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SOURCE for Statistics & Study information
Document accessed Nov. 12, 2015
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Return on Investment of Office Ergonomics


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New research shows the many benefits of a healthy workplace. Business owners, office furniture companies, and interior designers continue to work together to create ergonomic solutions. Now a healthy workplace is a real possibility. [ Blog posted at ]

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Return on Investment of Office Ergonomics

  1. 1. SOURCE for Statistics & Study information Document accessed Nov. 12, 2015 New, Pre-Owned, Remanufactured Office Furniture Designed by Laura Dunkley - L Dunkley Communications OFFICE ERGONOMICS Return on Investment In a 2007 study by DeArmond, Huange, et al., 231 financial executives and managers were interviewed of executives & managers believe safety investments would lead to a positive return of investment87% INVESTMENT $1 : RETURN $4.41 Employers who have health and productivity programs have been shown to • REDUCe disability days 10-35% • IMPROVE Return to Work Rates 6% + • Positive RETURN on Investment 3:1 - 15:1 Eliminating or controlling repetitive motion injuries is estimated that a company can save $27,700 / case • REDUCE Worker’s Comp Claims 35-91% Training Ergonomic Equipment+ 17.8% increase productivity Direct Costs + Indirect COSTS Over one year + 200 Government Agency Workers Group #1 - Received basic office ergonomics training on injury risk factors & workstation adjustments. Group #2 - Received the same ergonomics training + a highly adjustable task chair. Top 4 Ergonomic Task Chairs employees-owners-love-top-4-office-chairs/ Workers’ Compensation Additional Medical Expenses Insurance Premiums Lost Productivity Decreased Work Output Administrative Time Turnover of Employees Replacement costs for damaged Materials, Tools & Property Indirect costs can cost 3x morethan direct costs