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Band website tips


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Band website tips

  1. 1. Band/artist websites: Why are they important? What is needed for a good website?
  2. 2. Why is it important to have a website for a band or an artist? • It offers more publicity for the band or artist, meaning that they are more likely to get heard of. • Having a website allows there to be advertising on a bigger scale, meaning that there are multiple platforms advertising the band or artist. • The audience can access and view all of the band’s or artist’s work online. • A website allows the band or artist to sell their music and merchandise, giving fans access to more of their stuff. • Updates can be posted, for example, days counting down until a single is released, or tour dates being able to be viewed. News about the band or the artist can also be sometimes viewed on their websites.
  3. 3. • Contact information can usually also be found of websites for bands or artists, this means that they can get more in touch with their fans and other people. • Having a website means that the band/artist has control over what they are putting out. • It makes the band or artist look more professional. • It’s not always best to rely completely on social media, as a lot of it comes and goes. Therefore, with a website, it will always be there for the audience to access • SEO (search engine optimisation means that audiences only really look at the first 5 links when searching for something, therefore, an official would always come up at the top, meaning it easier to find than other things. • Member areas and forums can be made on these websites, allowing fans to be more interactive with one another and possibly with the band/artist. • The band/artist can create and image and a style for themselves. • Overall, one of the best things about having a website for a band or artist is that everything is in one place. This means that the audience doesn’t usually have to go searching on multiple platforms for what they want to find.
  4. 4. Tips for making a band website: 1. Be up to date and make sure that you are actively updating news 2. Do not be too text heavy. Make sure that for a homepage, it instantly grabs the audiences attention instead of surrounding them with tons of information that they probably don’t want to sit and read. (However, this is okay if you are doing a page about the artist or band). 3. Make sure that you develop a clear style and band identity, this should be consistent throughout whatever you create (including the album covers and the mise-en-scene of your music video). 4. The audience should be able to find everything easily, usually within 3 clicks. This means that the audience don’t get bored of trying to find something that they want to find, and therefore keeps them interacting.
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