Hello Cupcake Digital Strategy Proposal


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Hello Cupcake Digital Strategy Campaign Proposal

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Hello Cupcake Digital Strategy Proposal

  1. 1. Agenda! Where Hello Cupcake is!What the marketplace is doing!What the competition is doing! Where the opportunity is !
  2. 2. Hello Cupcake today …!
  3. 3. Small business owner!Small staff!Limited time!Focused on increasingrevenue!Corporate saledevelopment!Capitol Hill store opening!
  4. 4. Currentmarketplace …!
  5. 5. The most commonreason [users follow brands] wasto be notified of specialoffers (70%). According to a small study done by econsultancy,!
  6. 6. Big payoff from digital media!Major brands such as Starbucks, Virgin, and Levi’s have been participatingin the social web for some time now. !• According to a recent University of Maryland study, social mediaadoption by small businesses has doubled from 12% to 24% in thelast year. A Similar Industry: Stone Korean Kitchen, a small restaurant in San Francisco, California! • Dan Yoo has said Groupon is what “really tipped the scales.” The restaurant saw significant traction in both sales and traffic to its Yelp sites and Facebook page when the restaurant signed up for its first Groupon deal.!
  7. 7. The competition …!
  8. 8. Opportunity …!
  9. 9. OBJECTIVE:! To leverage digital media to build awareness,! inspire brand loyalty! and motivate purchase.!
  10. 10. Listen!Engage!Act!Pass it on!
  11. 11. 1. LISTEN!
  12. 12. Website
  13. 13. Brand Reputation Management
  14. 14. Monitor
  15. 15. What is theindustry saying?!What are yourex-employeessaying?!What is thecompetitionsaying?!
  16. 16. Tracks and compares how brands are performing on Facebook and Searches for keywords on social media Twitter.! platforms —and provides metrics around keywords and “sentiment.”! Monitor new blog entry or newsTrack blog conversations based story that containson topics or keywords.! a keyword or phrase, it will send you an alert in a time frame Subscribe to the RSS you designate: feeds of top blogs in immediately, your sector, daily or weekly.! competitors’ sites, news sites, Twitter searches and more, all in one place. !
  17. 17. 2. ENGAGE!
  18. 18. Brand Awareness
  19. 19. Greek heritage!Made from scratch all-day, everyday!Farm fresh ingredients!Over 50 flavors ranging from the simpleto the sublime!Offer gluten-free, vegan cupcakes!Personalized experience i.e. not a chain!
  20. 20. The Jackie O’ aka pink lemonadeDick Cheney aka The Heart of Darkness President Obama aka 24 carrot The Bo aka Chococo The First Lady Marion Berry aka gianduja aka prima donna
  21. 21. Key Buyers
  22. 22. “Tell me what youbuy and I can tell youwho you are…”.
  23. 23. 3. ACT!
  24. 24. Tools
  25. 25. Forrester Search!“Email Marketing Comes of Age”!
  26. 26. •  Send email about favorite cupcake.! •  Send a personalized birthday or anniversary message for discount.! •  Send updates about classes and new events. ! • Send email asking for feedback; if they respond, he or she receives a free cupcake.! • Ask your Twitter and Facebook followers if they want to be on your email list.!If your message is buzz-worthy, your customers will become brand ambassadors for you. !
  27. 27. 20 million Facebook usersbecome Fans of Facebookpages everyday.! 9! 25! The number of The number of times a day the comments written.!Those users are highly like button isengaged.!Here’s what they do! clicked.!EVERY SINGLE DAY…! 55! 2! The average The number of number of minutes pages liked or spent on Facebook! fanned.!
  28. 28. 1.  Quality Counts! 10 most 2.  Create an Emotional Connection! 3.  Provide Utility! effective ways 4.  Give Fans a Voice! 5.  Listen!! to reach! 6.  Complement Her Life, Don’twomen Complicate It! 7.  Don’t Be Redundant! on 8.  Keep the Shopping Experience Seamless! 9.  Remember: She’s a Social Shopper! 10.  Keep Your Fans in the Loop! If your message is buzz-worthy, your customers will become brand ambassadors for you !
  29. 29. Following the 80/20 Rule is a good baseline, with 80% of your messaging educational in nature and only 20% a sales pitch.!If your message is buzz-worthy, your customers will become brand ambassadors for you !
  30. 30. The best time Tweet is between 9am – 6pm.! Monday thru Friday activity is the highest.! Schedule Tweets.!Tips! Be conversational.! Ask your customers questions…and get good answers.! Reward loyalty.! Follow influential people.! Use #hashtags.! Be a good Twitter citizen.!
  31. 31. most importantly …!53%! Of people on Twitter recommend companies and/or products in their tweets. ROI Research for Performance, June 2010!
  32. 32. Mobile
  33. 33. Foursquare! 6 millionhasusers!QR Codes!Shortcut to link the userstraight to the web site. ! moreBound to becomecommon in thecoming months and years.! If your message is buzz-worthy, your customers will become brand ambassadors for you !
  34. 34. Your Customers are Already on Foursquare ! Efficiency of Online Technology to Drive Offline Activity !Track and Reward: Digitize the “Baker’s Dozen” Card! Get to Know Your Customers Better and Continue Incentivizing! Enhance Your Existing Platforms !
  35. 35. Promotions and oncollateral materialIn storefrontwindows!Track ROI!Customer rewards or !loyalty program !Get your customers topromote your brand!Drive traffic !
  36. 36. 4. Pass it on!
  37. 37. 70% of bloggers areorganically talking aboutbrands on their blog. Econsultancy, April 201!
  38. 38. Reach out VeganBloggers!Reach out Gluten-FreeBloggers !Reach out Capitol HillBloggers !Reach out GeneralFood in DC Blogs !If your message is buzz-worthy, your customers will become brand ambassadors for you !
  39. 39. Everyday Shortcuts
  40. 40. 30 Minutes EverydaySunday HootsuiteMonday Google alertsTuesday Google readerWednesday Google AnalyticsThursday Email blastFriday OutreachSaturday Monitor
  41. 41. Questions !