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Get More Out of Gravity Forms


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Newly updated 10/26/2015! Trying to decide to buy or already have it, but only using it for simple forms? Find out what else Gravity Forms can do for you.

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Get More Out of Gravity Forms

  1. 1. Get More From Gravity Forms Why Gravity Forms Might be the Right Choice & How to Get More Out of It If You Already Own It
  2. 2. Laura Hartwig • WordPress Developer for MarkNet Group • NOT affiliated with GF • • This presentation can be found: –
  3. 3. Easy to Use 1. Simple Forms in 5 minutes 2. Many Form Field Options 3. Easy Notifications Easy to Style 1. Ready CSS Classes 2. Create Your own CSS Easy to Increase functionality 1. Add-ons 2. Third Party Plugins Other Form Options Contact Form 7 & Ninja Forms
  4. 4. Gravity Forms
  5. 5. Gravity Forms
  6. 6. Getting Started Purchase it & download zip file Since Gravity Forms is a paid plugin, you are going to need to purchase it from You cannot simply search for it in the Add Plugins area. Install it by going to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
  7. 7. Easy to Use – Live Demonstration Or for you viewers at home:
  8. 8. Easy to Add Gravity Forms can also be displayed by a function call in a custom page template.
  9. 9. Form Field Options 1. Multiple Page Forms 2. Allow Users to Submit Articles 3. Set up a Simple Shopping Cart Find more details about all the form fields here:
  10. 10. Standard Fields There are also options for hidden fields, HTML fields, section breaks, and page breaks for multi-page forms
  11. 11. Passwords & Input Masks Progress Bar
  12. 12. Advanced Fields
  13. 13. Post Fields
  14. 14. Post Custom Field
  15. 15. Pricing Fields
  16. 16. Calculations For viewers at home here’s a Video that explains how it works :
  17. 17. Conditional Logic This allows some parts of the form to show up only if a user responds a certain way to previous questions. See how it works here:
  18. 18. Form Properties –Live Demo or
  19. 19. Notifications -Send to anyone -HTML emails -Customize email with data used in form
  20. 20. Autoresponders You can include a link to the PDF file mentioned, but there is also a plugin that will allow you to include an actual attachment with your notification. If you don’t want to install another plugin to include attachments, simply add the code you find here to your functions.php file:
  21. 21. Easy to Style
  22. 22. CSS Ready Classes Gravity Forms comes with Ready CSS classes ready to go. Just add them under the appearance tab to style your form.
  23. 23. A full list of CSS Ready Classes for Gravity Forms can be found here:
  24. 24. Your Own Custom CSS class names & unique ID’s
  25. 25. /* Gravity Forms ------------------------------------------------------------ */ div.gform_wrapper input, div.gform_wrapper select, div.gform_wrapper textarea { background-color: #f5f5f5; border: 1px solid #ddd; } div.gform_footer input.button { color: #fff; } div.gform_wrapper .ginput_complex label { font-size: 12px; } div.gform_wrapper li, div.gform_wrapper form li { margin: 0 0 10px; }
  26. 26. The functionality of hiding your field labels can be added with a plugin or by adding this little bit of code to your functions.php file: //* Add placeholder text for Gravity Forms add_filter( 'gform_enable_field_label_visibility_settings', '__return_true' ); Placeholders
  27. 27. So,insteadofthis:This:
  28. 28. Other Functionalities
  29. 29. Exporting Entries
  30. 30. When you click the export file, it will download a CSV file, but this can easily be opened as an Excel spreadsheet. See my tutorial for step by step instructions.
  31. 31. Moving forms to another site 1. From that Import/Export screen, simply click on the “Export Forms” button. Select the form you want to export and it will download an XML file to your computer. 2. Then go to the new site and click on the link at the top that says “Import Forms”. You can then upload that XML file.
  32. 32. Integration Add-ons Zapier includes integrations with: Google Docs Salesforce Hubspot Trello, etc (28 options)
  33. 33. Note – not all add-ons come with all package levels. Find out which are included here:
  34. 34. User Registration Add-on BuddyPress & Paypal integration
  35. 35. Signature Capture - capture signatures - touchscreen device support. See it in action here: However, not legally binding. If you want a signature that will stand up in court, you will need to purchase the business license for the add-on for $197
  36. 36. With Gravity Forms Third Party Plugins, you can add even more functionality to your forms. Here are a few of my favorite:
  37. 37. Read more about it here: Directory Listing Allows you to show form entries as a directory
  38. 38. Security – Encryption of Database Gravitate Encryption Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins menu, activate it, and then go to Settings > Gravitate Encryption to configure it. The settings will look like this: Use that “Auto Create Key” button to have a key emailed to you.
  39. 39. Warning: Be sure to keep that key or you will not be able to decipher your entries! On that same page, you will see a button to run a test to see if the encryption is working. Before you put in your key, you will see that everything is readable, like this: Once you put in your encryption key, you will get something like this so you will know the encryption is working. Plain Text: Here’s My Phone Number (123) 123-1234 Encrypted Text: enx2:2HJ4Ar4vvgc816OKj2Uzhwg… Decrypted Text: Here’s My Phone Number (123) 123-1234 Read more about this here:
  40. 40. The Other Options
  41. 41. Other Options: Contact Form 7
  42. 42. Contact Form 7 –Front End -No widgets are created for adding forms to sidebars or widget areas. -This form set up automatically when you install plugin. -Email notification set up automatically and customizable. -No where to see all entries. They are only email to you.
  43. 43. Other Options: Ninja Forms -This form set up automatically when you install plugin. -Email notification set up automatically and customizable. -Can see all submissions in the backend. -This seems to be very similar to Gravity Forms, except many of the options come as paid add- ons.
  44. 44. Ninja Forms –Front End -Widgets for adding forms to sidebars or widget areas. Also gives shortcode, icon in visual editor and php code for easy insertion anywhere -Basic plugin is free but must pay for add-ons to make it similar to Gravity Forms.
  45. 45. Ninja Forms Add-ons
  46. 46. So these types of add-ons cost extra with Ninja forms but come included with the $39 version of Gravity Forms: • Conditional Logic $39 (one site) • Multi-part Forms $39 (one site) • File Uploads $39 (one site) Other add-ons that are similar to what is offered in the higher level of Gravity Forms are also extra. The Cost: Ninja Forms Add-ons
  47. 47. Free Autoresponder Attachmentstoresponders Widget&Visualeditoricon Multi-pageforms Simpleshoppingcart BasicAdd-ons Contact Form 7 x x no no no no no Ninja Forms x x paid x paid x paid Gravity Forms x Free plugin x x x x
  48. 48. Questions?
  49. 49. Thank You • This presentation can be found: – • Learn more on my personal website: – • More resources: – (support when you purchase GF) – • Contact Me at