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Brand Strategy


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Brand marketing and communication strategy for start up company DTS Creative.

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Brand Strategy

  1. 1. Marketing Strategy
  2. 2. Table of ContentsDTS Creative 3 Goals/ 3Market 3 3 3 Competitor 4 Target 4Strategy/ 4 Mobile 4 Website 4 Public 5 Social 5 5 6 6 6 Media 6Creative 7 Overarching 7 Key 7 Sub 7 DTS Creative 7 Word/Tag 7 Conceptual 9 Business 9 9 Email 9 Website 9Website 10 2
  3. 3. DTS CreativeDTS creative is a mobile marketing agency that designs, monitors and facilitatesmobile applications and their marketing strategy. Our team provides applicationsupport and a well rounded marketing mix to guarantee the successful reach of ourclients’ target audience. Unlike our competitors, DTS Creative can offer continuousmonetization of each clients personalized MyWORLD mobile application model.Through the use of mobile application development supported by website promotion,public relations and social media, DTS Creative will build a 360* platform to effectivelyreach the goals and objectives of each of our clients.MissionGoals/Objectives• Demonstrate DTS Creative as offering top-notch Web and Mobile services to high profile emerging artists, entertainers, and entrepreneurs in a way that they can understand and afford.• Communicate our ability to effectively facilitate creative engagement between brands and their consumers through the leverage of mobile applications, web based marketing, media outreach and social media.• Establish strategic partnerships with developers, record labels and entertainment industry professionals to refer web and mobile application development projects to us in exchange for high payoffs.• Increase overall awareness of DTS creative as a whole and its subsidiaries using strategic and congruent tactics which are leveraged with Public Relations, Social Media, Events and outreach programs.• Develop measurable metrics that can be translated from branding efforts to identified trends and ROI.Market AnalysisOverview (See Business plan)SWOT Strengths Weakness • Talented team • location is viral • Innovative idea • Internal synergy • Capital • Start - up Opportunities Threats • Ahead of the curve • Competitors • Innovation • Technology development • Resources • Changing Trends 3
  4. 4. Competitor Analysis (See Competitor Spread Sheet)Target MarketOur ideal customer is between the ages of 13 and 30 who enjoys social media videoand has a mobile phone that allows applications to be downloaded, such as the iPhone,Android or Blackberry. They may also have other portable gadgets such as an iPod.Customers are male and female and own or have access to a home computer, PC orMac. They have a wide range of disposable income. Some are teenagers living at home,others are college students or those who have joined the workforce in the last 5 years.We target two segments: mobile app users and organizations that want to reach them.In both of these segments, customers are computer and mobile phone savvy and enjoycreative experiences.Strategy & TacticsMobile ApplicationMyWORLD mobile will play a role as the keystone in the DTS Creative marketing mix fortheir clients. All other tactics will be devised and executed around the design andpurpose of each clients’ mobile application. In a case by case basis each clients’mobile application will have its own branding strategy. This will be conceptualized andstreamlined based off of the following components: • Goals for clients mobile application • Results desired to achieve • Established Media criteria • ROI marketing measurements • Application management requirementsWebsite promotion• Create leadership content that focuses on solving client problems and providing answers that demonstrate our companies abilities• Maintain understanding of audience and stay consistent with voice and relationships, making the goal of our website clear and congruent throughout all website components• Define organization structure in relation to the industry trends while exercising creative execution• Appeal to our audience by updating and developing interesting market topics to retain reader appeal• Forms of leadership content to be utilized on site as click throughs and viewership increases: • Email newsletters • Webinars • Wikis • Research and Survey Reports 4
  5. 5. • Relevant photos, images, graphs and charts. (to be developed by our own design team and placed strategically on site to legitimize claims and approaches) • Blogs (to foster opportunity that increases consumer engagement with the company, will include blogs entries from 2-3 employees with relevant information from their respective specialties and it’s relation to the industry of our audience) WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW - this also fits into the Social Media cocktail of our company• 3 phase launch plan • Phase 1 - Will include layout and structure included in Appendix 1 to be completed and launched December 1st, 2010. • Phase 2 - Creation of a Mobile website, release will depend on technical support abilities.   • Phase 3 - Third phase is being projected to be finished and launched some time in January/February, this phase will include an involved flash intro, which will need to be drawn out in story boards and will depend on our Flash capabilities at the time.Public RelationsPublic relations strategies will be mainly web based focused. The old ways of pitchingto media story ideas through press releases and media blasts must be incorporatedinto the new techniques of viral media engagement. Through the engagement ofbloggers, tweeters and non-conventional media outlets relationships will beestablished in various venues, in a variety of industries. Media engagement will comefull circle in developing a steady viral buzz about DTS Creative and position us as anindustry thought leader. General efforts must focus on larger audiences which can beobtained through blog commenting, instead of focusing on the “hub” of main streammedia. Or approach will be focused on the theory that the internet has provided ourindustry with a strongly informed and educated client. Prioritizing the abundanteducated “smaller fish” ahead of the fewer “larger fish” will eventually develop a strongbase following for our viral presence.The Social Media CocktailAll social media efforts will converge with the ultimate goal of customer engagement inthe levels of business to business and business to consumer tactics. Each outlet willplay a specified role and will compliment the efforts of the other. This will create asocial media cocktail which will also offer a basic infrastructure for the branding ofeach of our clients. These tactics will work in tandem to cultivate a community of ourtarget audience and a positive exchange of information. Following the rules of proper“cocktail party” etiquette we will foster a safe and positive atmosphere promotingadvancement and education in the industries and fields that spark interest to ourtarget audience. Twitter Twitter efforts will be business to business focused. This venue will be used to offer industry information and opinions which will build us as a strong industry voice. Twitter is a thought driven engine where personal opinion meets relevant news. This will be used as a vehicle to directly connect with businesses and their proprietors. Our DTS brand image will be visually displayed on point by 5
  6. 6. using appealing and relevant graphics to ultimately draw our followers to our website and spark an interest in engaging with us through a more intimate setting (email, becoming a client, etc). Ultimately DTS will be using Twitter as a marketing channel that engages us as an interactive member of our audiences online community. Direct tweets and compliments will be utilized to develop a professional network. Metrics will be measured in amount of followers and re- tweets we secure. Facebook Facebook efforts will be business to consumer focused. A DTS “Page” will be created and serve as a marketing tool to reach out to not only potential clients but consumers and purchasers of our clients’ mobile applications. The DTS “page” will be positioned as an informational source about what is going on in the company, new clients, press coverage gained etc. This will be a portal for people to stay in touch the company, developing content that consumers will want to see on their “newsfeed.” This approach is very different from twitter because we must be cautious to not create to much “noise” for our “likes.” On this page tabs will be developed to offer relevant data to our consumers, Tabs will include: • About (the company) • Photos (of events and client related events) • News/Updates • Wikipedia (page must also be created) • Application - include ability to download our mobile apps here • Discussion - Offers a forum for mobile app users to discuss, connect and revue our apps. Offers DTS an opportunity to listen to their audience at a raw un-facilitated level. Youtube To be revisited once company has expanded by 30%. Myspace To be revisited once rebranding of the myspace brand has taken it’s expected music focused turn according to recently (fall 2010) released news on industry sites.EventLaunch party to be planned and implemented at early stages of first few successfulclients. The goal is to pull DTS company buzz out of viral presence and begin toestablish face to face relationship contact displaying high caliber tangible componentsand facilitating an exciting interactive experience.Media MetricsAll progress will be charted weekly on Monday morning, using google analytics drilldown methods and monitoring Twitter followers, Facebook likes and email blastscounts. This will result in a monthly trend report and analysis. The increase rate isexpected to match the % growth of the company itself in the first 9 months, then tomildly decrease in growth while still maintaining an upwards curve for the first 2 years 6
  7. 7. after launch. Once DTS has reached maturity, the increase is expected to plateau andremain stagnant until innovative creative efforts are revisited and implemented.Creative BriefOverarching Theme: Flight/Space/TravelKey Message: “DTS Creative ignites innovation for businesses by piloting consumerfocused engagement, expanding a companies branding horizon.”Sub message: “Igniting Innovation”Logo One: Logo Two: 7
  8. 8. Word/Tag Cloud:Text: Lucida Grande pt. 11Concept Imagery: 8
  9. 9. CollateralBusiness cards, letterhead, email signatureCollateral Tag Line: “Pioneering the Mobile Agency”Collateral Copy: “DTS Creative ignites innovation by pilotingconsumer focused engagement and expanding companieshorizons with mobile marketing.” E-Mail Signature: Laura Fitzgerald Brand Manager 781.962.8963 DTS Creative | Pioneering the Mobile Agency by Igniting Innovation Copy“Vessels”Mobile ApplicationMyWORLD mobile will play a role as the keystone in the DTS Creative marketing mix fortheir clients. All other tactics are devised and executed around the design and purposeof your mobile application. In a case by case basis, your mobile application will haveits own branding strategy. This is conceptualized and streamlined based off of thefollowing components: • Goals for clients mobile application • Results desired to achieve • Established Media criteria • ROI marketing measurements • Application management requirementsWebsite promotionWebsites are the viral face of a company, first impressions are everything and DTSCreative can show you how to reach new heights in website development. With theweb being the trending main source of information, we help you to improve your SEO,information architecture, E-Commerce development and web analytics. DTS Creativecreates leadership content that focuses on solving client problems and giving themanswers to demonstrate your companies abilities. 9
  10. 10. Mobile MarketingMobile marketing strategies are web based focused. The old ways of pitching to mediastory ideas through press releases and media blasts are incorporated into the newtechniques of viral media engagement. DTS Creative will search out your “king buzzbuilder” to enhance awareness of your MyWORLD mobile application. Coverage issecured through the engagement of bloggers, tweeters and non-conventional mediaoutlets. Media engagement comes full circle, developing a steady viral buzz puttingyou 1st in the mobile application race.The Social Media CocktailSocial media is like a cocktail party, listen more than you speak, creatively spark theinterest of the attendees, know how to carry on conversations with a variety ofaudiences, and never offend. DTS Creative develops specialized guides in how tobecome the life of the party. Depending on your needs we create social mediacocktails to ensure you become the life of the party and eventually host your own.Tactical strategies include, but are not limited to services such as; Twitter, Facebook,Youtube, LinkdIn, Myspace, Wikipedia, Blogging and Vlogging. All of these offer abasic infrastructure for the branding of your MyWORLD mobile application, fostering asafe and positive atmosphere promoting your brand. 10
  11. 11. Results(First month only)Website Views 310 Unique Visitors 157 Click Through 70% External links 21 Out Bound 46Social Media Facebook “Likes” 120 Twitter Followers 65Impressions Blog Mentions 3 Print Media 0 Thought leader 3 EngagementTrade Show Attended 3 Presented 0 11