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Build a-brand workshop-goes digital


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Are you passionate about your small business but not sure how to let your customers know why they should do business with you vs. your competition? Are you unsure how to integrate your traditional print and online marketing to make them more effective? Do you feel like your social media efforts have no focus or real direction? Creating a brand for small-business is critical, whether in print or online. New technologies can come and go, but if you have a strong foundation at the core of it all, you can build on it to create an impactful brand no matter what the media might be. Learn a process that will help you identify how to develop your brand story, connect with your customers in a meaningful way and how to utilize digital media to spread the word.

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Build a-brand workshop-goes digital

  1. 1. Build-a-B.R.A.N.D.Workshop Goes Digital Presented by Laura Willis Willis-Works Communications
  2. 2. My Background Passionate about providing fully- integrated, results-oriented brands for small businesses through large corporate 25 years of branding experience in advertising agencies and the corporate environment Willis-Works 2004
  3. 3. What is a brand?“A brand is a collection of perceptions that exist in the mind of the consumer. It’s not the actual product or service, it’s intangible.” – Colin Bates
  4. 4. What is a brand?“Your brand story is the story of your truth, what you stand for, what you promise, and what people experience.” – Michael Margolis
  5. 5. The importance of brand overall Old-fashioned sales pitches don’t work People don’t like to be “sold-to” People do business with people not businesses Problems/solutions
  6. 6. Digital Relationship Builder Many ways to Social connect with Media your Mobile Blog audience, “touch Web points” both Site online and Landing E-mail traditional media Pages
  7. 7. What makes a successful brand? People can believe in it People can emotionally connect to the promise (fulfills a need) No one else can believably claim it It can last
  8. 8. Building a B.R.A.N.D.B.ackgroundR.ootA.udienceN.eedD.efine/D.eliver
  9. 9. B.ackground Why is this important? What’s the vision/mission? The passion is contagious Filling a need/problem solver Relating to the story, not selling Could be the brand personality
  10. 10. R.oot What makes your business tick? What motivates? Culture? Mindset? Core values? (are employees on board?) Strengths/weaknesses
  11. 11. R.ootExercise: List 4-5 Adjectives that describe the core values of your business Number in order of importance
  12. 12. Polished Humble Analytical IncisiveCalm/Cool Imaginative Determined SoundDemystifying Tough Precise AssertiveAlert Driven Consistent SplashyEdgy Effortless Prestigious SteadyVisionary Open-minded Easy DependableBrilliant Influential Process-oriented TimelessEfficient Communicative Equipped ElegantAccessible Insightful Purposeful TrustworthyCapable Discerning Classy/Sophisticated FriendlyFacilitating Intuitive Rational HabitualProven Systematic Reliable CleverAggressive Inventive Resilient UninhibitedFamiliar Leader Hip/cool DreamersStraightforward Listening Agile WorldlyFearless Clear Responsive ConfidentDown-to-earth Logical Service-driven FlexibleUnconventional Advanced Deliberate SteadyExpansive Challenging Simple InclusiveFocused Mechanical Creative FluidConnecting Credible Solicitous EnergeticFresh Mentoring Direct UnflappableObjective Natural Fast Innovative
  13. 13. A.udience Identify your audience Focus and narrow the field vs. being too broad Start with the basics - demographics: age, gender, financials, geographic location
  14. 14. A.udience Brands today need to be customer-centric What’s going on with them? What can you do for them? What is their frame of mind?
  15. 15. N.eed Features vs. benefits So The “so what” theory what? Rational/actual need Emotional need Put yourself in the customer’s shoes What is your promise to them?
  16. 16. N.eed What do they feel now? How do you want them to feel? What are potential results for them?
  17. 17. N.eed What’s the competition: direct & indirect What need do you fulfill that they don’t? What is their story and how do they tell it?
  18. 18. N.eedExample: Copper Lantern Lane
  19. 19. D.efine Define your business personality What is the voice or tone? Can you use your own background/personality to define the voice?
  20. 20. D.efine Once you determine the voice, then you can create the “message”. You need to stand out.
  21. 21. D.efineThrough imagery:
  22. 22. D.efine the Message Use the “key promise” or the top benefit to customers: fulfills their need, solves a problem. Remember the customer frame of mind & what will resonate with them emotionally Remember the “so what” test
  23. 23. D.efine the Message One option is to ask questions of your potential audience that makes them say “yes” in relation to needing your business.
  24. 24. D.efine Objectives You have the message, now, how do you use it? Consistency is key – any vehicle or media
  25. 25. D.eploy Imagery Creating a feeling
  26. 26. D.eploy Digital
  27. 27. D.eploy – Web Site Interactive & lead generation tools Provide something of value List-building Social Media Customer relationship Mobile Blog Need to “draw them in” Web Site Landing E-mail Pages
  28. 28. D.eploy Digital - Blog Your web site Social central Media Blogging – Mobile Blog create your Web voice Site Landing E-mail Pages
  29. 29. D.eploy Digital–Social Media Social media – speaking your Social Media brand online Networking: Mobile Blog building Web relationship Site Landing E-mail Pages
  30. 30. D.eploy Digital–Social Media
  31. 31. D.eploy Digital–Social Media Emotional connection Social Media Customer’s voice – the Mobile Blog ultimate sales Web person Site Opportunity to Landing Pages E-mail fix problems
  32. 32. D.eploy Digital–Social Media Remember etiquette Employees on board Social Media Draw the line Mobile Blog Social media Web policies Site Landing E-mail Pages
  33. 33. D.eploy Digital–Social Media Games Special Offers/Discounts Cause media/partnerships
  34. 34. D.eploy Digital – E-mail Providing useful info Social Link to pertinent Media page on site Mobile Blog Utilize landing Web pages for continuity Site or special Landing Pages E-mail campaigns
  35. 35. D.eploy Across Media Integrate your media Traditional media: radio, TV, print Social media, e-mail, web site, blogAll should relate and connect.
  36. 36. D.eploy Across Media One good idea – endless opportunity Think out of the box But always make sure it reflects the brand
  37. 37. Some Helpful Reading “So What?: How to Communicate What Really Matters to Your Audience” by Mark Magnacca “360 Degrees of the Customer” by Lisa Dennis, Chuck Dennis and Lori Richardson “The Rules of WOO: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Capturing the Hearts & Minds of Today’s Customers” by Cindy Solomon
  38. 38. Questions?? Are you interested in othertips or workshops to promote your passion for a powerful brand?E-mail: to hear about the “Promote Your Passion” webinar series. Thank You!