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Talenthouse creds deck 26.11.14 1

Talenthouse Brand Deck

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Talenthouse creds deck 26.11.14 1

  1. 1. Talenthouse
 Art works. Introducing: CaaS – Content as a Service
  2. 2. The Talenthouse platform brings brands 
 together with artists who 
 create content that connects with people. Work by Joel Sossa Mexico “Arthasthepower totransform,toilluminate, toinspireandmotivate.” DaveStewart, TalenthouseCreativeDirector
  3. 3. Artists that we work with U2 JustinTimberlake Maroon5 LadyGaga LinkinPark Deadmau5 Rihanna GreenDay Brands that we work with
  4. 4. Our Exec Team Amos Pizzey Founder, Co-CEO, CCO Roman Scharf Founder, Co-CEO Maya Bogle Co-Founder & MD (UK) Chris de Wolfe CEO at SGN former Myspace founder Dave Stewart Co-Founder Eurythmics, The Hospital Club, Weapons of Mass Entertainment RichardAbramson President Ashwin Navin Co-Founder & CEO at Samba TV former BitTorrent founder Pro Sieben Sat 1 German Media Company William Lauder Chairman Esteé Lauder Gerard Butler Actor Our Board and Investors
  5. 5. “Talenthouse enables Microsoft to directly 
 support creative projects, giving creators the opportunities to make the right connections. We are excited to be part of this innovative 
 platform and believe this will positively transform the creative industry.” Craig Hepburn Global Director, Social & Digital Media Microsoft
  6. 6. Art/Design Film Photography Music Fashion Talenthouse is a community of artists, designers, filmmakers, fashion designers, musicians and photographers in 175+ countries
  7. 7. Art/Design A1. Create a print advertisement e.g. billboard / magazine / other media placement A2. Create artwork e.g. album cover / movie poster A3. Re-imagine artwork e.g. Renaissance, Pop Art, Cubism A4. Customize the design of a product / case / skin / cover (template required) A5. Design POS materials e.g. store artwork /window / packaging / shopping bags / sales promotional items A6. Create disruptive advertising installations e.g. living or " 3D billboard A7. Design a mood board for a live art opportunity " e.g. street art, murals, sculpture A8. Design a logo / animated logo A9. Create a portrait / illustration / comic book / doodle Film (includes new and existing work) C1.  Make a music video C2. Create a short film or documentary C3. Create a teaser film C4. Create an animation C5. Create a media ident / opening sequence C6. Create a show reel C7. Create an advertisement Custom formats available upon request Photography (includes new and existing work) B1. Capture a theme / slogan / feeling / moment B2. Capture a live event B3. Create a photo collage B4. Attend a photo shoot B5. Re-touch art on a new or existing photo Music (includes new and existing work) D1.  Remix a song D2. Create new vocals / write lyrics D3. Produce new beats D4. Cover a song D5. Create original music D6. Create a soundtrack D7. Perform on stage with or open for D8. Create a mix D9. DJ alongside Fashion E1. Design an outfit e.g. photo shoot, red carpet, performance E2. Design accessories e.g. jewelry, masks, headpieces E3. Design shoes e.g. sneakers, high heels E4. Create a range for a pop up or fashion show E5. Become a fashion presenter E6. Create merchandise designs e.g. T-Shirts, Bags E7. Become a model E8. Design a print/pattern Ideas Menu
  8. 8. “Artists make the most compelling content and actively grow their audience. They represent an unrivaled force 
 of consumer influence.” Mark Simmons Author
  9. 9. Talenthouse artists are social media influencers and provide premium content that drives consumers engagement and participation. Brands Creators Consumers have a need for high quality 
 premium content at scale. want a creative outlet, to gain recognition and to make money. ignore interruptive advertising messages, and prefer to engage with interesting content
  10. 10. Announcement The Solution: The Talenthouse Creative Invite® The Challenge: Deliver reliable on-brand content to power 
 owned, earned and bought media channels. Voting Submissions Brand selects artists work which 
 may be used across their owned, earned and bought channels. Public Facebook and Twitter voting driving social engagement and 
 peer-to-peer conversations. Artists and creators are invited 
 to submit. Open call for submissions 6-8 weeks.
  11. 11. UGC Talenthouse produces a continuous stream of premium on-brand content Pro Content Premium Content UGC Digital Social ATL TV OOH Print Cinema Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube etc Owned Earned Bought Volume Impact Pro Content Talenthouse Premium Content User Generated Content UGC Social ATL TV OOH Print Cinema Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube etc. Owned Earned Bought Content as a Service to fuel owned, earned and paid channels
  12. 12. F talenthouse Content as a Service to fuel owned, earned and paid channels Talenthouse Brand Design Photography Fashion Music Film Owned Media Website . Blog . FB-Page . Newsletter Earned Media Facebook . Twitter . Instagram . YouTube Paid Media TV . Print . Radio . Digital . Outdoor Consider your audience touchpoints and where Artists can add value to your brand Owned assets, also consider: Events, ambassadors, product design, store/work space, employees etc
  13. 13. Creative Invite® Timeline Talenthouse provides a continuous stream of reliable on-brand content. 6-8 weeks 1 weeks 1 weeks Creative Invite® launches Artist selected Facebook
 and Twitter public voting Multiple ! blog posts ! and supporting ! editorial / ! guest judge ! activation! Life ! changing ! stories, social ! currency, post ! campaign survey, ! content ! licence! Work by Aliona Kononova Moldova Main
 stream / brand fans participation! Sales ! drivers ! targeted to ! voters! Weekly ! galleries! Embeddable ! Facebook Apps ! and iframes / ! social content ! calendar!
  14. 14. Why Talenthouse 
 works 5 1 2 3 4 Creative Invite® generates premium content for all digital and ATL channels, building social currency, stories and emotional connections. Global community of artists and creators 
 and a network of trusted colleges, media 
 and fulfillment partners Cloud technology meaning 
 every Creative Invite® can 
 live across and feed multiple platforms. Sophisticated and mature social voting technology works across multiple platforms and browsers. Expertise, project management and internationalisation capability
  15. 15. “The Talenthouse Creative Invite 
 gave designers the chance to work 
 with our global brand. The response has been fantastic and we are overwhelmed by the number and quality of content generated.” Ben Ashlin Global Head of Marketing adidas eyewear Why Talenthouse 
  16. 16. Creative a music video for 
 Avicii and burn® Case Study Avicii Artist
  17. 17. Case Study Submissions The Brief The Challenge Results Burn®, together with International DJ Avicii, invited film and video directors to create an original music video for Avicii’s new track, Speed (Burn® and Lotus F1® Team Mix). Drive awareness of burn®
 in the key territories •  Amplify the partnership between 
 Avicii and Burn® •  Create engaging, inspiring and 
 shareable content for all social channels 3.7 million video views channels served: Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Youtube Creative a music video for 
 Avicii and burn®
  18. 18. Design a playsuit for Jessie J and vitaminwater® Case Study Selected Artist Design a playsuit for global super star Jessie J with glacéau vitaminwater® to rock the stage at the annual Rock in Rio event in Brazil. Playsuit Design by Zuri Herrera Mexico Jessie J Artist, LIVE at the Rock in Rio
  19. 19. Case Study Submissions The Brief The Challenge Results Glaceau vitaminwater® (part of the Coca-Cola Company) partnered with Talenthouse to amplify their relationship with pop icon 
 Jessie J. Through Talenthouse, they hosted a 
 Creative Invite® inviting fashion designers across the globe to submit show stopping playsuit outfits for Jessie to wear on stage 
 at the Rock In Rio event in Brazil, where she headlined alongside Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys. •  Drive awareness for Glaceau 
 vitaminwater® •  Leverage brand ambassador Jessie J •  Grow social media audience •  Create content to engage existing audiences 3.7 million video views channels served: Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Youtube Design a playsuit for Jessie J and vitaminwater®
  20. 20. Photograph for Nokia and National Geographic Case Study Work by Hattie Simms Great Britain (UK)
  21. 21. Photograph for Nokia and National Geographic 21 Case Study Submissions The Brief The Challenge Results Nokia and National Geographic invited photographers from across the globe to submit photos inspired by the spirit of travel, nature and adventure for the chance to join world-class photographer Stephen Alvarez on a mentoring road trip through Puerto Rico. •  Amplify Nokia’s partnership with National Geographic •  Connect Nokia to cool content creators •  Drive unique content that highlights the features of the Nokia Lumia 1020 •  Engage brand rejecters and initiative consideration 1,600 artist participants, 400,000 influencers channels served: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blog, PR Works by Elena Goroscenco Moldavia Laurent Seince France . Nathan Gonzales United States . Kiattikhoun Limmany France
  22. 22. Premium Content as a Service for Brands Photo Design Film Music Fashion Artwork Website Blog Twitter Talenthouse Instagram Pinterest Youtube Newsletter Facebook Vine Tumblr Ready made content 
 items ... ... for all owned,earned, bought channels. ... feat. premium content across all verticals ... Facebook! Blog! Tweets!
  23. 23. DC Shoes . Facebook Nokia . Facebook Content Item Examples
  24. 24. Chef Ludo . Facebook & Twitter Jessie J & vitaminwater . Instagram Content Item Examples
  25. 25. Dracula Untold . Twitter Content Item Examples Adidas . Facebook Nokia . Facebook
  26. 26. Pinterest Content Item Examples Tumblr
  27. 27. Talenthouse . Facebook Content Item Examples
  28. 28. Talenthouse . Twitter Talenthouse . Instagram Content Item Examples
  29. 29. ATL AMPLIFICATION Content Item Examples
  30. 30. Art works. Thank you