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Mobility Breakfast Talk - Joost Vantomme


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The changing mobility eco-system and why mobility managers need to adapt.

Published in: Automotive
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Mobility Breakfast Talk - Joost Vantomme

  1. 1. Thursday, 16 February 2017 Towards a changing mobility eco-system. Challenges, solutions MOBILITY BREAKFAST TALK BRUSSELS, 16 FEB 2017 Joost Vantomme Smart Mobility Director
  3. 3. 6Source : PWC, Connected car study 2015
  5. 5. WHAT SOCIETY CAN EXPECT Improved road safety ▪ Reductions in accidents of 70% feasible with self-driving vehicles Cheaper car insurance ▪ Car insurance premiums are set to plummet as automated vehicles become more widespread Freed up space ▪ Need for parking space in the city can be reduced by up to 60% Increased traffic efficiency ▪ Congestion can be reduced by 70% due to smoother traffic and fewer cars on the road Access to mobility ▪ Elderly, children and people with disabilities can make use of new end-to-end mobility options Productivity boost ▪ Over 1.2 billion hours of pure driving time savings over 10 years possible ▪ Less waiting time Source: World Economic Forum, Self-Driving Vehicles in an Urban Context, 2015 Decrease in pollution ▪ Better fuel efficiency