SEO Checklist


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Search engine optimization can be confusing. A lot of people who need SEO help simply don’t know where to start. So I created this guide to save you some trouble and give you a plan to tackle your SEO

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SEO Checklist

  1. Who else wants to learn friendly SEO tips? Ten Steps to Optimized Website Content It doesn't have to be so hard!
  2. via Valuable Content is as Good as Gold Content is the meat of your website. Make it tasty!
  3. Research Keywords Related To Your Topic Frank, don’t forget to find keywords that our readers use, not those fancy schmancy ones.
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  6. Optimize Your Meta Description Google doesn’t have eyes.You must summarize what your website is about.
  7. Optimize Your File Names Search engines look for keywords within your image file names Rename your file names with your juicy focus keyword
  8. A few times is enough! Check Keyword Density. Put keyword at start of the title Put your keyword in your H1 tag. via Content should be written for readers. Don’t stuff your content with keywords. not search engines.
  9. Quality Content - Write Something You'd Want to Share image via Quality Content, Coming right up!
  10. Include Relevant via Internal Links That’s a link from one page on your domain to another page on .your domain
  11. Include Relevant External Links That means link to another website.
  12. via Make it a Quality Link.
  13. Need help with your SEO? contact me at via or click “Get In Touch” button below.
  14. web navigator gal