recent resume Leveraging LinkedIN to Drive Leads: 1. Create an account, using an email address you'll have access to for the foreseeable future. This video has some great set-up tips · 2. Fill out your profile 100% -Fill out your past work and school information. Not only will this give prospects a clear snapshot of your experience, but help you reconnect with people you may have lost touch with. 3. Connect with your contacts: Be sure to connect your email address, so LinkedIN can connect you with people you already know and do business with. This way you can see how some of your colleagues are using LinkedIN for their business. You can find me here BONUS: If you're feeling ambitious do these 2 additional things to boost your presence on LinkedIN 4. Endorse your contacts- write endorsements for people you`ve done business with that you would recommend. The law of reciprocity will ensure you will in turn get endorsed. 5. Upload visual content- add any type of multimedia you have. Whether it`s videos or images, multimedia goes a long way to making a profile that stands out.
  5. 5. What words would people use if they were looking online for what you do? Ask some customers and brainstorm. Once you have an idea, use these Keywords in your profile in the following 5 places: 5 places to optimize your LinkedIN profile: 1 In your heading In your website To do this: To do this, click on edit to the right of your website address, select other and type in your keywords to the left of your website address. Incorporate your keywords into your summary as well: 2 3 4 Ensure your job titles and description have your keywords included: Multimedia Ensure any multimedia files are named and described in a manner that includes your keywords: 5
  6. 6. How to engage with your LinkedIN network Once you’ve completed and optimized your profile, the next step is to start networking. Use these tips to stay top of mind with your prospects. Remember to make your engagement 80% of the time about your audience and 20% of the time about you.“ ” Networking online isn’t that different to networking in person- be authentic, knowledgeable and likeable to be successful.“ ” How to grow your LinkedIN network 1. Share your contact‘s posts 2. Comment and Like on your contact’s posts 3. Ask questions of your contacts 4. Deliver Valuable information 5. Post multimedia: video, images, polls etc. 6. Join Industry groups 7. Endorse your connections 8. Ask to be endorsed 9. Ask to be introduced to your network’s contacts 1. Invite your contacts by syncing up with your email account. 2. Scroll through your contact’s contacts and add anyone you know. 3. Request introductions to people you would like to know 4. Add contacts you meet in real life 5. Go through the People you May Know section regularly and add people you know. 6. Post your LinkedIN profile link at the bottom of your email, on your website and any other places where people can see it 7. Regularly contribute to Industry related groups
  7. 7. Your action plan- Success in 7 mins a day:1. ADD CONTACTS: About once a month, click on the ADD connections button on the top right and add in your email address and password- this will help you find any contacts that haven't connected with you on LinkedIn yet. 2. SHARE THE LOVE: Take 5 minutes a day and comment on a few of your connection's updates- you will find they will do the same for you. *TIP* Your comment will be seen by their entire network, so choose your prospects with the most activity/connections. Be funny, charming and genuinely interested in what they have to say. 3. ENDORSE AND BE ENDORSED: Recommend others and ask for recommendations- often people who won’t recommend you via email will do so via LinkedIn 4. KEEP IT CURRENT: Update your profile at least monthly. 5. BE THE EXPERT: Share industry news, expert advice using your keywords 6. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU: Update your status 80% of the time with others in mind, and 20% of the time talking about yourself, your company and your offerings. 7. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Join some groups related to your industry or your target market's industry. Offer comments on any conversations and activities, and provide value by giving your expertise/opinion. *TIP* This is a great tool to research people- who is the best person to contact at a company?, or where your prospect went to school “ ”
  8. 8. Measuring Your Results Beyond quantity though, is quantity. Are you connecting with the people you want to connect with? Whether it be prospective customers or clients, or thought leaders in your industry, you should have a “hit” list of people, businesses or industries you want to connect with. Set aside 30 mins every month to measure the results of your efforts with LinkedIN. “ ” Shown above, Google analytics is a free website performance tracker that can tell you how much traffic you are getting from each social site. For best results, create a page specifically for your LinkedIN community to speak directly to their needs. . This is called landing page and will go a long way to converting people from curious web browsers to warm leads. Don’t go to all this effort without regularly checking your results. Beyond messages and phone calls from prospects, here’s how you can measure success. 1. Measure how much of your website traffic comes from LInkedIN via your website stats program 2; Who’s viewed your profile? - You should be showing up in search results and your profile should be viewed regularly. 3. Your network should be growing 4. You should have regular activity on your profile and what you’re posting, 5. You should be receiving regular recommendations and skill endorsements.
  9. 9. 10 Steps to Generating Leads with LinkedIN: 1. Getting exposure on LinkedIn is much like being at a networking meeting- you won’t come out with a cheque in hand, but you will maintain contact with individuals who might have otherwise forgotten about you. 2. Show your network what you can do: in the 20% of the posts you make about yourself talk about what you’ve done for your existing customers and show examples if possible 3. In your profile summary ask people to contact you. You can’t get a yes if you don’t ask. 4. Ask for recommendations regularly- these posts go out to both your network as well as the person that recommended you- more exposure! 5. Have a call to action- regularly share with people how they can work with you or offer something free- an ebook, a consultation etc. and ask people to contact you to receive their copy. 6. Start your own group or contribute regularly to industry groups. Offer your expertise and let the group know how you can help them. 7. Closely watch your targets and find strategic ways to get their attention. Follow their company, share their posts, network within their community. 8.Endeavor to get your posts shared or commented on by as many people as possible- this will increase your visibility and virality. 9. Make it very clear exactly what you do, who you help and how to contact you. The easier you make it for people to say “ I need to contact that person” the better. 10. Be patient- Rome wasn’t built in a day- but one brick at a time you can build a solid lead generation machine through LinkedIN *TIP* If you have a smartphone, download the LinkedIN app- it makes managing your network easy while you’re on the go. “ ”
  10. 10. About the Author: Laurel Anne Lindsay Described as ” a grass roots, get ‘er done web wrangler” and “a fiery dynamo”, Laurel is passionate about harnessing the power of the internet to help small business owners succeed. She’s an internet marketing consultant and President of The New Media Group. When she’s not online, she’s adventuring outdoors with her big red dog. You can reach Laurel through her website, or connecting through social media: