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Trainspotting scenes analysis


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Trainspotting scenes analysis

  2. 2. CHOOSE LIFEThe choose life clip at the beginning of the film is a clip from later on in the film, but is used as the opening sequence to foreshadow what happens in the future. The diegetic sound playing underneath is Lust for life by Iggy Pop who is mentioned numerous times throughout the film which highlights which time the film was made and what was popular at the time. The lyrics also reflect what is happening in the clip and also the narrative that we hear in conjunction with the song as its talking about making the most out of life and striving for the best. The repetition of ‘choose a…’ in the non- diegetic speech explains the meaning behind the story line, that life is what you make it and that anything is possible if you try hard enough.A close up of the characters faces and feet at the beginning introduces the characters and also highlights that they are running away and committed a crime, as we notice the items falling out of their pockets whilst running. The tracking shot also allows us to understand who the voiceover belongs to and who we should be following.
  3. 3. CHOOSE LIFEThe characters are all introduced to us throughout this sequence with the clip freezing on each of them individually whilst their names pop up on screen. This makes sure we know who they are in order to make it easier to follow the storyline.As the location changes to a football pitch, we can recognise that a steady cam is being used to follow the characters as they attempt to play the game. This is when we are introduced to the rest of the characters, but we know that they are not the main character as they didn’t appear first In the sequence. The fast pace cuts that have been continuous throughout the clip then soon change as a pan across the males body shows him smoking. This could highlight how when he’s taking drugs everything is more relaxed and chilled and in his own world.The narrative towards the end then loses its positive attitude and begins to explain the life he really leads which is wasteful and pointless. He explains this whilst smoking in a empty room which makes us presume he is a drug addict.
  4. 4. BEING SCOTTISH IS SHITE The beginning shows the character Tommy walking Into a field surrounded by mountains. This straight away sets the scene and reminds us that behind all the suburban scenes and lifestyles they live, there are much better lives available for them in Scotland. This is then reinforced by the line ‘Does this not make you proud to be Scottish’. We notice that the rest of the gang have not followed Tommy and that instead they are standing on opposite sides to show the divide in their attitudes towards life. This is created by the use of the 180 degree rule to emphasise how far apart they are physically and metaphorically.
  5. 5. BEING SCOTTISH IS SHITE When Renton starts to talk and rant about Scotland, taboo language is very common with numerous swear words used to highlight his anger at this moment In time. The close up of him in the 3rd quarter of the shot allows us to see the scenery behind him which makes a larger difference between how Scotland looks and what he is describing it to be. The characters all being surrounded by mountains shows how disregarded they are In society because of their actions and the lifestyles that they live, causing trouble.