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Working smarter for greater impact


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Laura Overton and Jane Daly delivered this session during the Learning Technologies 2017 conference.

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Working smarter for greater impact

  1. 1. All content © 2015 Towards Maturity CIC Ltd. Not to be distributed or copied. All content © 2017 Towards Maturity CIC Ltd. Not to be distributed or copied. @Janesdaly @LauraOverton Working smarter for Greater Impact
  2. 2. The pressure is on MORE For LESS
  3. 3. Working smarter today Lets Explore something! Lets Do something! Lets Be something!
  4. 4. Why work smarter? THE C-SUITE WANT CHANGE!
  5. 5. 14% Productivity increase 24% Faster rollout of change 18% Improvement in customer satisfaction 15% Improvement in speed to competency WE CAN DELIVER IMPACT TO THE C-SUITE
  6. 6. Yet generally our decisions are not delivering We’re using more technology Not impacting face-to-face delivery Working harder and faster with no change
  7. 7. The 5 year L&D stalemate Aspirations Opportunity Impact
  8. 8. L&D need a breakthrough! But how?
  9. 9. Working smarter – where to start? Shiftperspective
  10. 10. Understand the big picture! Work Smarter :
  11. 11. Listen more Work Smarter :
  12. 12. 80% of staff are willing to share what they know 69% Are motivated by wanting to do their job better and faster Learner Voice 3
  13. 13. Say NO Work Smarter :
  14. 14. Technology should be the biggest enabler not the biggest distraction! Avoid Distractions Work Smarter :
  15. 15. Trends do not deliver results PAGE 16
  16. 16. Tactics do Defining Need Understanding Learners Work Context Building Capability Ensuring Engagement Demonstrating Value THE TOP 10% T O W A R D S M A T U R I T Y I N D E X TOP DECK TOP LEARNING ORGANISATIONS
  17. 17. Get out of the ivory tower Move towards Interdependence rather than independence. Get Connected Work Smarter :
  18. 18. Achievers… 2x likely leverage their network Internal Learning design – 2x likely to work with steering groups, managers, trainers, users, SMEs Evaluation • Senior business leaders, peer to peer, line managers • Business groups = IT and data, marketing External Providers External quality Benchmarking
  19. 19. 36% of staff are ready for their next role Learner Voice 3
  20. 20. Direct your energy Work Smarter :
  21. 21. Focus on what makes a difference Skilled person who is in need of attention Enthusiastic beginner Nervous beginner or someone who has failed before Skilled person looking for opportunities to develop Skill Will
  22. 22. Understand the big picture Listen more Say NO Avoid Distraction Get Connected Direct your energy Lets do something! Work Smarter : How can we use technology to become more strategic? How can we leverage our networks? How can we respond faster to change? 1 3 2
  23. 23. Working smarter - Do something that works Thank you!
  24. 24. Working smarter today Lets Explore something! Lets Do something! Lets Be something!
  25. 25. Top Deck teams… are led by L&D leaders 71% are lead by those with an L&D background, rather than HR or business UNLOCKING POTENTIAL IN L&D: TACTICS
  26. 26. Achievers… are led by L&D leaders who learn 94% are active in seeking out new work experiences 81% build personal knowledge networks UNLOCKING POTENTIAL IN L&D: TACTICS
  27. 27. Page 66 Managing learning Personal Understanding the business problem Design and delivery (technical) Supporting Performance Design and delivery Evaluating impact Skills in place (Rest)Priority skills (All) Skills in place (Top Deck)
  28. 28. We need to shift our thinking!
  29. 29. Fixed mindset
  30. 30. Growth mindset Attitude to change? Work it Attitude to failure? Learn from it Attitude to the unfamiliar? Explore it Attitude to cynicism? Disrupt it Attitude to You? Believe in yourself!
  31. 31. A Smart Attitude to opportunity Unlock it!
  32. 32. Prioritising actions: What are you going to do differently as a result of today? @LauraOverton @Janesdaly @TowardsMaturity Information pack to help you unlock potential: