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Question 2 media presentation


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Question 2 media presentation

  1. 1. Question 2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. My poster
  3. 3. My magazinefront cover
  4. 4. Links between My film poster and Film trailer screenshots At the beginning of my film trailer, we have a long birds eye view shot of Ella scrubbing the floor. As Cinderella is a well known fairy tale involving a ‘glass slipper’ my audience will hopefully make a connection between the scenes of Ella scrubbing the floor as Cinderella does and the shoe on the front of my poster.This image shows the contrast between Ella when she is living with herauntie, and when she falls in love and begins to really ‘live.’ Although beforewatching the film the audience would not know this, the glamorous shoe onthe film poster suggests that some form of glamour (her boyfriend) will enterher life and change it for the better. These enigmas will hopefully entice theaudience to watch the film.
  5. 5. Links between My film magazine front cover and Film trailer screenshots When comparing this shot and the magazine front cover we can see that the girl in the screenshot is unrecognizable on the front cover. This is because I want the audience to feel they are being given a sneak peek into the actresses life, which is why I have used the words ‘exclusively reveals her secret’ to show this.
  6. 6. Links between my film trailer, iconography and typography The fact that in my film trailer we see the boy and girl bumping into each other raises the enigmas that they may be about to fall in love, especially as this long two- shot pan shows them bumping into each other when they least expect it, followed by a shot-reverse-shot of the couple close-up, to emphasize their instant attraction to each other. This links to the background image of love hearts in my film trailer titles which omits the clue of the romantic genre, whilst the love hearts and swirly writing on the poster also supports these things. I believe the fact that everything links together will benefit the audience as they can clearly identify the genre as well as some of the plot by looking at the iconography and typography before even being played the film trailer and having the aid of sound, dialogue and video.
  7. 7. Links between fonts As my film is a teenage, girly romance, I decided to conform to conventions such as flouncy font, which can give the impression of a girl scribbling about her lover in her diary etc. Therefore, as well as using italic ‘handwritten’ font in my film trailer titles, I also used the same style of font on my film poster and magazine front cover. I believe by doing this I have created a clear link between all three of my products as they are all similar, while clearly displaying the genre to my target audience. The addition of small love hearts on my text on the film poster links to the wording of the film trailer titles, ‘experience the magic of love,’ therefore both products clearly show my genre and the plot of the film.
  8. 8. Links between colours As you can see, there is an obvious colour scheme within all three of my products, consisting of pink, red and purple. All of these colours contain connotations of love, romance and lust. The pink is more of a flirty, romantic colour which reflects the genre of a teen romance as well as the innocence of the protagonist which is why I believe it worked well on my film poster, as well as being the main font colour of my titles. However, the deep shades of pink-red I used on my magazine front cover represents more of love and passion, which is why I have used it to represent the actress, to show that maybe she is more mature than her character while still linking to the iconography and genre of the film.