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Pod Save Higher Ed: Resources for Podcasting


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For higher ed, the podcast medium allows for hosts/producers to extend knowledge to a campus community, academic discipline, and practitioners who want to engage deeply on specific topics, ideas, trends, and/or issues. To plant the podcast production seed, I thought I’d share a few podcast planning/development resources I’ve been curating from a recent workshop I facilitated, called Pod Save Higher Ed. Here is the podcast planning and brainstorm resource to be downloaded (as a PDF file) shared under a Creative Commons license:

Pasquini, L. A. (2018). Pod Save Higher Ed: A Resource Guide To Inspire Storytelling & Podcast Making in Higher Education. figshare. Retrieved from

More resources at

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Pod Save Higher Ed: Resources for Podcasting

  1. 1. Pod Save Higher Ed @LauraPasquini ~ #PodSaveHigherEd Innovative Teaching & Learning at a Distance Workshop, University of Houston
  2. 2. A History of the Podcast Internet Plumbing, RSS, and Audio Media Image ℅
  3. 3. 2005: Podcasts Join iTunes • Radio “on demand” hosted by Apple • Download episodes for free • Subscriptions and access to a central directory of podcasts • Central search engine for podcasts • Files accessed via an iPod or other MP3 players
  4. 4. RSS in Plain English • Really Simple Syndication • How to share web text files, articles, and information • Distribute blog posts, news feeds, and more! (e.g. R.I.P. Google Reader) • Sharing audio, video, and other media files to create subscriptions and more! • Subscribe to podcast feeds through “pod catchers” that collect and stream podcast episodes
  5. 5. The Podcast Comeback: Serial Season 1 (Fall 2014)
  6. 6.
  7. 7. 2018: Apple Podcasts • Still hosted on this central podcast open, democratic directory accessible to all • Feeds of podcasts and centrally shared to Apple and MANY more platforms, apps, pod catchers, etc.
  8. 8. Catch a Pod(cast) Now!
  9. 9. Last Story You Heard…
  10. 10. What’s Good?: Podcasts You Listen •Why are you listening to podcasts? •What podcasts do you listen to these days? •How and/or where do you listen to these podcasts?
  11. 11. But now there are more great podcasts being produced within higher ed:
  12. 12. Why Do You Want Podcast?
  13. 13. Pod-Storming: Who Audience: Who is your target audience? Who will listen to this podcast or might be interested in this pod? • Students: undergraduate, graduate, professional program • Colleagues: researchers, faculty, staff, etc. • Institutional Stakeholders at Your Campus • Your Discipline and/or Functional Area • General Audience: Explainer or Story About Your Work
  14. 14. Women Who Wine in Education (#3Wedu): Women + Higher Ed + Talks Over Wine = #3Wedu
  15. 15. Pod-Ideation: Why & What • What is your podcast about? What is the focus? • What are the critical topics you want to share in higher ed? • What are the potential names for your pod? • What ideas, concepts, and information do you want to share in your podcast? • How will you know if your podcast is a success?
  16. 16. @InVinoFab #InVinoFab In Wine, Story: In Vino Fabulum — To Bring MORE Voices to the Conversation
  17. 17. Pod-Storming: How Style/Format: What type of podcast do you want to produce or host? Here are a few formats to consider: • The Interview => Most common • The Solo Commentary • The Co-Hosted Conversation • The Panel - Commentary or Interview • The Scripted Storytelling: Fiction or Non-Fiction
  18. 18. Pod-Storming: How Length/Time: How long do you want your podcast episodes to be? This might based on your podcast format/style: • 10-15 minutes • 15-30 minutes => Most common • 30-60 minutes • More than 60 minutes 22 minutes is the average US commute.
  19. 19. Pod-Storming: How Frequency of Distribution: How often do you want to publish your episodes • Daily • 2 episodes a week • 1 episode a week => most common • 1 episode every other week • 1 episode a month
  20. 20. The Pod Elevator Pitch • What is your podcast about? • Why should someone listen? • What will your listeners learn or get out of your podcast? • How frequently will you be distributing episodes? • BONUS: Intro & Outro Music; Theme music interludes
  21. 21. Must Have = Artwork @BreakDrink 3000 x 3000 pixels 72 dpi PNG file
  22. 22. Audio Tools of the Trade
  23. 23. Inside the Audio Studio
  24. 24. Lights, Camera, Action!
  25. 25. Our Actual Audio Studios
  26. 26. Our Actual Audio Studios
  27. 27. Audio Software to Record
  28. 28. Mobile Studio Tools for Quality Audio Recording
  29. 29. Tech Recording & Editing
  30. 30. The Higher Ed Podcast Project
  31. 31.
  32. 32. #PodSaveHigherEd Resources
  33. 33. #PodSaveHigherEd Go Create, Make, & Share Your Podcast Story!