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Major Decisions


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Major Decisions

  1. 1. Selecting a Field of Study
  2. 2. Selecting a MajorThere’s so much to think about whenchoosing a major. It’s a good idea to lookto the future and select a major that willgive you a variety of career options.
  3. 3. So Many Choices!Personality Types• Realistic – Mechanically inclined, athletic, enjoys working with objects• Investigative – Enjoys problem solving• Social – Enjoys working with others: teaching, informing, etc.• Artistic – Unstructured tasks in a creative environment• Enterprising – Taking initiative and assuming leadership positions• Conventional – Orderly and precise: appreciates structure and accuracy
  4. 4. More about your choicesRealistic – Building Things – Working Outdoors – Being Active – Working with my hands – Working on cars
  5. 5. More About your ChoicesInvestigative – Investigating activities – Using computers – Working alone – Working in a lab – Solving math problems
  6. 6. More About your ChoicesSocial – Working in groups – Helping people with problems – Participating in meetings – Leading a group discussion – Teaching or training others
  7. 7. More About your Choices More About your ChoicesArtistic – Attending concerts, theater performances, art exhibits – Reading fiction, plays, poetry – Playing a musical instrument, singing, composing – Writing stories, poetry, essays – Acting, dancing, working behind the – Scenes in the performing arts – Sketching, drawing, painting, sculpting
  8. 8. More About your Choices• Enterprising – Making decisions – Giving talks or speeches – Organizing activities and events – Selling things – Leading a group
  9. 9. More About your ChoicesConventional – Following procedures – Keeping records and organize paperwork – Working with numbers – Creating databases of information – Being responsible for details
  10. 10. Tips for Choosing a Major• Relax• Assess your strengths and interests – Campbell Interest and Skill Survey – Career Exploration Inventory• College course catalogue – Find out how potential majors relate to career options• Information Resources: – Your professors and your academic advisor – College career center – Specialized websites – Family members and friends
  11. 11. Quick Fact• Did you know… – Only 50% of college graduates report a close connection between their majors and their job. – This means that getting a Bachelor’s degree can prepare you for a variety of careers! – You are not limited by your major!
  12. 12. Choosing a Major vs. Choosing a Career• Majors are meant to provide you with options, as well as better understanding of your interests, goals, and passions.• The career you choose will give you the opportunity to utilize your abilities and your passions.