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#ET4online 2014 Commendation


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My commodation letter from the Sloan Consortium for help with the 2014 #et4online conference

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#ET4online 2014 Commendation

  1. 1. The Sloan Consortium PO Box 1238 Individuals, Institutions and Organizations Newburyport, MA 01950-8238 Committed to Quality Online Education ph: 781-583-7561 Laura Pasquini Letter of commendation This is to commend Laura Pasquini for advancing knowledge and practice among educators as featured sessions chair for the 7th Annual International Symposium for Emerging Technologies for Online Learning. Focusing on encouraging new scholars, featured sessions chairs work behind the scenes. They engage in scholarly, collaborative, year-long efforts to define goals, meet benchmarks, and help develop and disseminate new knowledge and practice. They set a congenial, serious tone for the conference. Leading the growth of communities of practice, they are a driving force for innovation in anytime, anywhere learning. For outstanding achievements for advancing higher education, it is our great pleasure to commend Laura Pasquini. Joel Hartman President, The Sloan Consortium Kathleen S. Ives Acting Executive Director, The Sloan Consortium