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Question 3


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Question 3

  1. 1. 3 -After we finally completed our product, we posted it onto YouTube to get responses. -We last checked on the 5-9-12 and we have gained 520 views overall -The audience is able to post comments and rate our video. -We also created a forum where six people have given their views.
  2. 2. We created a forum where people can give their opinions and their views on our product, also they gave ways of which to improve on.‘I think the whole video should be in b/w, the song, although its upbeat, is a sad one really lol and the girl looks abit too happy and i think the whole walking on the beach thing is way too cliché, it works though, but if you canchange it id probably reconsider.errr also I think the fire effect at the end where she’s at that building is kinda gross, it looks unprofessional whichis huge in contrast to the first part where it looked realllllllly good. I think you should use candles that are litinstead of those fire things you have, maybe where that girl is stood in a garden or w/e singing she should be satdown with candles around her I don’t know? Just to link it back to the whole fire element that’s going on.I really liked the point of view shots (I’m hoping that’s what you did) where it was the point of view of the guywho broke her heart like when they’re on the beach and she’s in bed or w/e those are good and you should usemore of them i think cause there’s too many scene changes i think like one min she’s singing in a forest, then abeach, then a pond, then in a bedroom its a bit messy in placeshope that makes sense, its good though never the less’‘the only thing id say is she should make more eye contact with the camera inside of looking to the sideall the time.’‘it’s good butsurely you should use rain or s/t’‘just a few small bits then lolwhen you see her playing the piano the second time itd be better if you actually saw the piano keysinstead of the tops of her fingerswhen she’s on the beach in the black dress then sitting on the sand bit it seems to cut to differentshots too quick (walking in dress, girl on sand, dress running, waves) really quick @1:45lots of hair flickin’
  3. 3. ‘Some of it is out of sync, i also notice you do a lot of fades in and fade to black withthe beach scene going to the woman. Also a bit of continuity editing, not sure if itsintentional or what but she has bright red make up on, and when she is on the pianou cannot see her bright red make up which is pretty distinct and she is wearing thesame dress too? At 2:52 the flames seem a bit tacky but whatever floats your boatAnd also the colour changes on the video seem a bit erratic.But on the good side, the video goes well with the song, there is a really good bitwith the flames when she is walking, actually loved that bit The beginning was reallywell put together like when she is playing the piano and that loved that bit too! Andthe sand bit with the foot prints in that was a really good idea. The shot of her on thepiano like from above is good cause it gives a scenes of power which kinda goes withthe song. Around 3:30 all the stuff flying in must of been fun too lol it looks coolepically as an original effectOverall the video is good, although the colour changes and some of the editingmakes the video look, how do I put this? Not very professional and i think theexaminer will props pick up on it. they are actually so picky!!!’‘I think the whole changing fromcolour, to sepia, to black and white, to sepia, to colour (and so on) thingkinda ruins it but other than that its good (just my opinion)’Over all very good, good compositions of shots, good use of effects,my only problem is that you could of worked more on the sepia tone.Id recommend going black and white next time.
  4. 4. Overall the feedback ispositive, however there aresome points of improvementmade that we will take onboard for future references.Some of the criticisms wehad, the group agreed with.