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Gaming Case Study


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Gaming Case Study

  1. 1.    1www.stackmob.comCase Study: Flying Monkey InteractiveQ:A: We’re an indie game studio. Many of us came from Linden Lab—A: Strangelings is our first game and it allows users to raise interactive fantasy pets, Strangelings,in lush, imaginative environments. It’s built on the idea of these little creatures, all of whom havea lot of recessive genes and traits such as hair and body color. Strangelings can look very differentfrom each other, but they all have dominant and recessive genes, which they pass along to theiroffspring. As you begin breeding Strangelings, you can create your ideal pet. There are millions ofcombinations that can be bred and we think that provides a lot of fun for players.A: We need a backend that is front end agnostic to support the web, iOS and Android. We’re usingUnity 3D for its rich modeling environment. All these platforms are talking across RESTful webservice API’s to our backend platform. The players’ data isn’t saved locally, so you can start playinga game on your iPad and pick it up again on your Android device. We’ve built Strangelings so thatplayers can interact with multiple players in real time and pets can interact together. We even havean auction where players can sell the unique animals they create for cash.A: The key to success is being able to focus energy on the areas we add the most value. You’re notdifferentiating yourself by building your own backend. Where we have the opportunity to stand out in theapp store, is with an amazing end user experience. We wanted to find a technology stack that supportedthis philosophy. (Continued)Q:Q:Tell us about Flying Monkey Interactive.What is Strangelings?What technology is powering Strangelings?Flying Monkey Interactive is building the next generation of games for mobile. Theirpremiere game, Strangelings, uses a custom built genetics gaming engine to createunique characters for users to interact with. We talked with Hamilton Hitchings, CTOof Flying Monkey Interactive about how he’s using StackMob to power Strangelings.Q: Why did you choose StackMob?we loved building Second Life, and we wanted to take that experience, build our own game and createsomething more broadly accessible to mobile and web users. With that in mind, we created Strangelings.“The key to success is being able to focus energy on the areas we add the mostvalue. We have the opportunity to stand out with an amazing user experience”
  2. 2.    2www.stackmob.comQ:Q:Q:How much money has StackMob saved you?Tell us about your security measures?How has StackMob support been?If you’d like to play Strangelings, visit them online at if you’re new to StackMob, sign up for free and start building your mobile app today.A: Human costs are by far the most expensive for any company. Using StackMob, we’ve cut our costs by50%, since we no longer have to hire an engineer to do the backend work. Not having to deal the softwareinfrastructure has been great. We can rely on StackMob for that—after all, it’s what they specialize in.A: The data on the client is not secure, and in trying to build a virtual economy it’s very important youhave good security. We never wanted to send any data to the client that the user isn’t supposed to see.We assume from day one that the client is hacked. That’s why we keep our logic stored with StackMob.A: We were really impressed with StackMob support. I’venever seen a company take support so seriously and reallygo the extra mile. StackMob was always willing to go thedistance to make us successful, even if it wasn’t obvious to their coreproduct. That was amazing and one of the reasons we felt confidentbetting our company on StackMob.“StackMob’s custom code has been one of the most important features for usin Strangelings. They could support the custom logic we were building into ourapp with custom code. StackMob adds a ton of productivity.”“StackMob was always willing to go the distance to make us successful. Thatwas one of the reasons we felt confident betting our company on StackMob.”There’s a recent class of services targeted more towards mobile backends and the web. StackMobsupports the paradigm of RESTful web services and backend storage, where you as an app dev don’t haveto spend a lot of money and develop expertise to do it. While I have the expertise in building backends, Ididn’t think it was the best use of our resources to build it ourselves.StackMob’s custom code has been one of the most important features for us in Strangelings. StackMobhas a lot of expertise and experience in custom code and that gave us confidence that they could supportthe custom logic we were building into our app with custom code. We write a lot of custom code that sitson the backend and does the breeding and transfers the animals among players. From a game developerperspective it’s great because the backend is taken care of except for the game logic we’re writing and theschema we’re defining. StackMob adds a ton of productivity.