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Propp theory


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Propp theory

  1. 1. Theory!<br />Media studies.<br />
  2. 2. Vladmirpropp<br />A full description of the theory can be found:<br />In the 1920, Vladimir Propp, was a Russian critic. Whilst the cinema were producing<br />many films, Propp was essentially interested in the narrative of folk tales. <br />He noticed that often many Folk tales were similar in a variety areas. He identified a<br />theory about characters and actions as narrative functions.<br />According the Vladimir Propp, characters have a narrative function; they provide a<br />structure for the text.<br />
  3. 3. The typical characters he found were:<br />* The Hero – a character that seeks something.<br />* The Villain – who opposes or actively blocks the hero’s quest.<br />* The Donor – who provides an object with magical properties.<br />* The Dispatcher – who sends the hero on his/her quest via a message.<br />* The False Hero – who disrupts the hero’s success by making false claims.<br />* The Helper – who aids the hero.<br />* The Princess – acts as the reward for the hero and the object of the villain’s plots.<br />* Her Father – who acts to reward the hero for his effort.<br />In a struggle scene Vladimir Propp<br />suggested this theory:<br />* There is a struggle between the<br />hero and the villain.<br />* The hero is branded.<br />* The villain is overcome.<br />* The state of disorder is settled.<br />And the recognition scene:<br />* At this stage in the film the hero is recognised. (an action film, like superman)<br />* Or the false hero or villain is unmasked. (a horror film scene)<br />* As well as the false hero could be punished in this scene. (a cops and robbers scene)<br />* Or the hero attains the reward (princess/ kingdom).. and they live happily ever after. (a fairytale)<br />