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Student Leadership at West Lakes Academy


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Badges - emblems of student leadership at West Lakes Academy

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Student Leadership at West Lakes Academy

  1. 1. BADGES -Emblems of student leadership
  2. 2. The Student Council badge To get this badge two of you from each year group will be elected through form representatives in order to represent your year to the other year groups, along with two deputies.
  3. 3. Tutor representative These badges are awarded if you are elected by your tutor to represent them at year group meetings.
  4. 4. The red prefect badges These are used by the English and languages departments. The languages department has prefects in Year 10, these students must apply for the role and are appointed by teachers based on their leadership skills and ability to help others. English also have ‘readers’ in Year 8 and they wear ‘reader’ badges. They are ambassadors for reading and these are a step below our English prefects. The badges are similar to the student council badges in style but are a little bigger.
  5. 5. Currently Year 11 Leadership Prefects Leadership prefects have always been distinguishable by their shield badge which matches their tie colour. Leadership prefects have to apply for the position and are the face of the student body at official events with academy stakeholders and may also guide younger students (for example in assemblies). From this year leadership prefects will be distinguishable by their block colour tie.
  6. 6. Numeracy Leader Programme Year 12/13 students support Year 7 students. The maths department choose 20 such leaders alongside Cerys Atkinson, our Head Numeracy Leader. Applicants are invited to apply on a postcard stating why they would like to be chosen and why they feel they are suitable for the role. The only requirement is that they should have a grade C in maths.
  7. 7. Sports ambassadors in PE We choose a maximum of 10% of students per year group. They are based on participation in extra curricular activities, sporting excellence and willingness to work hard in the dept. They are expected to assist with tournaments / games / festivals / department events throughout the academy.
  8. 8. PD star of the week badge - one per class Awarded for a variety of reasons, displaying any of the 5 student values regularly, class contribution and thoughtful discussion and interpretation of lesson content. Humanities ambassadors - we use this badge for all our ambassadors and prefects. Y12 and 13 also have a purple lanyard. At KS3 and KS4 ambassadors organise and run competitions and events, they organise the displays outside classrooms and they promote the learning in humanities. At KS5 students help the younger ambassadors and organise and supervise work. As well as this they mentor younger students and come to lessons to support learning at GCSE.
  9. 9. This badge is for year 10 science sheriffs. And this one is for their deputies.
  10. 10. Look out for more leadership opportunities coming soon.