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70+20+10=100: The Evidence Behind the Numbers


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Laura Overton presented these slides at a workshop facilitated by the Corporate Learning Consortium on 21 April 2016.

Towards Maturity have been able to explore existing data gathered in the 2015 Benchmark to understand the extent to which the 70:20:10 framework is being considered in current L&D thinking and the extent that the tactics within the framework are being implemented. We have been able to share the findings publically, thanks to Towards Maturity’s Ambassadors - the Corporate Learning Consortium and Docebo.

Download the full report:

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70+20+10=100: The Evidence Behind the Numbers

  1. 1. The Evidence Behind the Numbers All content © 2016 Towards Maturity CIC Ltd. Not to be distributed or copied. @LauraOverton 70+20+10=100
  2. 2. What are we talking about? 70 20 10
  3. 3. 70 20 10 20 years on… Why the buzz now?
  4. 4. 102070Workflow Social Formal
  5. 5. The problem with the silver bullet
  6. 6. Using evidence to bring perspective
  7. 7. APAC 14% Americas 10% Europe 71% ME, Africa, India 5% Over 600 L&D professionals from 55 countries 1,600 learners The data source
  8. 8. 47%of L&D believe their approach is shaped by models that directly support learning in the flow of work 102070Workflow Social Formal
  9. 9. Today’s L&D leaders want to deliver high performance 80% want to drive business innovation 94% want to improve productivity 85% want to improve organisational performance 91% want to speed up the implementation of new processes 96% want to encourage sharing of good practice
  10. 10. We’ve deconstructed 70:20:10 into component activities DOES 70:20:10 HELP DELIVER?
  11. 11. The Towards Maturity Framework™
  12. 12. “70:10:20 has no impact”MYTH:
  13. 13. 4x as likely to report that they are responding faster to business change 3x more likely to report an improvement in staff motivation (27% vs 8%) (35% vs 19%) 2x more likely to report increases in productivity (30% vs 7%) Those implementing 70:20:10 report better results than those who are not FACT:
  14. 14. “It’s all about the numbers”MYTH:
  15. 15. 102070Workflow Social Formal Workflow index Social index Formal index We found balanced activities across all of the 3 areas, even in those not implementing 70:20:10 Implementing 70:20:10 Not Implementing
  16. 16. Success is a matter of balance – in achieving the optimum blend 102070Workflow Social Formal Success
  17. 17. “70:20:10 is a rule, a law, an immovable theory” MYTH:
  18. 18. 70:20:10 is a balance of Work experiences Social & Formal FACT: 2x analyse the problem before designing a solution
  19. 19. Supporting learning in the workflow 4x more likely to provide access to job aids 4x more likely to engage managers 11x more likely to curate content 70Workflow
  20. 20. Supporting social learning 20Social 8x encourage staff to solve problems together online 2x agree coaching and mentoring is an active part of work culture 2x help individuals locate in- house experts
  21. 21. Supporting formal learning 3x to involve users in the design of solutions 2x as likely to map learning interventions to competency frameworks 10Formal
  22. 22. “70:20:10 means formal learning is dead” MYTH:
  23. 23. Formal learning is not dead, but we need to breath new life into it FACT: How does formal learning need to change?
  24. 24. Formal learning is not dead, but we need to breath new life into it FACT: 7x as likely to apply spaced learning to aid retention 3x as likely to use performance support to transfer learning 2x as likely to use storytelling 2x as likely to use micro-content
  25. 25. “Adding social platforms to formal learning is doing 70:20:10” MYTH:
  26. 26. Technology underpins 70:20:10 - it does not define it FACT:
  27. 27. “70:20:10 is about cutting costs”MYTH:
  28. 28. 70:20:10 is about shifting culture, changing behaviours and delivering value FACT:
  29. 29. How will staff cope with new models of learning?
  30. 30. Support from line-managers 83% Collaboration with team members 90% Formal learning 37% What do staff find essential/very useful to do their jobs? Staff are already embracing the principals with or without us FACT:
  31. 31. 70:20:10 is part of a bigger picture FACT:
  32. 32. 86% of the Top Deck organisations are using approaches like 70:20:10 T O W A R D S M A T U R I T Y I N D E X TOP DECK TOP LEARNING ORGANISATIONS
  33. 33. 31% 27% 16% 12% 11% 46% 48% 34% 30% 26% 72% 73% 63% 56% 48% Improving learning efficiency Improving individual processes Improving productivity/engagement Improving business responsiveness Improving learning culture Top Deck Applying new models Not applying new models The Top Deck organisations are pushing the boundaries beyond the numbers
  34. 34. The Evidence Behind the Numbers @LauraOverton 70+20+10=100 Download the report:
  35. 35. ABOUT US Towards Maturity is a benchmarking practice that provides authoritative research and expert consultancy services to help assess and improve the effectiveness and consistency of L&D performance within organisations. It leverages the data gathered from the largest learning and development benchmark in Europe. Download our case studies to support your business case for change at: Find out your own Towards Maturity Index™ to see if you are amongst the top learning companies at: