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Openly Networked Connected Spaces


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A brief ignite-style introduction to openly networked connected spaces - specifically, how the three concepts intersect in terms of learning design and educational contexts; part of a conference presentation for the AACU General Education and Assessment Meeting in New Orleans, February 17-20, 2016

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Openly Networked Connected Spaces

  1. 1. Autumm Caines - Capital University Laura Gogia & Valerie Holton - Virginia Commonwealth University Jim Luke - Lansing Community College Learning in Openly Networked Connected Spaces Photo Credit: Flickr User Feggy Art
  2. 2. High Impact Practices
  3. 3. Inclusive.
  4. 4. Experiential.
  5. 5. Integrative. Photo Credit: Flickr User Laura Gogia
  6. 6. Digitally Networked Culture Photo Credit: Flickr User Mickey G Ottowa worked-learning-as-experiential-learning
  7. 7. Connect. Photo credit: Flickr User Kris Krug
  8. 8. Curate. Photo Credit: Flickr User Emily Orpin
  9. 9. Photo Credit: Flickr user Jon Nicholls Create.
  10. 10. Harness the Digital Flow. Photo Credit: Flickr User Brad Hagan
  11. 11. Photo Credit:
  12. 12. Openly networked connected learning spaces Photo Credit: Flickr User Poppet with a Camera
  13. 13. Photo Credit: Flickr User InCase
  14. 14. Open. Photo Credit: Flickr User Tanakawho Opening the borders between classrooms & the world.
  15. 15. Open. Photo Credit: Education that is transparent, inclusive, & collaborative.
  16. 16. Networked. Photo Credit: Flickr User Catherine Cronin Learning to navigate distributed spaces together.
  17. 17. Networked. Photo Credit: Flickr User Ion-Bogdon Dumitrescu Education that cultivates digital learning communities - in intentional ways.
  18. 18. Connected. Photo Credit: Flickr User Sorokti Education that bridges the formal/informal learning divide to promote interest- driven learning.
  19. 19. Connected. Photo Credit: Flickr User Thomas Stegelmann Learning that invites students to develop strong, holistic learning identities.
  20. 20. Photo Credit: Flickr User Nadya Peek Open, Networked, & Connected These concepts can be combined
  21. 21. Mixed & matched to suit different educational contexts & goals. Photo Credit: Flickr User Sara Marlowe
  22. 22. We come from different institutional contexts. Community College - Small Private Liberal Arts University - Large Public Research University - Undergraduate - Graduate - General Education - Discipline Based - Faculty Development
  23. 23. We offer different experiences. Photo Credits: www.; Camaal Moten; William Murphey Connected. Networked. Open.
  24. 24. Econproph [open] open content, courses, voices
  25. 25. Openly Networked Faculty Reading Group Photo Credit: #tomereaders Esra Malkoc CC-BY derivative of Tomb Raider 2013 | Simplified by Flickr User Joshua Ezzell CC-BY
  26. 26. Photo Credit: Flickr User Interested Bystandr
  27. 27. To create powerfully engaging,
  28. 28. powerfully creative
  29. 29. powerfully integrative
  30. 30. learning experiences for students, faculty, & community members.
  31. 31. STUDIO 1 & 2 Digital Approaches to Access, Engagement, & Scholarship: Learning in Openly Networked Connected Spaces