Magazine Analysis


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Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Analysis Laura Dos Anjos
  2. 2. The Mast head shows the A pug is used which istitle of the magazine which designed to look like itshows that the magazine is was stuck on afterabout what will be on the printing. Used to drawtelevision and the media the audiences attentionhype surrounding it. The text to a piece of informationis half serif and Sans Serif. that might cause theThis is to emphasise the word reader to buy the‘buzz’ to show that it has all magazine.the latest televisioninformation. Sub cover Lines to advertise other storiesDate to inform the audience that are not as big aswhen the magazine was the Main Cover Line.published. Written in Sans Serif for a less formal look. TheThe main image of an actor text colour follows thefrom the TV show. The actor colour showing direct address andthe clothes the actor hasbeen dressed in matches the A Monochromatic bluecolour scheme of the colour scheme is used.magazine. This gives the magazine a more sophisticatedMain Cover Line to advertise look. It also makes thethe main TV story containing magazine look moreand popular TV Drama. professional andWritten in Sans Serif. expensiveMain Coverline description to Sell line to advertiseshow the reader what to parts of the magazineexpect from the story. that may convinceWritten in Serif to give the people to buy it more.magazine a more formal Written in Sans Serif.look.Footer to emphasise that the Use of synergy to createmagazine is the ‘biggest and more advertising andbest’ to attract readers. It publicity for thealso shows that the magazine company as thisis ‘free’ which is an incentive magazine is an add on ofto get the magazine. that newspaper.
  3. 3. Date and price written in Sub Cover Stories tosmall print as it is advertise other articlesnecessary but not as the audience many findimportant as other interesting. These storiescomponents such as the will not be as importantcover line. Some may or as aimed at the targetconsider the magazine audience as the Mainto be expensive so they Cover Line.write the price in small. Bands in blue to draw theMasthead that stands audiences attention tofor New Musical Express them. They show the typewhich shows that the of music the magazinemagazine is all about that is new and upto date. It is written in Model on cover toSans Serif to give it a less accompany Main Storyformal look. Line showing direct address. Shows Laura Mulvey’s idea of theExtreme quote taken ‘Male Gaze’ as it portraysfrom the interview to woman as a sex symbol.make the reader wantto purchase themagazine and read the Yellow and Blueinterview. complementary colour scheme. Both calm colours which reflect theMain Cover Story to type of music theattract the reader and magazine contains.convince them to buythe magazine. Written Loaded language as itin Sans Serif for a less attracts males (Maleformal look. Gaze) and matches Cover Model.Bands featured in themagazine to show the Barcode hidden in smallaudience what type of in the bottom corner somusic would be in the that it does not interferemagazine. with the main image and cover stories on the front cover.
  4. 4. Masthead of Kerrang isonomatopoeia for the sound Header to show what elseof a guitar. The masthead the magazine is offeringalso looks shattered showing that would attract athat the magazine is about certain type of reader.loud music. Written in Sans Also has a small pictureSerif to make it less formal. attached as a kind of sneak preview.Light from behind gives themodel a halo outline which A second pug is used tomakes them stand out. The make it look like there is amodel is not showing direct extensive amount ofaddress which is showing the content contained.artist lost in their music.This magazine fits the genre Main Cover Line to attract thebecause it is about loud core target audience. Largestheavy music and that is text to show that it is the mostreflected in the cover. The important and attracttext is capitalised to make it attention. Written in Sandlook like someone shouting Serif to make it less formaland the masthead has theappearance of being Banner made to look like itshattered.. was tape stuck on after printing. EmphasisesSub Cover Lines that show exclusivity of informationother stories that would which is an incentive forattract the audience but not much as the main coverLine. A competition shown as a page ripped from a notebook. Bright yellow to draw theA pug made to look like it has readers attention to the facebeen stuck on the page after you can win things thereforeit was printed. Draws readers advertising the magazineattention to the extra more.content contained in theissue. Bar Code with issue number and price tucked into theFooter used to give the corner so that it does notimpression that the interfere with the overallmagazine contains lots of design of the front cover.content.
  5. 5. Masthead shows that is is a Sub Cover lines to show othermagazine containing different content the magazineand ‘Indie’ music as ‘Q’ is an features and the readersirregular title. It is written in a would like to know about butSerif font to give it a more formal are not as big or important aslook. the Main Cover Line. Sans Serif is used to give the text aDate used to show the audience less formal look.when the issue if from. Buzz Word is denoted in redMain Cover Line shows the main to draw the readers attention.feature story that will most likely The word in red is ‘exclusive’.attract the viewer and convince This gives the reader anthem to buy the magazine. incentive to buy theWritten in Sans Serif for a less magazine.formal font. The jaguars emphasise theMain colour scheme is Red and point on the cover that thatBlue. This shows that a model is a ‘sexy beast’ andcomplementary colour scheme ‘wicked’. It also shows thathas been used. the model is ‘wild’.Main Image to accompany the A Pug is used to show morecover story. Laura Mulvey’s content that is included in thetheory of the ‘Male Gaze’ shows magazine. This may convincethat people are more likely to the reader to buy thebuy the magazine as there is a magazine and give themhalf naked attractive woman on further insight as to what theythe front. will find within the magazine.This magazine would be slightly A barcode is used to indicatemore expensive due to it’s formal price. However, it is tucked inlook and is aimed at the Indie the corner so that it does notmusic Genre. interfere with the main conventions.A footer that shows extrainformation about what’s Q is aimed at the pop/indiecontained in the magazine. This genre. It matches this genregives the impression that the by having a fairlymagazine has lots of content sophisticated layout.contained inside.
  6. 6. A basic colour scheme is The masthead is in largeused to make it easy on capital letters and showsthe eyes. contrast in the text and background. It also has the logog which means that itThe contents is arranged is constant brandinto three main columns recognition.following the rule ofthirds. Page numbers and their linking stories are in different colours to makeThere is a list of musicians them stand out to theused to show the reader.audience what bandsartists are in the magazineat a quick glance. It alsoshows the audience where The date of the issue toto find their favorite artist inform the reader whenwithout having to look the issue was published.through the wholemagazine. The different section titles are black with whiteThe main story is in the writing to make themcentre. Accompanied by a contrast and stand out tomain image to draw the the reader.readers attention. Buzz word ‘Plus’ is used to draw attention to extraThere are credits of content the reader mayphotographers written in want to know about.small so that they do notinterfere with the design The contents summaryyet they are still follows the general rule ofmentioned. contents. The page number is followed by the article title and a quickThere is a deal for a summary of the contents.magazine subscription inthe centre bottom. It is in A large red arrow is usedblack to contrast with the to show the reader extrarest of the page and draw content that they mayattention to it. want to know about.
  7. 7. Model to accompany the main Date to inform the reader whenstory. Model shows indirect the issue was published.address and is wearing clothingthat would be considered‘fashionable’ at that point in Masthead in large black letterstime This represents her as an that attract the readersidea of beauty. Especially when attention. Constantly remindsyou take into account her the reader that they are readinstance. Vogue. Used as brand recognition.The idea of Laura Mulvey’smale gaze is used here. The The different colours of themagazine. States ideas such as image and the list of contentsbeauty tips and accompanies it background make the imagewith a picture of a beautiful stand out.woman. Therefore women buythe magazine to become thewoman that they can see. Page numbers indicate where to find different articles at aList of content that was quick glance for ease of access.advertised on the cover. Thismakes it easier for the reader to The black, red and white colourfind the content that they scheme is easy on the eyes ofpurchased the magazine for. the audience. This makes it easy to read.The page is split into fourcolumns. All containing writing.This makes the page well Contrasting white numbers on astructured and easy to grey background clearly showunderstand. It even has the where to find the article thatproperty of making it simpler to corresponds with the mainfind information. story.Contents is sorted into sections Deal for a subscription. Placedto make it easier for the on page that everyone will seeaudience to read. Each section to maximise the amount ofis headed clearly with a bright people that take part in theread title. offer.
  8. 8. Masthead in white text against Date and issue number showa black background. Contrast the audience when thedraws the audiences attention magazine was published andand shows them what page which issue it is.they’re on. Website show the audienceLogo gives constant brand where to go to find more aboutrecognition. the magazine and it’s content.Contents have a bold title to Red and black colour schemestand out; Red number to make makes the page easy on thethe page clear and a short audiences eye. They are alsodescription of what the article is complementary colours whichabout. The black and red make makes the page look appealing.the whole piece easier for theaudience to read. Main image. Not all models show direct address. This isBuzz word ‘special’ is used to unusual as there is only onegive the audience an incentive that is showing indirect addressto buy the magazine. whereas there are three showing direct address.Page follows the rule of thirds.The left side is a column ofwriting. The middle column Main story to show the readercontains images and the third the main article and give them acolumn is images and writing. sneak peak of what to expect. It also shows the page number for reference.Sub image used to advertisearticles that may appeal to theaudience but that may not be asbig or important as the mainstory. A list of music and artists that have been reviewed that week. Gives the reader a quickContent split into sections. This summary of what to expect andmakes it easier for the audience where to find quickly find what they arelooking for.
  9. 9. Yellow masthead contrastsLetter from the editor with the black backgroundalong with a past issue to draw the audiencesfront cover. Outlines attention.what is distinctive aboutthe issue. Finished with a Date and issue number tosignature to make the inform the audience whenwriting more personal.. the issue was published and how many magazinesMain image that matches had been publishedthe main cover story on before this issue.the front page. Largest todraw audiences attention. Extreme quote taken fromHas corresponding page an interview to attract thenumber to direct reader. readers attention and give them incentive to buy theThis contents does not magazine.follow the usual rule ofthirds. Instead it is split Sub images use no brightinto four parts. Three or hard colours to keepcolumns of images and a the images blending withcoloumn of text. the page. Titles of differentThe colour scheme is a magazine sections matchbasic yellow black and the masthead and alsowhite. This allows key attract attention.features to stand out butkeep it easy on theaudiences eyes. List of contents all organized into relevant sections. Informs theSub images that would audience which page toappeal to the reader but turn to.are not as interesting asthe main story. Therefore Subscription offer in athe pictures are smaller. different colour to the restAll accompanied by page of the contents page. Thiisnumbers. This directs the draws the audiencesaudience to relevant attention and convincespages so they don’t have them to purchase theto look through the whole subscription.magazine.
  10. 10. Extreme quote taken from the interview to draw the readers attention straight away. Contrasting colours, capital letters and large text help achieve this. Drop cap to accentuate the beginning of the article. Artist in bold to highlight which band the article is about. The white writing on a black background makes it easy for the audience to read as the colours contrast eachoother. The page is divided into two columns. This makes it easy to read whilst allowing the page to look structured and contain lots on content. Quote ‘bleeds’ across the centre line to show that this is a double page spread.Buzz word ‘exclusive’ gives Main image of the artist during a Sub images that show the The black white and red colourthe reader an incentive to performance. The artist appears artists making and recording scheme matches the genre ofbuy the magazine. A red to be fully engaged in their their music. The sub images music. The gene of music is rockbackground with white music. This shows the audience lead to the main image and which can be loud and somewhatwriting accentuated with the quality of the music as they show you the process of dark. This matches the black adblack dots means that it is are not paying attention to how the artist got there. It white photos perfectly. Particularlysure to draw the audiences anything other than the sound makes the whole article feel when you take into account the redeye. they are creating. slightly more personal. writing.
  11. 11. Artist name to shw what the article is about at a quick glance. The word ‘Lady’ in italics to show how feminine and fragile she is whilst ‘Gaga’ is in capitals to indicate how big and famous the artist is. A large red L stands for Lady Gaga. The contrasting colour and the way it stands out shows how Lady Gaga is an individual who stands out from the crowd.. The page is divided into three columns. This allows a maximum amount of content whilst keeping it easy to read for the audience to read. Drop cap to emphasize the beginning of the paragraphs. Logo used to achieve constant brand recognition. Page number to inform the audience which page theyMain image to accompany the Website to show the The text is written in a small are on so that they can findarticle denotes a model showing audience where to go to size to fit in the most There is consistent content easier. .direct address. The model is in find extra information and information possible. colour in this and white giving it a more content. This adds to the look of The text fits the targetclassy and elegant feel. sophistication and audience. Intellectually The article contents and the professionalism shown. worded yet still easy to read. picture match. This shows This allows the audience to that even though there is no connect with the piece of ‘bleeding’ this is still a writing. double page spread.
  12. 12. Artists name to show readers which artist the article. Located at the top as that is the most likely to place it will be seen as a reader flicks through the pages. Short and snappy masthead to draw attention to the article. Artist in white to draw the audiences attention to the purpose of the article. Drop Cap used to highlight the beginning of the article. The page is divided into three columns. This allows a maximum amount of content whilst keeping it easy to read for the audience. Introductory section to draw the readers attention. Once the readers attention is drawn to an article it needs a solid, interesting introduction in order for them to keep reading until the end.Main image to accompany Page number. To inform Quote drawn from the interview Credit for photographer and writer. There is consistent the reader which page theythe article. Presumably from that may interest readers. The Shows who wrote the article and took colour throughout are on and allow them toa photo shoot. The rest of quote would be used to attract the photos. Can advertise the writer and the spread giving it a reference pages from thethe photos are likely to be attention and then convince the photographer. Could also make the professional look. contents.found on the magazines reader the article was interesting article more popular if it is written orwebsite. The models show and worth reading. photographer for by a well respectedindirect address. person.
  13. 13. Black writing on a white background so that the writing stands out. Small writing so that it does not interfere with the main image. The writing must stand out as it gives details about the items being sold in the photograph. Price, shop etc. The predominant part of the double page spread is an image. The image is light and contains a ‘happy family’. The clothes are clear on display. The whole point of the image is to sell the idea of the ‘perfect family’. The thought that if you have those clothes then your family can be like that and you can be just as happy as the people in the picture. None of the models show direct address. This is due to the fact that the image is supposed toMasthead. Lower case lettering. Picture ‘bleeds’ across Description in white writing You can clearly see the look like it is a photoTucked away in the corner on a page to indicate that against a pale background difference between a taken of anlight background shows that it’s this is a double page showing how it is not an music magazine and a unsuspecting family.not as important as other parts or spread. important convention in this fashion magazine. A music To achieve this thethe page. The text is written in double page spread. Written in a magazine is all about the photo is not supposedSerif to give the whole page an soft Sans Serif font. This allows artist and information to look posed.elegant and sophisticated look. the text to look informal and whereas a fashion elegant at the same time. magazine is about trying to sell the product.