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  1. 1. I based my magazine on Vogue, Iwanted the masthead to sit across thetop of the page just as it traditionallydoes with a vogue magazine, but ratherthan being as clean as vogue I wanted ittoo be more edgy so I used a brush onPhotoshop to cut out sections. I also likethe lay out of this particular magazineand based mine on it. Hence why MusicJunkie has a central image, with a mainarticle going across the bottom, with all the other articles evenly either side of the page. Judging from my feedback I achieved what I wanted as most said it looked really professional and the photography is really good. I I wanted my magazine to look like a fashion magazine and I feel that I achieved that.
  2. 2. I looked at many different contents pageswhen deciding how to lay out my contentspage as I had no idea how to do it, Afterresearching into some fashion magazines Inoted that most of them had either theword ‘contents’ or another mastheadacross the top of the page so I decided todo the same. Some changed the colourscheme of the front cover but I decided tokeep it within the same colours scheme tomaintain a clear house style. Out of all mypages I feel this is the weakest as it looks alot less professional than theothers. In my focusgroup they mentionedthe larger numbers andI agree that this workswell in aiding navigationand is also a conventionalthing to find in othermagazines. Every magazineI looked at had the contentsseparated into sections hencewhy I also did.
  3. 3. My double page spread was a mixture of ideas I got from research. I wanted it to be quite simplewith a single image that is the main focus. I found the font for the title I wanted when making amood board for my magazine I really liked the black of white idea as it sticks out. The Stand firstsays everything needed to know about the artist and the pull quote has swearing in it to showhow edgy the artist is, my focus group commented that this is good and attention grabbing. I alsostuck with convention by adding a drop cap at the beginning of the article and adding a smallmasthead in the top left corner to show it belongs to the magazine, this is commonly done.
  4. 4. I wanted to portray my artist as a rebel. Someonewho already had enough money and wasn’t singingas a career, just doing it so she could. Remi issomeone who is frequently in the media for doingsomething others would frown upon such as beingnotorious and dabbling in drink and drugs. As thegranddaughter of Elvis Presley she would have bigshoes to fill but she’s a strong independent womenwho does things for herself, not because of herrelations. This is just some of the images I got fromthe photo-shoot, some I used some I didn’t, but Itried to get them to all give of this personality I havecreated for her, as seeing is believing. If the audiencebelieved that she was this rebellious crazy star theywould have to see it within the imagery. Personally, Ithink I managed this quite well, she does look like anoutlaw with an ‘I don’t care attitude’. My targetaudience also agreed as within my questionnairesand focus group they basically described the exactcharacter I wanted to create. She would relate to alot of different people, men would find her sexy,some women would aspire to be like her, somewould admire her, others would be repulsed by heractions, either way, everyone would be interested inher.
  5. 5. This section shows her as a strong independent women and hoe straight talking and straight to the point she is. This pull quote shows her attitude and how she acts in a way that can cause offence to others. It also helps to draw the reader in and make them see the interview is worth reading.This is the stand first, it offers the bestchance to explain exactly what the artist islike it mentions her “careless attitude” andher “trademark pout” again portraying heras a diva. There is also no doubt that she issomeone, the paragraph screams howfamous and followed she is “she is sofamous for” and “much awaited interview” This section shows how arrogant she is and why people would dislike her. She basically says how better than everyone else she is. However, this is part of her The ending leaves the reader wanting personality, she doesn’t care what people more as it thinks of the future and think of her and who she offends she is what will entail for just an simply just doing whatever she wants. unpredictable star. Her response again shows how she is portrayed as a rule breaker.
  6. 6. ICP media make magazines such as Bauer Media would be perfect for‘Marie Claire’ and ‘TV’ times. Out of my magazine as they also producethe magazines they do make ‘Marie things like ‘FHM’ showing that haveClaire’ is probably the most similar more of an edgier side so them. Also,to mine but the overall look of their they sell a few fashion/gossipmagazines is very different to mine. magazines and some very popularTheirs tend to use soft colours and music magazines, meaning myare quite clean magazines whereas I integration of both would fit inwanted mine to give a whole perfectly. In addition to this theybreaking the rules feel but still tend to use more vibrant coloursmaintaining the typical magazine than ICP media and my magazineconventions. Also, the magazines stands out due to it colour schemetend to appeal to an older and its edgyness.generation to mine.
  7. 7. My magazine would appeal to female around 18-30 years old, girls who like to live life to thefull and loved to party and push boundaries. As my magazine has a big fashion focus areader would also love fashion and like to stand out from the crowd. Their appearancewould be a big deal to them, this is why my artist is an attractive young women with an edgylook as she stands out and she would make people feel inferior to her and aspire to be likeher. Their main values of life would be their friends and their appearance, theywould aspire to make something of their lives while having fun all the way andto be seen by people as a figure of fashion. Their lifestyles would consist of beingbusy all week and working hard and parting hard on the weekends, most wouldhave little responsibility and would probably still live with their parents withthe biggest thing to worry about is maybe a car. Music junkie would be theMagazine for the most cutting edge of females.
  8. 8. Pink/purple appeals to Attractive model makesfemales women aspire to be like herHeadline related to Model dressed fashionably andfashion tempts fashion edgy, appealing to fashionfollowers followersAttracts people Big star with big relationsdreaming to be a star appeals to those who follow celebrities.Appeals to chart musicfans and people who wantto be current Price is quite steep attracting a higher class/people who aspire to be betterDraws in people who maylike gossip related to musicindustry
  9. 9. Before starting this course I was really scared of Photoshop.However, now I feel completely comfortable with it, to thepoint where I was actually helping other people in the class dothings that I had no idea that would ever be able to do. All theindividual skills that I learnt can been seen in my skillsdevelopment journal. My model sufferers from spots reallybad so being able to use the spot healing tool not only amazedme but also made the imagery look so much moreprofessional as you never see a model on the front of amagazine with huge spots on their head.Even when taking the pictures I learnt a lot about photographyand how to position cameras to gain certain effects. As theywere for my magazine as well as taking the pictures I wasdirecting the shoot as well and I really enjoyed this, I had totake control of the situation and get what I wanted and I hadnever done this in this situation before.I didn’t need to use online tutorials as everything I learnt Ieither worked out for myself or asked someone and theyexplained to me. To gain feedback throughout the making of‘Music Junkie’ I made a couple of survey monkeys which Inever knew even existed and posted them over Facebook inhope to gain a response, I didn’t even know before then thatyou could upload pictures into private messages.
  10. 10. Comparing the skills I had at the start of the year to what I am capable of now there is a clear difference, whether this is because I have spent more time over it and asked if I was unsure about a skill I am not sure. I am defiantly considering taking media on to A2 as I have done a lot more than I thought I was capable of doing and I would love to see how I could progress even further next year. I have also learnt a lot about my self and how if I work hard I can do something that Ithought was totally out of my reach. I have learnt to be more patient as hard work does payoff. Also, I should never be afraid to ask for help as if I hadn’t I would never have been leftwith a magazine that I am so proud of. Judging from all my audience feedback others feel thesame that my work is of the professional standard I wanted it to be and I achieved everythingI aimed for, even though I still feel that the contents page is anywhere near as good as myfront cover and double page spread.