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How To Use Facebook for Business


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Learn how to use facebook for business so you can engage with your ideal clients in a fun and social way.

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How To Use Facebook for Business

  1. 1. How to Use Facebook for Business 3 Things You Need to Keep Top of Mind
  2. 2. Entertain Inform Market
  3. 3. There's a lot of noise out there now on Facebook- So It's O.K. to post more often now...
  4. 4. Entertain Inform Market
  5. 5. Just don't be my Stats show that your FB audience They think it's Spammy doesn't really like #hashtags
  6. 6. Remember the "Face" in Facebook Remember the "Social" in Social Media It's not direct response marketing.... it's a soft sell.
  7. 7. Remember.. Your FaceBook audience likes
  8. 8. Food
  9. 9. Pets
  10. 10. Babies
  11. 11. Well within reason right?
  12. 12. Social + Relevance =Fans
  13. 13. Remember this... make sure the images you use are relevant for your brand-- You get the picture
  14. 14. Give ‘em what they want!
  15. 15. These are Your Peeps Be Social image via
  16. 16. It's all about relationships.
  17. 17. lIKE WHAT YOU SEE? contact me at Or Swing By.. | |