Engaging disengaged Learners


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So are our staff reluctant learners? Or are they just reluctant to engage with the solutions that L&D teams provide? In this presentation, Laura Overton, MD of the benchmarking organisation Towards Maturity, explores perspectives from 500 L&D professionals and over 2,000 learners to uncover insights that will really make a difference to learner engagement in your business. Data was taken from the New Learning Agenda www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark and the Towards Maturity Learning Landscape www.towardsmaturity.org/learner .This presentation was first delivered at the UK Learning Technology Conference 2014.

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  • Staff are willing to share to
  • Despite
  • Who inspires us??Rises to 52% of those 21-30 years old and 58% to under 6 months
  • Engaging disengaged Learners

    1. 1. Engaging Disengaged Learners Using data from learners in the workplace to challenge our assumptions Lauraoverton
    2. 2. 44% of L&D leaders say their staff are reluctant to engage with online learning But do staff agree? We conduct an annual study with L&D professionals and for some years they have been complaining! Download the full report at www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark Lauraoverton
    3. 3. Managers Non Managers 2000+ learners in the Towards Maturity Learning Landscape Sales Under 30 Over 50 New in Company (<6 months) Established in company (>5 years) So we thought we’d ask the learners themselves – for more information on the Learning Landscape go to www.towardsmarturity.org/learner lauraoverton
    4. 4. Networks How do staff learn what they need to do their job? • 86% working in team collaboration • 83% general conversations Managers • 70% support from line managers Support Courses • 70% google or other search engines • 64% courses • 51% self paced e-learning Clear that staff are actively learning , is the engagement issue more about technology? lauraoverton
    5. 5. 75% of learners are happy to engage with online learning without prompting But what about sharing? 95% of L&D staff are looking to improve sharing of good practice in the organisations but only 22% are achieving this – surely that is down to learner reluctance to share online? lauraoverton
    6. 6. 84% staff potentially willing to use technology to share what they know with others 22% doing it already Image courtesy of pakorn via freedigitalphoto Lauraoverton
    7. 7. Yet only 18% L&D professionals believe their staff have the ability to connect and share online Lauraoverton
    8. 8. So are our staff reluctant learners? lauraoverton Or are they just reluctant to engage with our solutions?
    9. 9. What is stopping staff from learning on line? 45% Uninspiring content 37% Lack of somewhere appropriate to study 33% Can’t find what they need lauraoverton
    10. 10. • 3 in 5 L&D professionals think that their programmes are relevant #1 Barrier Uninspiring content lauraoverton
    11. 11. • 40% say their manager has the most influence on how they learn (Rising to 58% for under 6 months) • 7% say L&D influence them Lauraoverton
    12. 12. Recognition is also important 66% staff say recognition that they have completed online learning is important regardless of role Lauraoverton
    13. 13. Only 17% of L&D equip managers to support their staff Only 23% recognise achievements Lauraoverton
    14. 14. #2 Barrier - appropriate place • 62% already using mobile phones/tablets to access resources to help them do their job lauraoverton
    15. 15. • 15% encourage users to use their own devices for learning lauraoverton
    16. 16. #3 Barrier – can’t find what they need • ONLY 52% learners believe their company clearly communicates with them where to find it lauraoverton
    17. 17. • 44% L&D professionals agree that they have a communications plan that engages all stakeholders • 18% publicise success of individuals • 25% communicate successes to management lauraoverton
    18. 18. Engaging learners There are some things we can control! Top learning companies following a new type of Learning Agenda that is bringing HR, Individuals and company needs together. One aspect of that is having a truly customer activated learning strategy Lauraoverton
    19. 19. Top learning companies report more engagement: Managers agree that e-learning delivers additional business benefit We have noticed positive changes in staff behaviour Learners recommend e-learning to colleagues to improve job performance Learners put what they learn into practice quickly 0% Bottom quartile Sample average 20% 40% 60% 80% Top learning companies By understanding and responding specifically to learner needs , top learning companies are also reporting more engagement than average- across the board Lauraoverton
    20. 20. Turning Data into Insight and Insight into action Engaging disengaged learners - what action will you take today? www.towardsmaturity.org/2013benchmark www.towardsmaturity.org/learner Laura@towardsmaturity.org lauraoverton
    21. 21. The Towards Maturity Benchmark study is made possible thanks to Towards Maturity’s Ambassadors: Leading learning organisations who share our passion that independent research should be freely available to all. To join or find out more go to: Lauraoverton www.towardsmaturity.org/ambassadors
    22. 22. About Us Towards Maturity is a benchmarking practice that provides authoritative research and expert consultancy services to help assess and improve the effectiveness and consistency of L&D performance within organisations. It leverages the data gathered from the largest learning technology benchmark in Europe. Download our case studies to support your business case for change at Contact us via: Lauraoverton Towardsmaturity New Learning Benchmarksn www.towardsmaturity.org Find out your own Towards Maturity Index to see if you are amongst the top learning companies at http://mybenchmark.towardsmaturity.org/ Lauraoverton