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Notes physicalhealing

  1. 1. Notes for Minister of Healing and Deliverance MC 550, Dr. Pable Deiros General introduction Words like integration, holistic, integral. Basic assumption is belief that all truth is God’s Truth wherever it’s found. The human is unity as created in image of God. Christianity affirms that God is creator of all things and therefore there is a basic unity of all truth. In scripture or in science. Frequently referred to as the unity of truth. New Age says everyone has their own “truth”. NO, there is one truth in God. Possible to integrate truth arrived at from different sources. Can be a variety of perspectives. Look at the human being from variety of angles. If all truth is God’s truth, then there is unity in all disciplines trying to understand the human being and help solve most felt needs and problems. The holistic mission of the church as therapeutic community. Therefore train leaders to carry out ministries of spiritual and physical healing from holistic perspective. These issues addressed from missiological, pastoral and practical perspective with following presuppositions. An integral vision of…. A. the gospel What is an integral gospel? Integral is related to completeness – lacking nothing essential. Use “integral” as synonym to “holistic” which means ‘something related to or concerning “whole’s” or complete systems’. NOT analysis of particular parts. An integral gospel is an understanding of the gospel in its multiple dimensions – individual (personal) AND social. ie. indiv. salvation and social justice - and it’s effect on all spheres of life. An apprehension of gospel not exhausted in doctrinal statement. Physical, emotions, spirit, mind, relational, will – involves all these. This holistic mission has been entrusted to the church. “for spiritual and material spheres…” What are the foundations for an integral gospel? God supports us God redeems us, right now God creates us God restores us Human beings are created in the image of God. If we are not living fully “humane”, as demonstrated in J.C, something is wrong. We are created as a unity of body and spirit. Our focus has been on our spirit but not on the body – we are a unity of BOTH. And the spirit and the flesh will be resurrected. Hebrew thought – we have been too affected by Greek thought which is not biblical. 1 God RedeemsSupports Creates Restores
  2. 2. A harmartiological foundation affects all areas of human life hinders the growth of human beings Mk2:11, Jn8:11 Misunderstanding, disharmony, Cain kills Abel. Relationship to others, and relationship to ourselves… sin produced contradiction that causes us to have to cover up parts of our body… despising beauty of body created in image of God. Sin brought lust, perversity. Problem not in body, it is in mind that now has sin, shame. As sin affects all areas of human life, so does redemption. An integral vision of…. B. the human being – unity of diverse elements Concept of health has been focused on physiological process of human body. Body considered as central objective of medicine and healing. It has been thought once the brain is dead, we are dead. We are just cells, chemicals, etc. NO more than physical components. This is what we call monochotomy Human being is just flesh, body, matter. ONE thing. New model developed after WWII – psychosomatic This is called dichotomy Human being is body AND mind psychosomatic-those issues involving both mind (soul,spirit) and body Soul affects body and health of soul affects health of body. Psychosomatic illness = paralysis with psychological foundation physical sickness related to personality or emotional problem. Psych medicine assumed interdependency between mind and body, physical and mental, physiology and emotions. Trichotomy I Thes 5:23 Theotherapy Spirit/Soul/Body Soul – external expression of the human spirit. Through the soul, will, reason and emotion are expressed. The soul must be sound. 2 sin
  3. 3. spirit soul body Holy Spirit can be in spirit, but demon can be in soul… (Annocondia) Giving body to fornication gives access to demons to control body in that instance (demon of fornication) – continued sin without repentance gives access into soul - fall again and again until bondage is created. Then deliverance is necessary. After conquering the body, soul, Satan can conquer the spirit of the Unbeliever… Then you have Gerasene demoniac. Inner healing, counseling, targets the soul – Revera Mendez. When he/she feels free to express the Spirit THROUGH the soul – body soul are expressions of the spirit. Theology and Psychology work together, although it is a difficult combination to achieve. We need a comprehensive view of human beings. Target all spheres of human being. Deiros not 100% convinced of diagram, but it helps us to understand things better. Has problem to be conclusive on this issue… he sees more evidences for dichotomy than for a trichotomy. Traditional Hebrew is we are spirit and body. Trichotomy limited to 1 or 2 scriptures. He is fine to use it to explain things, but it is inconclusive. An integral vision of…. C. the mission The church exists to further the kingdom of God – KOG refers to God’s reign or rule in hearts of men and women and to the redemption of souls of human kind. Luke 17:21 – The kingdom of God is within you… the word for within can be equally translated “among”. The KOG is among you. Love those around us like God loves us. Heal the world. Community for bringing to earth God’s social order. This will not be accomplished unless people enter into kingdom through repentance and personal faith. Not just about meeting on Sunday for worship. The mission of the church today must be holistic = targeting all the needs of people. To proclaim gospel to every person so that whoever believes will have eternal life Eternal life means a truly human life – fully human life, satisfaction of both physical and spiritual needs. Sick, poor, oppressed are the lost. They have to be the target. This should define evangelism. Main conceptual presuppositions of “holism” 1. The whole is more (important) than the sum of its parts. not individualism. ie. different denominations. 2. The whole determines the nature of its parts. The mission of the church will determine what we do concerning evangelization, education, etc. 3. Parts cannot be understood if considered in isolation from the whole. 4. The parts of an organic whole are dynamically interrelated or interdependent. 3
  4. 4. Holism creates synergistic effect, making the whole more than the sum of its parts. It is important for the church to know its mission. An integral vision of…. D. of ministry Ministry is part of mission. The idea of a holistic ministry: 1. is biblically rooted – the bible mandates that the church minister to the whole person. This means addressing both physical and spiritual needs, also emotional and relational. 2. is seen in OT - 3 distinct forms of ministry common to the OT as demonstrated by roles of judges, prophets and priests. Functionally separated, but missiologically interconnected. ie. Moses and Aaron – two separate ministries, but interconnected to fulfill one purpose. Moses delivered God’s mandates and prophetic messages to the people. Aaron was a shepherd who helped people obey God’s laws. Both were in need of the other to complete their ministry. Another example is Samuel. He assumed all three functions in his ministry (judge, prophet, priest) functionally separate. But all necessary to enrich Israel’s community life. 3. is evident in the prophets – Hosea (vertical relationship) and Isaiah (horizontal relationship) 4. affirmed in NT - …and healing every disease and sickness among the people. Although preaching teaching and healing were separate functions, they were all essential to ministry of Jesus. But we have “healing service” then a “worship service” then a day to feed homeless, then “deliverance service”. Jesus healed when people were sick, not when there was a healing service. He did deliverance when someone was demonized. It was the specific need he faced so he addressed. He preached, taught, healed sick and cast out demons. THE NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE helped Jesus decide what was necessary to do next. Paul continued this holistic ministry. Paul talked about the body of Christ. My body can walk, see, talk, hear, digest, all at once. The whole body functions together. The church can do lots of ministries, but with a holistic understanding. Romans 12:4,5, Eph 4:11-13. Diversity in unity. An integral vision of…. E. of healing 1. Healing is a process conductive to a condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit. It involves more than physical health. It concerns all spheres of life. Healing is God’s work through ways he chooses to bring health to persons sick in any way. 2. The central goal in pastoral ministry is the healing of individuals in all the spheres of their lives and relationships. Healing is the central goal of the Christian life. The gospel is good news when it heals someone. Jesus came to give us abundant life. Life here, not just in heaven. Per Deiros: Sickness is the work of the devil. Sickness and death are God’s enemy and our enemy. We need to fight it with Him. He is trying to bring his creation under his lordship. God 4
  5. 5. isn’t allowing it, he is fighting it. He will redeem what is lost but that doesn’t mean he allowed it or caused it. personal (what about the blind man not blind by his or parents sin, but that God might be glorified?) With all the scriptures about healing, we pull out Job and a few other proof texts that cause us to question. We hold up the exceptions to the rule to defend out doubt... Deiros - The cross is a contradiction to the idea that God is in complete control… He must fight Satan and the power of darkness. Back to class… In the midst of the Christian community – the church is therapeutic community of mutual care. In that way pastoral ministry is the task of the entire church. The church should pray for the sick. Six different dimensions of healing PHYSICAL HEALING Ministry of healing SPIRITUAL HEALING Ministry of deliverance INNER HEALING Ministry of restoration MENTAL HEALING Ministry of integration PSYCO-SOCIAL HEALING Ministry of consolation (heal community in catastrophe) SOCIAL HEALING Ministry of reconciliation (racial classes, status, financial, education) The top two are what we are dealing with in this course, but healing involves ALL SIX! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical Healing – Ministry of Healing Introduction: Matt 4:23-25 – Jesus’ healing ministry. many diseases directly related to poverty. respiratory, diarrheal diseases, high. Our world in sunk in sickness and poverty. Raises 3 questions:  What is Christian concept of health?  How did Jesus respond to the problem of health?  How should we respond today to the problem of health? Historically, many theories – nature and cause of disease. Today, when speaking of health, we refer to the medical model. ie. if he says “health” and we think hospital, nurse, doctor, shots, etc. In tribe they may say “Shaman”. In Greece, 4th century before Christ they would say name of the gods assoc. with health. 5
  6. 6. Medical model  Medicine is provision of services by a whole range of professional offered (usually for a reward) to those who because of their real or imagined disease seek their help.  By in large - Professionals of medicine operate under a system that has two major components: the disease component and the engineering of technical component. First it is diagnosed, then it is decided what should be done technically. etiology def.? ie. The doctor feels where the pain is, says appendicitis, surgery, take it out, solved! Each disease that is diagnosed, there is a technique applied. So the doctor is not interested in lungs or kidneys if it is appendicitis. Dr’s preoccupation is with the specific need and part of body, not to whole person. If health is described as medicine, we start to think of human body as machine. But we are not a machine… I am sick – go to the doctor - this is medical model.  When health is understood as medicine, we reduce the concept and practice of health to medical care with catastrophic consequences: health becomes a privilege for an elite that can afford paying for it. The hospital becomes central to structures for medical care – becoming part of hierarchical system in which teaching hospital is at pinnacle followed by acute general hospital followed by mental institutions and then those that take care of dying. To get to pinnacle you have to pay a lot of money. This makes medicine an elite issue. This western model is being exported all over the world. The more sophisticated the treatment, the more expensive it is.  When health = medicine it gives the impression that access to health is through the physician who controls admission to those temples of healing called hospitals… according to Deiros, they are they new gods that have control of life and death of people. 1-20-00 Christian contribution to health and healing 1. There has been a renewed interest in the church as a healing community – last 40 years. 2. The church has to regain its credibility s a healing community and fulfill the healing ministry that the Lord has entrusted to her. Christ expected his followers to have a compassionate attitude. a. The church must find within itself that fellowship of healing which makes true caring possible and invigorates those who must learn to take health into their own hands. b. The church must not resign her God-given healing ministry to medicine ignoring or passing by those sunk in sickness. Mark 16:15-18 6
  7. 7. c. The church has to fulfill her healing ministry with the attitude of compassion 4. The church has to proclaim message of wholeness and life that she has received from Christ. With Constantine, church was institutionalized, and ministry was given to clergy, and not the whole body… Hospitals brought under Christian names (4-5th century). We left healing in the hands of institutions, and not in the hands of body of Christ. Church needs to recover the task of healing. Our contribution of health and wholeness should reflect and embody Christ’s own teaching. A. A Christian Definition of health and healing 1. Health – an integration of body, mind and spirit; the self with others; the self with nature; and the self and God. Health, in Christian terms, is something inclusive, holistic: it is a state of total physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being. 2. Healing – involves both preventive and curative medicine, mental and spiritual counseling, and in all cases, God’s supernatural working. 3. Wholeness – Mind, body and spirit. This is best achieved by full participation in the community. 4. Health means the right relationship with ourselves, neighbors and God – personal integration between the interior life and the exterior life. 1964 Tubingen consultation in Europe – dealt with health and healing – “The character of the Christian understanding of healing arises from its place in the whole Christian belief about God’s plan of salvation for mankind…” and “participation in an invasion of the realm of evil, in which final victory lies beyond death…” Healing has to be seen in context of JUSTICE. Health is more than not having to go to the doctor, it is dynamic state of well being of individual and society – physical, social and spiritual well being; of being in harmony with each other. Medicine does not equal health – more facilities do not equal more “health”. Health is not a medical issue – we do not need more labs, we need more justice – for medicine to reach all people, not just those who can afford it. Health should be reconciled with sickness. Sickness is unavoidable on this side of eternity. It is a part of our limitation, human condition. It is part of the picture. But we should rebel against it. We are so wrapped up in our life that we miss out on living our LIFE… we have eternal life RIGHT NOW. Abundant life. We are afraid of death because we love people around us so much… death cannot quench love. It is not the end. Christian definition of healing Christian healing looks for the restoration of that total harmony in the human being, which will allow him/her to reach a situation of health. SHALOM Luke 7:18-23 – tell John the Baptist this is what you’ve seen…. 7
  8. 8. Christian healing is an expression of that ministry of Jesus (Luke 7 passage) and should be distinguished from other kinds of healing. SIX KINDS OF HEALING – CHRISTIAN HEALING AND OTHER HEALINGS Christian healing is not…. Because… Miraculous Healing Satan and demons perform miracles too. Deut 13:1-3, Acts 8:9-25, Rev 13:13; 16:14 Faith Healing It transforms faith into a work of merit and does not recognize the Lord as the only source of healing. Success attributed to faith. Supernatural Healing Satan and his aids are supernatural beings and can perform supernatural works. Not specific/precise enough. Psychic Healing Involves the practice of the occult such as psychometry, spiritualistic diagnosis, mediums, and the extrasensory phenomena. Spiritual Healing This kind of healing is practiced by spiritualists and other representatives of the occult. Medical Healing It depends on the application of all sorts of therapies that result from human science and technology. Though it can be used in “divine healing”. Christian healing is…. Divine Healing/ Christian Healing those cases in which God directly intervenes without going through the natural processes of the body and the skillfulness of doctors and nurses. THE CHURCH’S ROLE IN HEALTH 1/27 HEALTH IS… BECAUSE… A JUSTICE ISSUE poverty is the number one cause of disease… A PEACE ISSUE death due to armed conflict have made wellness impossible. Mind, body, and Spirit. A MORAL ISSUE health is connected to the integrity of creation. Modernization has introduced addicting drugs, new diets, anorexia. As much as 80% illness and death is due to self-inflicted/destructive lifestyles in developed countries. 8
  9. 9. A SPIRITUAL ISSUE those in harmony with God and neighbor grow stronger. Body/mind/spirit broken by social injustice, misuse of power, unhealthy relationships and lifestyle, lack of care for and abuse of the creation, individualism, materialism, and false spirituality… B. Health in the Bible ♦ Health is the bible is the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit. ♦ Since a variety of terms are employed, English translations vary in their use of the term “health”. ♦ The health wish of 3 John 2 is typical of Hellenistic letters – I pray you may enjoy good health…. the basic Greek concept has to do with what is balanced. Health in the OT GOD  He describes himself as the one who heals his human beings ex 15:26, Deut 7:15, Jer 30:17  He heals not only the Israelites Kings 5 – Naman  He heals, or not, according to his loving purpose 2 Kings 15:3, 5, Num 12:10-15. God has a purpose when he does not heal somebody, Job 42:2-6. Daniel also got sick as a consequence of a vision he could not understand… With Hezekiah, he was immediately healed 2Kings 20:1-7  He will heal through the Messiah – expectations that he will heal. Is 45:5,6, Is 61:1 Health in the NT – w/ Jesus, apostles, church JESUS  Jesus applies to Himself the prophecies of the OT – Luke 4:21-22 As promised Messiah, Jesus introduced himself to be one who heals all diseases. Matt 4:23 healing every disease, Matt 9:35 healing every disease and sickness, Matt 15:30 healed the lame, blind, crippled, mute and many others, Matt 21:14 he leaded blind and lame, Mark 1:34 healed many with various diseases – drove out demons, Luke 7:21 cured many, gave site to many… EVERY DISEASE!!! No case of any person who asked Jesus for healing and remained sick… ♦ In many cases healing instantaneous Matt 8:2-3, 12:13 ♦ Healed all those brought Matt 4:24, 8:16, 19:2, Mk 1:32, Luke 6:18,19. Jesus healed those who were brought to him. 9
  10. 10. ♦ Pool of Bethesda – only healed one out of the many crippled that were there… Here Jesus took the initiative and he healed just one (as far as we know).  Jesus did not only heal the Jews, but also the Gentiles Matt 8:5-13, Mk 7:25-30  Jesus used various ways to heal the sick – Matt 14:36, Mk 1:31, Luke 13:13, 17:14 - ie – your faith has healed you Mark 10:52, sending the sick to the priest Luke 17:14, healing at a distance John 4:50, making mud with saliva John 9:6-7, touching the sick organs Luke 22:51, putting hands on the sick Luke 13:13, taking the person’s hands Mark 1:31, touching the edge of his cloak Matt 14:36. Jesus adjusted per situation, did not follow a specific format. Only once did he use something else (mud with saliva) – we don't know why he did that. We MAKE THE EXCEPTIONS THE RULE – a process, not healed all the way, etc. NO NOTES FOR LAST HOUR OF 1/27/00 2-3-00 Physical Healing 1. Is it God’s will to heal all the physical sicknesses and ailments, or is his purpose to only heal certain persons? Answer: Ask these five questions… HINTED THIS COULD BE ON MIDTERM What do the words and works of Jesus say? No where does it say sickness is for our good… actually sickness and ailments were abhorring to him. He was against sickness and the work of the Devil. Wherever he went he cast out sick and cast out demons. Multitudes received healing. We know Him as the Great Physician. Matt 12:15 and 14:15,36, Luke 6:19 – recorded that large numbers were healed. No indication of any particular disease Jesus couldn’t heal. Some cases beyond modern medicine… 10
  11. 11. Why did Jesus act as He did? 1. In obedience to the Father 2. In opposition to the Devil – Sickness was never considered the will of God. Sickness was not native to God’s Kingdom. Christ is God come out of Heaven to put a wrong world right. We are to bring whole creation under the Lordship of Christ. Often used healing to illustrate breaking down of Satanic kingdom. 3. In love towards human beings – compassion for all hurt things. 4. To give evidence of the Kingdom – the presence of the Kingdom of God in Him. Jesus gave evidence that the Kingdom of goodness and light and God had come. His healing miracles were illustrations that the KOG was at hand. The Kingdom of God is not the CHURCH! The focus has been to bring people into the church as Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is in US! The signs of the Kingdom are the manifestations of power of the Lord. 5. Not to draw the attention of others… He often asked those cured not to tell anyone about it. Matt 8:4, Luke 8:56. Emphatic about secrecy. Jesus never put on a show to attract people “come and get your miracle!” People will not believe with miracles (PD) Luke 16:31 – they won’t believe even if someone is raised from the dead. Motivation should not be to draw a crowd or get a following – but out of love. Moving out of Love, bringing forth miracles, will draw people to JESUS, not to US. How did Jesus proceed with the sick? Simply, He healed them. He healed in a seemingly unlimited way… Matt 12:15; Luke 4:40, 9:10- 11; Matt 8:16. More than a record how many he healed. He acts of healing are revelation of redeeming will of God for eternity but also healing will of human life. Perfect integral redemption. Life in ABUNDANCE! What was Jesus’ understanding of his healing ministry? He said he came to fulfill will of Father. Busy in ministry healing all those who came to Him. Stated healing the sick was integral part of his mission, not a secondary one. Luke 4:18, takes Is 61 and applies it to his own ministry. His healing works demonstrated the fulfillment of his Messianic mission. The signs and wonders gave testimony that He was the Messiah. Luke 7:19- 23. What is the meaning of all this for us? 4 points 1. The will of God for us today has not changed. There is no scripture that tells us God has changed plans. Nothing says it should be different than Jesus’ ministry. What God did through Christ He wants to do through the BODY of Christ which is the church. Jesus said “the Father sent me…. and I send YOU” because we are his body. 2 cor 5:19 – same mission. 2. The redemptive work that began in Christ continues with physical redemption – integral salvation. Healing. He continues to heal and save through the ministry of the church. Words used for healing in the NT – 3 words translated “To heal or to make whole”. One emphasized the work of healing (Mat 4:23-24, 14:14), another emphasizes the power of the healer (Luke 5:17, 6:17, Acts 10:38), the third emphasizes a complete saving “to save” (sozo). Sozo is the most comprehensive term and when it is used it has basically to do with the forgiveness of sin and spiritual salvation. Studies indicate that Sozo is stronger than the other words, and appears to be used congruously (Mark 10:52, 5:28, Luke 17:19). Often says rise and go your faith has “made you well” – sozo. Jesus is saying both meanings in sozo. 11
  12. 12. Therefore – redemption not complete since our sins have been forgiven but our bodies are still corrupt – so with creation we groan waiting for the completion of this redemption. James 5:15 – and the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well (sozo). At the same time… if he has sinned he will be forgiven. 3. Sickness and sin have common origin – The evil one. It is the work of the Devil, not the work of God. Sickness is not the will of God. The will of the Lord is our wholeness. That God allows sickness does not mean that He wants it in our lives. That’s why Jesus healed the paralytic AND healed his sins. 4. Both for salvation and for healing, faith is needed. You will not be saved if there is no faith. AND, you will not be healed if there is no faith. The faith that receives healing is basic for operation of healing. The sick person’s faith is essential. He looks for faith like that of the centurion. 2. If Christ is the one who works through human instruments, why are not all the sick healed? A: – didn't address this one a lot specifically 3. Why is it that healing is not always instantaneous? A: Faith of the sick and the faith of the Church – the paralytic lowered down may not have had faith, but his friends that brought him did. Attitude of sick person – 3 things centered in Jesus (class ended…) 1. Jesus encouraged self-acceptance – why? Some people feel that their sickness is a punishment for something they have done or not done. Hard to bring healing to this person. Health in Church: 1st Christian Community, spiritual gift continues, --In the primitive church the power of Christian of Christian heal was manifested through the exercise of the gift of healing, every believer has the responsibility and privilege to pray for healing of sick. The ministry of healing is an integral part of the mission of the church as an apostolic community. The fullness of Kingdom in Eph 4:14, the ideal body is not a monster, church is not a tree with different branch but a healthy body which need balance, Heb 2:3-4, We belongs to Apostolic church with the same Lord, Jesus, Gospel, Bible which are same yesterday, Today, and Yesterday, we are not counterfeit. Healing ministry of the Church, Mk 16:15-18, are neglect by large a good number of Evangelical Church, “Many congregational have not development mechanisms to care for their members. So, as with the Lunatic man of Garden, the response is to get rid of the problem by excommunicating or isolating sick persons instead of coming to their rescue and restoring their life in the community. In all regions the study revealed how important it is for each member of the congregation to contribute to the healing mission of the church. 12