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Practice storyboard


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Practice storyboard

  1. 1. Low angle shotof artist aloneon mobilecreating a storyline, whilstmiming songlyrics to tie inwith music.
  2. 2. Cross cuts totrackingshot of malewalkingwhilsttexting .(story lineno miming)
  3. 3. Cross cuts backto artist sameshot type asbefore stillmiming lyrics tosong to fit themusic to thevideo
  4. 4. Cuts to new scene of atistlong shots and close ups forfacial expression, mimingsong.
  5. 5. Cuts back tostory line lowangle shot closeup of artist (notmiming songplaying inbackground)backlightingused. No directmode of addressas artist islooking at othercharacter (out ofshot) (story lineno miming)
  6. 6. Cuts to two shot of both characters already seen in previous clips,showing proximity between characters also we can see what artistwas looking at from previous shot . (story line no miming)
  7. 7. Cuts to closeup of malesface eye linematch showsaudience thecharacters arelooking at oneanotherdirectly (storyline nomiming)
  8. 8. Eye line match,close up ofactress’s facedirect mode ofaddress used asif the camerawas the othercharacter. (storyline no miming)
  9. 9. Medium two shot of characters see closerproximity more engaged with the emotions ofcharacters (story line no miming)
  10. 10. Cuts back toactress close upmiming lyrics tosong
  11. 11. Cuts to a extremelong shot showingmore of the settingactress still miminglyrics to song playedin background ofthe video.
  12. 12. Cuts back to story line no miming male pullingaway medium shot see the action and proximitybetween characters.
  13. 13. Extreme closeup artistmiming songlyrics notcentral of shot .
  14. 14. Cuts back to previousscene of extremelong shot of artistmiming lyrics.
  15. 15. Cuts to samescene butmedium shot ofartist movingcloser towardsartist.
  16. 16. Cuts back to story line nomiming, over shouldershot from artist seeing themale character pullingaway (breaking up)
  17. 17. Cuts to close shot ofcharacters handsseparating from a highangle.
  18. 18. Cuts back to artistmiming lyrics ofsong low angle longshot.
  19. 19. Cuts to artist onbouncy castlemiming song lyrics.