UNT Career Center Fall 2014 Events & Eagle Network


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UNT Career Center
Events, workshops, fairs & more!

Join the Eagle Network - to find a job, connect to a mentor, and get your resume/cover letter reviewed.

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UNT Career Center Fall 2014 Events & Eagle Network

  1. 1. Fall 2014 Career Center Events Part Time Job Fair Business Internship & Career Fair Management Expo Engineering & Computer Science Internship & Career Fair Logistics Expo FIREL Expo Technology/ITDS Expo Journalism, Media & Design Career Fair KHPR/Health Professions Expo Sales Expo Gov’t & Non-Profit Career Fair INDUSTRY INTERVIEW DAYS— in the Career Center, Chestnut Hall, Suite 103 All held 9:00am—4:00pm ETIQUETTE & NETWORKING EVENTS CAREER FAIRS & EXPOS WORKSHOPS Walk In Advising (15 minutes) : Career Center, Chestnut Hall M, W & F: 9-11am T&TH: 2-4pm M-TH: 5-7pm *Or call to schedule an appointment with your advisor* RSVP in Eagle Network Aug 19 12:00 pm— 3:00 pm Pohl Rec Center Sept 18 3:00 pm— 7:00 pm UNT Coliseum Oct 1 11:00 am— 1:00 pm BLB Atrium Oct 2 10:00 am— 2:00 pm Discovery Park Oct 8 11:00 am— 1:00 pm BLB Atrium Oct 15 11:00 am— 1:00 pm BLB Atrium Oct 22 11:00 am—1:00 pm BLB Atrium Oct 27 1:00 pm—4:00 pm Gateway Center Ballroom Oct 22 11:00 am— 1:00 pm Chestnut Hall Oct 29 11:00 am— 1:00 pm BLB Atrium Nov 12 1:00 pm—4:00pm UNT Coliseum Resumania Oct 23 5:30 pm—8:00 pm Gateway Center Ballroom Aug 18 9:00 am—11:00am Chestnut Hall Rotunda Marketing, Advertising & PR Accounting Week Engineering & ITDS Logistics & Supply Chain Management KHPR/Health Professions Banking RIFS Sept 30 Oct 6-9 Oct 10 Oct 15-17 Oct 28 Oct 29 Nov 3 Nov 4-5 CareerCenter.unt.edu | CareerCenter@unt.edu | 940.565.2105 Etiquette Dinner
  2. 2. Chestnut Hall 103 • careercenter.unt.edu • 940-565-2105 ESTABLISHING AN EAGLE NETWORK ACCOUNT Login to Eagle Network at http://careercenter.unt.edu/eagle_network.html → Click “Register” under Alumni/Students UPLOADING RESUMES & COVER LETTERS Login to Eagle Network → Click “My Account” then “My Documents” → Click “Upload File” to add new documents In order to apply for any positions posted within Eagle Network, students must have at least one resume & student employment application uploaded to their account SEARCHING FOR INTERNSHIPS & JOBS Login to Eagle Network → Click “Search Jobs” → Click “Search” → Click “Save Search” to save criteria for future searches For international jobs → Click “External Links” then “Going Global” For best results, choose at least one search criteria but not too many to keep searches simple APPLYING FOR INTERNSHIPS & JOBS From the search results page → click either “Job ID#” or “Position Title” → Click “Submit My Resume” → Select all of the documents (Resume, Cover Letter, etc.) to send to the employer → Click “Submit” to finish applying Work-Study jobs require submission of an award letter which is found in the financial award section at my.unt.edu Also note some positions require students to apply directly with the company’s website, be sure to fully read each posting ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Click “External Links” to access: Eagle Network OverviewOverview REPORTING AN INTERNSHIP AND FULL OR PART TIME HIRE Login to Eagle Network → Select “Report an Internship Hire” OR “Report a Hire” link under ‘I Want to…’ in the upper left corner → Select the term from the drop down menu → If your internship didn’t populate choose “Click Here” to enter position information CareerCenter.unt.edu | CareerCenter@unt.edu | 940.565.2105