Evaluation Q1


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Evaluation Q1

  1. 1. In what ways does your media productuse, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. As I have decided to aim my magazine at girls ranging from about 14 – 20 I have decided to compare my pages to twodifferent magazines. I could not find any other magazines which were very similar to mine; magazines such as ‘Sugar’ and‘Top of the Pops’ are aimed at a younger audience than my magazine and therefore I feel that my magazine should be moreorganised and mature. However magazines such as ‘Billboard’ have a target audience of women from late-teens to late-twenties and therefore they include some artists which are not ‘pop’ in order to please a wider scope of people. For thesereasons I feel that my pop magazine should be have a more relaxed mode of address than ‘Billboard’ magazines and shouldfocus solely on pop music.The two magazines which I have chosen to compare my magazine to are: Top of the Pops B illboardIt is clear that these magazines are very different in language, colour, image, layout and target audience. As my popmagazine is aimed at girls who are too old for ‘Top of the Pops’ but may be slightly too young for ‘Billboard’, I feel that mymagazine should include some aspects of each type of magazine.
  3. 3. In contrast to ‘top of the pops’ magazine, ‘InTune’ does not have Another more modern The majority of magazines One of the main conventions of thisa coloured background, the use of a clean white background is convention of many available use lures/hooks style of magazine, which is aimed atnot very common within magazines aimed at young girls, however magazines is the use of a web in order to encourage the girls in their early teens, is the useit is more appealing to a more mature audience; this is the reason address related to the readers to buy the of bright and stereotypically ‘girly’that I chose to use a white background instead of a bright colour. magazine in order for people magazine. This magazine fonts and colours such as pink andI also felt that it would make my magazine more easy to read if to access information online. clearly uses a lot of these, yellow. Within this cover thesethe background was white because I could then draw attention to Both these magazines used for example “Fashion colours have been used a lot andthe cover lines using colours without the risk of colours clashing these as the use of the bargains” and “Special therefore it is clear that it is a popor not being visible. internet is very popular now. Report” magazine aimed at girls.Similarly to most other One convention Another convention which ismagazines I have used the which both of commonly seem in teenagerule of thirds in order to these magazines pop magazines is the usedorganize my page and to use is a striking of colloquial language whichensure that the first thing masthead. This is is used to address thewhich draws the viewers essential in order reader and encourage themeye is the main to draw to buy the magazine. Thisimage, then they will attention to the language can be quiteprobably be drawn to the magazine. Also childish and terms such ascover lines and then other the masthead ‘Hot’ and ‘OMG’ are clearlyaspects such as the lure in often tells more suitable for a youngthe top right hand corner. readers what teenage audience as myLures/hooks are one of genre of music target audience of latethe key techniques which the magazine is teens – early twentiesmagazines use in order to based on, this is would probably not use thisdraw the eye, I have certainly true for type of language.advertised fashion tips both these One convention which alland the chance to win a magazines, there magazines aim to have is acompetition on my cover fore bold striking image on the cover.in order to do this. mastheads are This is used by this issue of vital. ‘top of the pops’ to drawSimilarly to ‘top of the pops’ I used many different font attention to the main focus of Another convention To many people this issue This magazine hasstyles and sizes in order to make each cover line clear and the issue which is clearly Zak is the use of other of ‘top of the pops’ may also used the rulereadable. I ensured that the fonts connote pop and that Effron. Also the fat that this is smaller images on not be very appealing of thirds which isthey would attract the correct type of person. I also a male is another convention the cover, this helps because it is very commonly usedwanted to make sure that I did not use to many different which is commonly used by to show what will be crowded, however this is a by magazines infonts as this would make my page look too busy. Similarly magazines aimed at women; inside the magazine convention of this type of order to drawto almost all other magazines I wanted to show continuity by having a men on the front and therefore magazine. The use of lots attention to theby using the same fonts and colours of font on all of the cover women are more likely attracts readers. This of pictures and colourful main parts of thepages. In order to do this I chose 5 main fonts and used to be attracted to the is the reason that I writing draws the cover and to showthem all one all 3 pages. I also used 2 main colours of pink magazine and therefore want decided to use this attention of the magazines someand blue to show continuity; then I used some black and to buy it. convention. target audience. organisation.yellow to draw attention to certain parts.
  4. 4. The majority of pop magazines When creating my magazine I wanted it to suitable for girls This issue of ‘Billboard’ clearly uses the rule of thirds which isare not only focused on ranging from the ages of about 16 – 22; Billboard is in some a convention of nearly all magazines. The eye is immediatelymusic, but also fashion and ways too mature for some young adults, however Top of the drawn to the image of Lily Allen and then moves to thebeauty as well because many girls Pops uses a mode of address and colours which are too childish cover lines on either side. The use of the rule of thirds alsoare interested in these topics. for most teenagers, therefore I have not followed all the draws the eye to the masthead, as I said on the previousBoth my magazine ‘InTune’ and conventions of either of these magazines; instead I have used slide the masthead is essential because not only does it draw‘Billboard’ show some focus on some conventions of each, for example I chose to use some attention to the magazine but also, as ‘Billboard’ is a popularfashion and beauty because the bright colours similar to Top of the Pops, but I also chose to brand, it allows people to recognise the magazine.clothing, make- have a clear background like the Billboard magazine.up, position, lighting, expression One of the mainof the models of the front seem conventions whichto have been planned. I chose to magazines aimed at girlsdress Kirsten in girly/summery in their late teens/earlyclothes because this issue would twenties use is justbe released in May and many girls sticking to just a fewwill look to magazines to keep up colours. The ‘top of theto date with the latest fashion pops’ magazine on thetrends. I also planned the make- previous page usesup, lighting, setting, position and many colours which dofacial expression in order to not all compliment onecompliment Kirstens figure and another, howeverlooks. By making Lily (in Billboard) ‘Billboard’ magazineand Kirsten (in InTune) look uses only 3 main coloursnaturally pretty the magazines – white, pink andwill hopefully show people that it grey, these appeal to ais easy to look good without young adult audience.changing yourself. Similarly I chose to useAlso, fashion/beauty tips (such as pink, blue and white asthe Pixie Lott clothing part of my the main colours of mymagazine) are lures which , when page in order to attract aI conducted my questionnaire, my more mature audiencetarget audience felt would be than most popvery appealing. magazines. One of the conventions One aspect of this magazine which I do not findOne of the main conventions which I have challenged is that instead of which I would follow if I was appealing is that fact that a lot of the writing is white onhaving a large bold masthead, I chose to have one word bold and blue and to produce more issues of top of a light background, and therefore some of thethe other word more delicate and pink. I did this in order to make my ‘InTune’ would be to use cover lines and the words ‘Lily Allen’ do not stand out.masthead different from all the other magazines which have very similar the Therefore I used a white background with colourfulfont styles, colours and sizes. I also wanted the word ‘In’ to draw the same, fonts, colours, masth writing on top to draw the eye and ensure that allattention of the audience and show that there will interesting and serious ead in every issue. This writing is not only legible but is easy to read withoutcontent within the magazine, on the other hand I wanted the word ‘Tune’ shows continuity and picking up the magazine, therefore the audience may beto look more delicate and show that the magazine is mainly for girls. ensures that readers can drawn in without meaning to look at the magazine. recognise the magazine.
  5. 5. One key convention which is needed One of the main conventions of a music magazine which I have challenged is the use of headings on Similarly to the cover ofis bold and eye catching titles on the contents page. Most magazines sort the articles into groups and put them under headings; in ‘Top of the Pops’ theeach of the magazine pages. I chose the ‘Top of the Pops’ contents page they have used headings such as ‘Wins & Offers’ and ‘All about contents page has usedto use the same font for the titles of you’. I decided not to do this because I wanted to have a range of articles and therefore they did not many small images inmy pages as its used for the word fall under particular topics and therefore using headings may not have looked very appealing . As I order to show what will‘In’ in my masthead as this shows did not use headings it was essential to ensure that each of the things on my contents page were be on some of thecontinuity and looks appealing. easy to differentiate from one another and easy to navigate around the magazine. pages. On the other hand I decided to have Unlike the ‘Top of one main image on my I chose to the Pops’ contents contents page as this have an page, I chose not to would emphasise that editorial have a labelled Kirsten is the main profile on the image of the cover feature of my magazine. contents page on this page I also felt that using one of my because I felt that big image would look a magazine this would take up lot more appealing and because it is a too much room on would fit with the genre first the contents page of pop more than publication and would not be smaller separate images and therefore needed because it because using a large including a was just as clear image helped to shape brief and simple to put a space for the text and introduction the articles in a list made the page look stating what because this will more mature. the magazine look more mature will include and organised and may help to therefore will One convention which encourage appeal to my target this ‘Top of the Pops’ people to buy audience more than magazine does not seem the magazine. an image of the to have used is bold cover would. shapes and colours in order to make Another key feature of most contents pages are the competitions and luresMany magazines aimed at younger audiences use shapes One convention use of bold page numbers; this is clearly shown on stand out. All of the ‘Winsand symbols such as hearts and smiley faces in order to which all good the contents page of ‘Top of the Pops’ as the & others’ are written isdraw the eye and, because many people between the magazines use is numbers are colourful and range in size in order to small font and do notages of 10 – 14 use these types of shape, they may feel as page numbers in draw attention to certain articles. I chose to use this include many colours. Onthough they can relate to the information within the the bottom corners convention, but to a lesser extent; I used pink and the other hand mymagazine. However, as my product is aimed at an older of the page. I chose the same font for all of the numbers, however they magazine uses coloursaudience than ‘Top of the Pops’ magazine, I decided not to use pink for the still all stood out because there was very little other and eye catching shapesto use shapes such as these because they may make my page numbers in pink on the page. I made some of the numbers to grab the attention ofmagazine seem too immature for my target audience and order to make them bigger than others, for example ‘31’ is large because the reader .would therefore not appeal to them. stand out. it is the page of the interview with Kirsten.
  6. 6. ‘Billboard’ have included a music chart down the left hand side of the page; this I chose to have Similarly to my magazine, ‘Billboard’ seem to have chosenis not a convention of music magazines however I think that this is a good idea. Kirsten dressed and just a couple of colours in order to ensure that theirIn my magazine I decided not to have a music chart on my contents page as this positioned in a pages do not look too busy. The main colours which havewould take up a lot of room and is not necessary, however instead I decided relaxed manner in been used on this page are blue, white and grey. Thethat, if I had created a whole magazine, I would have included an article about order to make her white and grey make to page look very clean and easy tothe best songs to listen to during summer 2012 as this keeps readers up to date look calm and yet navigate, and then the blue adds a splash of colour andwith the latest pop music and would therefore appeal to many readers. glamorous. makes the page more interesting and eye catching. Unlike ‘Billboard’ I chose not One of the main to use an organised layout for conventions of my contents page because I magazines similar felt that this was slightly to ‘Billboard’ is the boring and would therefore use of structure. not be suitable for my target This contents page audience of girls in their late is very organised teens/early twenties. and uses Although I did a lot of techniques such as planning for my pages I did lists and paragraphs not want them to look too in order to inform formal and structured and the reader about therefore I decided to make what is in the each section of my page clear magazine. They and easy to read without have also used lines using lines to separate them. to separate the Most pop magazines use a different sections of similar structure to the layout the page. This I have used and therefore in layout is probably this way I have followed the quite appealing to conventions of a pop many people who magazine, however some read ‘Billboard’ as it magazines aimed at young seems mature and girls look very busy and clear. unorganised, on the other hand many more mature Another convention of most One of the conventions which most magazines use is to include other images on the magazines are, in my opinion, magazines is to use similar fonts contents page in order to show what will be included in the articles further on in the too structured and therefore and colours throughout all their magazine. This contents page within ‘Billboard’ uses this technique near the top of the look boring. In order to avoid magazines in order to help the page, however in order to make the page slightly more fun and eye catching they have either of these extremes I view recognise the magazine. I included an image of a girl smiling and having fun, this type of image seems to be very used a clean and yet relaxed decided to use pink and blue and typical of pop magazines because this genre is often connected with ideas of layout for my contents page the same fonts on all 3 pages in dancing, happiness and fun. Therefore by including a more casual image such as this as I felt this would appeal order to show continuity and one, the page seems to fit more with the genre of pop, whereas the more serious square most to my target audience. make my magazine look appealing. images along the top are often used in magazines based on genres such as R&B and rock.
  7. 7. One convention which both my magazine and ‘Top of the Pops’ seem to Another convention of most magazines similar to One of the conventions of manyhave challenged here is the idea that the double page spread should ‘Top of the Pops’ is the fact that the articles are not pop magazines which are aimed athave one main image. Typically the double page spread has a large very long. Instead of writing a slightly formal article girls in their early teens is the useimage of the artist/band and the text fits around this image. However in including paragraphs and using full English, of many colours. This is clearlyboth of these magazines other images have been included; I chose to magazines such as ‘Top of the Pops’ tend to include used on this ‘Top of the Pops’have other images of Kirsten in order to show a different side to her and short interviews and some other shapes and areas of double page spread in order tothe ‘Top of the Pops’ magazine chose to include images of people text separate to this. This is possibly done because make the page eye catching andrelated to the topic of the article. It could be presumed that this would these magazines are aimed at younger girls who will interesting. It could be suggesteddraw the attention away from the main image/article and would very often be more interested in looking at pictures that the page looks quite busy,therefore not be very successful on the page however I feel that in both and finding out about the latest pop news than however this style usually appealsmagazines the extra images improve the pages, making them look more reading a detailed article or interview with an artist. to a lot of young girls.interesting and appealing. The double page spread of my One of the main conventions magazine, ‘InTune’, is quite different to the which my magazine has used Another key difference between my double page spread and the ‘Top of the ‘Top of the Pops’ magazine to the right. In Pops’ page is that mine has a clean white background. When I was receiving and the ‘Top of the Pops’ contrast to the short interview on the ‘Top of magazine has not, is placing feedback I found that the majority of my target audience liked the white the Pops’ magazine, my double page spread the main image of the left background and felt that it made the page look modern, appealing and includes a full interview with Kirsten Hayes hand page which will be clear. However some of my audience felt that it may have been more eye which includes questions about her music, her viewed first by the reader. In catching if I had used a black colour for the background, although I can see life and her inspirations. This style of article is my plans I drew the image on why this may appeal to some people I believe that my magazine, compared typical of more mature magazines such as the right hand page, however I to ‘Top of the Pops’ looks more mature and easy to read and is therefore ‘Billboard’ and ‘Company’ and I feel that it was quickly changed this when I more suitable for the age range which my magazine is aimed at. Therefore suitable for my magazine because my target realised that this would not be even though it is uncommon for an article to have a white background, I audience tend to enjoy reading longer more very attention grabbing. feel that challenging this convection has benefitted my magazine. formal pieces of text.
  8. 8. One of the first ways in which my magazine has used the conventions of a more mature pop Unlike ‘Billboard’ I used the convention of an enlarged quotemagazine is by having quite a long article which uses full sentences, paragraphs and proper English. to draw the readers attention to the article and encourageUnlike ‘Top of the Pops’ magazine, ‘Billboard’ has devoted a whole page to the article; this will them to read the whole text. I also attracted the eye to theappeal to most girls in their late teens/twenties because they are happy to read long text in order to quote by making the quotation marks blue and the wordreceive interesting information such as advice, exclusives, and stories from/about the artist. I ‘ABBA’ pink, this makes people more likely to read the quotedecided to use a similar length of text for my double page spread because I felt that it would be and in turn they may wish to read the rest of the article id theysuitable for an audience of girls between the ages of about 15 and 22. However in many other ways found the quote interesting/funny/etc as they will want tomy article is quite different to the one about Lady Gaga; this is because mine takes the form of an find out more about the artist. For this reason it is essential tointerview and is clearly a discussion between me and the artist, however ‘Billboard’ has written a think carefully about which quote from the interview ispiece about Lady Gaga which does not seem to contain much impact from the artist herself. I feel enlarged because this may affect whether or not the personthat an interview style is more suitable for my audience than a piece written about the artist because reads the article.interviews are more direct and personal and therefore my readers will be able to relate to Kirsten. One aspect of the ‘Billboard’ page which I think readers would find One convention which a lot of magazines aimed at people aged 18+ use is appealing is the large ‘L’ which is over the top of the writing. This adds seduction. This issue of ‘Billboard’ has done this by showing Lady Gaga showing a splash f colour to the page and makes it more interesting. In order a lot of skin and covering her chest with her hands. This appeals to a lot of to add colour to my article I made the headings/questions blue as this adults because the girls may wish to be like Lady Gaga and many men may find draws attention to the questions and makes it easy to find where one her attractive. This encourages people to want to buy the magazine because question ends and another begins. My method of colouring the women often want to look like the celebrities which men find attractive. I did headings seems to be used more often by magazines and cold not really use this technique within my magazine because I feel that my target therefore be seen as a convention, however the red ‘L’ on the audience are too young for this, however by showing some off Kirsten’s figure ‘Billboard’ page is more quirky and therefore stands out from other on the contents page and her legs on the cover/double page spread I have double page spreads. If I was to begin this project again I may consider encouraged readers to want her figure and therefore they are more likely to using a large, coloured shape or letter in order to make my magazine buy the magazine in the hope that they could be more like her. more unique.
  9. 9. Overall it is clear that my three pages use some conventions of mature magazines such as ‘Billboard’ and ‘Company’ and this helps to appeal to my target audience who quite often wish to be addressed like an adult. However I have also used some conventions which are typical of magazines such as ‘Top of the Pops’ and ‘Sugar’ which are aimed at girls in theirearly teens; these slightly more ‘girly’ aspects such as the use of shapes, pinks and a range offeminine fonts help to make my magazine seem more fun and light hearted than magazines such as ‘Billboard’ and therefore I feel that I have achieved a good balance of conforming and challenging conventions and I am happy with the way my final products look.