My leicester psychogeography project


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Psychogeography Project for my Networked Media Module

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My leicester psychogeography project

  1. 1. My LeicesterAn A-Z
  2. 2. Americandy is a small independent shop in the Highcross shopping centre that sells American candy, drinks, cereals and other uncommon food items. This shop stands out for me when thinking about Leicester because of the many visits with my best friends to buy Reece’s Cups and Flipz that are difficult to find in English shops.Is for
  3. 3. Bembridge Road is in the Anstey Lane area of Leicester and is the street where my boyfriend lives. It is in this street that I spend about a third of my time, the other two thirds of the time I am either in University classes or in my flat/ out with friends. I have grown to feel at home in this street- Over the past couple of months and so it is an important place in my Leicester.Is for Bembridge Road
  4. 4. The Clock Tower for me, is the centre point of Leicester. It is in the centre of the city and is surrounded by shops, cafes, restaurants, and on a good day is occupied by gospel singers. The recent visit by The Queen, Prince Phillip and The Duchess of Cambridge shows how important the landmark is to Leicester, and it is indeed also important to me.Is for Clock Tower
  5. 5. The reason behind my move to Leicester, was of course, to attend University. De Montfort is where I chose to study and I have lived here for six months in pursuit of my education and independence. DMU is lively, brilliantly situated, modern and innovative, that is why I knew it was the place for me. I wanted a city lifestyle, modern campus and living and nightlife, DMU offers it all.Is for De Montfort
  6. 6. Esquires is my new favourite coffee shop. Situated in Market Street I first visited in February when meeting my boyfriend after work. I don’t drink tea or coffee so I am consequently a connoisseur of hot chocolate. Esquires make a wonderful mint hot chocolate and ever since my first visit I return about once a week to drink, relax, read and people watch.Is for Esquires
  7. 7. Until moving to Leicester, I had never heard of the department store; Fenwick. To my knowledge there are not any of the stores in Norfolk and so the store has always grabbed my attention. The green building is on my journey into town and I pass it every time I have to attend lectures off campus. I would love to spend an hour or two browsing all the items I cannot afford, one day I will.Is for Fenwick
  8. 8. The Guildhall is a 14th century building situated next to Leicester Cathedral in the city centre. Built around 1390 the building still stands over 600 years later. I really like the Guildhall because of how it stands out. In-between the Cathedral and modern buildings it shows how the city has developed around it, and it has survived all the changes. It is also a lovely building to look at in my opinion.Is for Guildhall
  9. 9. Highcross is the main shopping centre in Leicester’s city centre. Built over the old Shires it was part of the regeneration of the city a few years ago. Highcross reminds me of Chapelfield, a similar shopping centre in Norwich, close to my hometown. The centre itself has all the stores I need to shop and all the restaurants I like to eat it, it has everything I need, all in one place.Is for Highcross
  10. 10. Ideal Homes is a furniture store on the corner of Blackbird Road and Buckminster Road in the Anstey Lane area. It is a notable landmark for me because it is always the first thing I recognise when on my way to my boyfriend’s house. It also stands out because inside the store, a wall is covered in the same wallpaper that is in my old room at my house in Norfolk.Is for Ideal Homes
  11. 11. The John Lewis building, is simply incredible. I love the patterns on the glass and the scale of the building. It is a landmark in Leicester, everyone sees it and recognises it because it is unique. The walkway to the car park holds memories; a friend and I got locked in when following people leaving the closing buildingIs for John Lewis
  12. 12. The Kimberlin Library is any DMU student’s second home, and I am no different. I have spent many late night and early mornings in the library writing essays and searching for books that seem to hide from you. The library is the at the heart of University life, it has everything you need, and is open 24/7, which is what I love about it.Is for Kimberlin Library
  13. 13. Liberty Park is the halls of residence in which I have lived for six months. It is a five minute walk from DMU and overlooks the River Soar. Liberty is known for having a few ridiculous rules but in general, it has been a pleasant place to live, especially as a student. The courtyard allows us to socialise in a nice environment when not in our flats. Living here has given me so many friends.Is for Liberty Park
  14. 14. Mosh is my favourite place to be on a Friday night. A small alternative nightclub that attracts not only younger crowds but older ones too. I love listening to the music I like and it seems on a night out, the only place that plays decent music that is different, is Mosh.Is for Mosh
  15. 15. New Walk is one of my favourite parts of the city centre. The 200 year old walkway leads from the New Walk Council buildings all the way to Victoria Park and considering it’s location in the heart of the city, it is unusually quiet. Many of the buildings stand out because of their Georgian features. I have walked along the strip many times and have even taken my family on a tour of the city recently.Is for New Walk
  16. 16. Orange Tree is a popular student bar in the High Street. It is a great place to drink before going to a club. What I love about Orange Tree is that it is vibrantly decorated and none of the tables and chairs match, it makes it unique and quirky. I also like that amateur artwork hangs on the walls and it is available to purchase.Is for Orange
  17. 17. Phoenix Square I visit regularly because one lecture and screening in my University course a week are at the Phoenix cinema. I love the cinema building because of the unique colour and design. I like that it is in the city centre, but not in a busy area. I also am a fan of their white chocolate hot chocolate and drink one in the cafe after every lecture there.Is for Phoenix Square
  18. 18. Queens Court is a block of student apartments let out to 2nd and 3rd year students at De Montfort University. It is also where I will be living with four of my friends during my next year in Leicester and over the coming summer months. Situated behind the library, it is in a perfect location for us to walk into Uni from.Is for Queens Court
  19. 19. Raw Dykes Road is the street where my halls of residence is. When I first noticed the unusual street name before moving, I was subjected to a few jokes from my friends back in Norfolk as I have fought the lesbian stereotype since having my hair cut short. Since moving here I found out that the ‘Raw Dykes’ were Roman earthworks located down the road from my halls.Is for Raw Dykes Road
  20. 20. Subway is one of my favourite fast food places. It is also the best meal to eat after a night out in Mosh which is only three shops away. Open all night at weekends it has given us many a drunk meal and since becoming a regular customer, the friendly staff recognise my order when I come in; they have even predicted it and started making it before I have asked.Is for Subway
  21. 21. Town Hall Square is Horsefair Street and considering the urban location, is lush and green, perfect for relaxing in during busy lunch breaks. At Christmas, the square is decorated with elaborate scenes such as the Nativity scene to celebrate the holiday period. I am looking forward to sitting with my friends on the grass during the summer months when we are in the city centre.Is for Town Hall
  22. 22. The University of Leicester Open Day was the reason I first visited the city. As soon as we arrived I have a positive feeling about it. The University however impressive, did not win me over as the course was not for me. The city however had caught my attention and I was disappointed when the University was not what I was looking for. Now funnily enough UOL is my rival as a DMU student.Is for UOL
  23. 23. When I first visited DMU on an Open Day, I was shown around Victoria Hall as it is a privately owned hall of residence. I wanted to live there and it was one of the factors that made me choose DMU. When booking my accommodation, it was full and I instead booked Liberty Park. Now my best friend lives there and so I visit frequently when going to see her, so the building is still important to me.Is for Victoria
  24. 24. Wagamama is my favourite restaurant in Leicester. Since moving here, my friend and I have become regular customers visiting about twice a month. I only ever have one dish; Chicken Katsu Curry, and I am never disappointed. I also their white chocolate and ginger cheesecake, a treat if we receive positive assessment results. I love the area that it is in too, the surrounding buildings are amazing.Is for Wagamama
  25. 25. It took me 10 minutes of being in Leicester to know that I liked it and could imagine myself living here, even though I had only seen a very small part of the city itself. Since moving here I have had the best time of my life.Is 10
  26. 26. The Y Theatre is a small venue run by the YMCA in East Street. Before moving to Leicester I did a case study on arts and performance venues in the city as part of a BTEC Unit. So before living here the venue was known to me and I have included it as part of my search for a job in the arts and theatre industry.Is for The Y Theatre
  27. 27. Zizzi is an Italian restaurant that I was taken to on date in January. It stands out for me because of the memories of eating there that night with the person that is now my boyfriend. I also tried to take my family here when they visited because the food is wonderful.Is for Zizzi
  28. 28. By Laura Rae