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Social Media Marketing Best Practices Made Easy


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Do you waste hours on your social media of all sorts? Here's some easy tips for you to follow to get more productive.

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Social Media Marketing Best Practices Made Easy

  1. 1. Made Easy Best Practices SocialMediaMarketing
  2. 2. via Do you spend hours on your Facebook fan page?
  3. 3. via Waste precious productivity hours on social media of all sorts?
  4. 4. Think "I just don't have time?!" via
  5. 5. via to be a Social media doesn't have – in fact, it shouldn't be! time suck!
  6. 6. Three ways most of your to make the TIMEon social media marketing!
  7. 7. Be clear on your key objective. via 1
  8. 8. It’s different for everyone. via
  9. 9. Keep your clients informed of sales and upcoming events. via 2
  10. 10. Show new products! via 3
  11. 11. Have your eye on what's most important so that you can focus your efforts there.
  12. 12. Find out where your target audience is.
  13. 13. Just one focus? I can do focused. See? Choose one to FOCUS on and expand as you have time.
  14. 14. Pinterest? Show awesome pictures!
  15. 15. LinkedIn? That's where professionals gather.
  16. 16. Twitter? Link to articles of interest and follow industry leaders.
  17. 17. via Facebook? All of the above!
  18. 18. via Develop your strategy.
  19. 19. via Know where your ideal client is hanging out and target to them.
  20. 20. via Most social networks compile data that help you target your key demographic
  21. 21. Does advertising make sense? via
  22. 22. via What kind of posts generate the most comments and interest?
  23. 23. via Bottom line: Use the network where your customers are and where you can reach your goals!
  24. 24. Schedule a consult with me and I can give you more suggestions on how to find out where your customer is - and make the most of your precious social media marketing time reaching them in the way that's most effective! or click “Get In Touch” button below. Have questions?
  25. 25. WEB NAVIGAT R GALHelping you find the gold in your biz