Next Generation Collaboration - ICT Spring 2013 Luxembourg


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Next Generation Collaboration

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Next Generation Collaboration - ICT Spring 2013 Luxembourg

  1. 1. Next Generation CollaborationLaura Yecies, Acting CEO Catch.comFormer CEO, SugarSyncICT Spring, Luxembourg, June 19, 2013
  2. 2. My Background inCollaboration2 Informix – ProductManager – Unix RDBMS Netscape – VP BrowserDivision 1997-2003 Messenger - Email Groups - NewsReader Instant Messengerintegrated – ICQ/AIM Yahoo Mail – GeneralManager 2003-2004 Email, Contacts,Calendar SugarSync – CEO 2008-2013 Cloud Storage Sync &Share – Mobile Catch – Acting CEO CollaborativeNotetaking for Mobile
  3. 3. What is Collaboration?3Joint Work Towards a CommonGoalTo achieve a mutual goal thatcould not be accomplishedindependentlySome work still needs to be doneseparately.Coordinating separate and jointwork is difficult.Why Bother?Why so Difficult?
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. Leveraging Modern Technologies andTrends5Next GenCollaborationIDEATIONSEARCHSOCIALSECURITY
  6. 6.  File sync services exploded in 2012 File access, sync, and share adoption grew by two thirds from 9% of U.S. onlineadults in 2010 to 15% in 2012 to become the fastest-growing online file servicecategory, ahead of both online backup and web-based office productivity. Two-thirds of US online adults are using at least one form of a broad range of personalcloud services For photos, files, information, media, password services, contacts, or calendaring, twoout of three U.S. online adults are using at least one of this broad range of personalcloud services. Mobile device proliferation is driving daily use of the personal cloud. 58%of personal cloud users with smartphones use personal cloud services daily orhourly. US online adults are blending work and personal technologies. Almost half of personal cloud services are used for blended work and personalpurposes. Users and their employers are paying for personal cloud services. Almost one in five personal cloud services is being paid for, showing that users findthe services valuable enough to spend money.Forrester: Cloud + File Sync Exploding…
  7. 7. Forrester – Massive Shift to the Cloud
  8. 8. Mobile Is Driving Cloud Growth
  9. 9. DocumentsNotesInterestsPhotosStoriesIdeas9Capturing and Collaborating on MobileConfidential
  10. 10. Just As Mobile Drove Documents To The CloudMobile Is Driving Notes & Ideas To The CloudIdeas Are The Natural Basis For Collaboration
  11. 11. CollaborativeStorage StorySocialCONTENTUTILITYSocial Ideation – The New Frontier11
  12. 12. CollaborativeStorage StorySocialCONTENTUTILITYSocial Ideation – The New Frontier12
  13. 13. 13How do I…?Organize and Plan?Easily Update?Win in this chaotic environment!Capture Ideas?Easily collaborate with my team?Easily Search for and Find What I Need Quickly and Easily?Use It in Business?Easily access on any device or platform??
  14. 14. With Catch You Can…14 Capture Collaborate Organize and Plan Search and Find Access on iOS,Android & the Web Use It at Work Securely Update and Notify
  15. 15. 15 Founded in 2008 with objective of helping users capture and manage data VC funded: Excel Venture Management, Greylock Discovery Fund, angels From launch until 2013, Catch has primarily been a consumer mobile app withtremendous user adoption and traction Based on unique notes + collaboration concept, business adoption has been growing Beginning in late 2012, recognizing the void in business enterprise solutions for notetaking and robust collaboration Catch invested in providing the leading solution to fillthis void as a complement to its individual offeringCatch Background
  16. 16. The Leading Mobile App for SecureCollaborative Notes Quickest, easiest way to capture ideas,information, tasks, and documents onAndroid, iOS, and the web. Attractive UIwith colors and capture wheel to boost userengagement Easiest way to collaborate on mobile withcolleagues using shared spaces that instantlysync Based on robust and proprietary context-aware mobile data IPNew with Catch Team Team accounts allow enterprises toadminister and control membership, billing aswell as provide Enterprise level security for content16
  17. 17. Catch Team Catch Team maximizes team collaboration securely Team Owner has access to simplified billing Team Administrators can manage team members andcontent securely from the Admin Console: Change passwords and note ownership Invite new members to a space Remove people from a space Reassign ownership of a space Monitor usage Team Members continue to use the simple Catch interface onAndroid, iOS and the web.17
  18. 18. Catch Team for Enterprise18 Catch Team can be deployed securely through IT Dual Persona solution for BYOD security : a user can easily switchfrom their Catch personal account to their work account Catch worked closely with Samsung in its development anddeployment of its KNOX Business Security Solution. Samsungcommitted to promoting Catch via its Carrier and Corporatechannels. Worked with CITRIX to develop similar functionality for Apple andother Android devices through enterprise mobile security partners(e.g., CITRIX ) Supporting all the major “Mobile Device Management” solutions. IT has full control over the work account, including remote lock,remote wipe, encryption, and other enterprise security features Single-Sign-On and Active Directory integration with Just-In-TimeProvisioning
  19. 19. Business Teams LOVE Catch19Field serviceData capture in the field, real-timereporting of issues, data processingat HQSales & MarketingSimple CRM, project management,team collaboration, merchandisingProfessional servicesInformation management,collaboration with clients
  20. 20. Competitive Position20STORAGE:• Dropbox• Box• Skydrive• SugarSync• YouSendIt• Google DrivePROJECTMANAGEMENT:• Basecamp• Asana• DoNOTES:• Evernote• Google Keep• Awesome NoteCatchDISCUSSION:• Yammer• Chatter• Jive• Podio
  21. 21. Doesn’t Evernote Do This? Actually, No…21Feature Catch EvernoteIntuitive UI ✓ ✗Fast Data Capture ✓ ✗Easy, real-time collaboration ✓ ✗Full access to notes offline ✓ ✗Ability to add comments to a note ✓ ✗Push notifications ✓ ✗Tasks and collaborative checklists ✓ ✗Desktop client application ✗ ✓Leading Enterprise M.D.M. integration ✓ ✗