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Hamilton jackson think first


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Hamilton jackson think first

  1. 1. Think First
  2. 2. My target audience will bepredominantly teenagers.It does not matter theincome of their familybecause everybody canbecome educated onanything. I am mainlyfocused on teens to comereceive service from mybusiness. I choose teensbecause there are too manyschools that lack the ??? ofteaching about sexuallytransmitted diseases.However, if other peoplefeel they need theinformation, they can feelfree to join my program.Target Audience
  3. 3. • Working with Social Networks my primary goal is to create awareness and importance• To figure out my success via Twitter , I will see how many used our #ThinkFirst hashtag• Another goal is create so much awareness and instill so much knowledge that HIV/AIDS statistics• Think First will connect with LinkedIn to network with business professionals and receive their point of viewKey PerformanceIndicators
  4. 4. Social Media $ 300kEmployees $ 200kGoogle Adwords $ 100kPR/Marketing $ 200kBloggers $ 50kTotal $850kBudget
  5. 5. • Social media has to be one of the greatest ways to advertise and create awareness about your company. A Think First Facebook business page will be created for giveaways, coupons, and opinions. Twitter will be created to keep up will our followers and keep them keep them updated. Instagram and Pinterest pages are more for a visual concept on what Think First offers.Tools & Tactics
  6. 6. • Think first service will be providing students with educational testimonies about HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancy, contraceptives and free HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancy testing. Since this is a program that will last for about 3 months the fee will be $50. I differ from my competitors because for one my advertisement is going to be better. It is not going to be easy however, we are going to stand together as one to help and teach the new generation that together we can do anything that comes to our minds, it just take time, energy and courage.Big Idea
  7. 7. • To sum up Think First, I know for sure my organization will benefit the world. My organization will differ from my competitors is because at the end of each program we will have a scholarship opportunities. I will come up with a certain topic for all groups and they will have a certain period to get it done.Summary