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In search of connected learning: Exploring the pedagogy of the open web


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Keynote address for the eLearning@Ed: Making Connections conference at University of Edinburgh, Scotland, on May 6, 2016

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In search of connected learning: Exploring the pedagogy of the open web

  1. 1. In search of connected learning: Exploring the pedagogy of the open web eLearning@Ed 2016 Laura Gogia, MD, PhD @googleguacamole - Virginia Commonwealth University U.S.A.Photo by NASA (CC BY 2.0)
  2. 2. @googleguacamole #elearningedPhoto by Laura Gogia (CC BY 2.0)
  3. 3. Photo by
  4. 4. @googleguacamole #elearninged
  5. 5. @googleguacamole #elearninged Connected Learning Inclusive Experiential Participatory Authentic Ito, M., et al. (2013). Connected learning: An agenda for research and design. Digital Media and Learning Research Hub.
  6. 6. Photo by NASA (CC BY 2.0) @googleguacamole #elearninged Connected Learning is progressive education for a networked world.
  7. 7. Photo by Mickey G Ottowa (CC BY 2.0) Digital Participatory Culture Interactive Creative Sharing/contributing Informal mentoring Jenkins, H. et al. (2009). Confronting the challenges of participatory culture: Media education for the 21st century. MIT Press. @googleguacamole #elearninged
  8. 8. @googleguacamole #elearninged DigitalWorkflow FILTER / AGGREGATE CRITIQUE REMIX AMPLIFY Siemens, G. (2005). Connectivism: A learning theory for the digital age.
  9. 9. Photo by Abd Allah Foteih (CC BY 2.0) @googleguacamole #elearninged What might connected learning look like in higher education?
  10. 10. @googleguacamole #elearninged Learning experiences that draw from web structure & culture to (potentially) support connected learning & student agency, engagement, & success. Photo by NASA (CC BY 2.0) Openly Networked Connected Learning
  11. 11. @googleguacamole #elearninged
  12. 12. @googleguacamole #elearninged RamPages
  13. 13. To date, RamPages is 16,000 websites large and still growing. @googleguacamole #elearninged
  14. 14. Connected Courses Openly networked digital spaces Networked participatory activities Authentic learning products @googleguacamole #NLC2016
  15. 15. INDIVIDUALSTUDENTBLOGS COURSE WEBSITE @googleguacamole #elearninged Openly Networked Course Structure Publicly Visible
  16. 16. SAMPLE Student Blog
  17. 17. SAMPLE Course Bloggregate
  18. 18. Photo by IsaacVigniole (CC BY 2.0) Openly Networked supports student agency & discovery @googleguacamole #elearninged
  19. 19. DIGITAL COMPOSITION COLLABORATION CROWDSOURCING Reflective Content/Topic Driven Multimodal Commenting Receiving Feedback COURSEWEBSITE RSS Feeds Hyperlinks Networked Participation
  20. 20.
  21. 21. @googleguacamole #elearninged
  22. 22. Photo by Brian Palmer (
  24. 24. @googleguacamole #elearninged
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Multimodal Composition for digital fluency & multiple perspectives @googleguacamole #elearningedPhoto by Corry, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
  27. 27. Inspiration: DS106 (, University of Mary Washington Purpose: (1) Students process abstract course concepts. (2) Enhance digital fluency. Sample: Find or make an image/video/recording to represent what “community” means to you. Action: Embed & briefly explain your creative choice in a blog post. Posts are aggregated on the course website to inspire discussion. #CuriousCoLab Creative Makes Barnraising, Wikipedia (Public Domain)
  28. 28. Final Projects @googleguacamole #elearninged
  29. 29. Photo by Cynthia del Rio(CC BY 2.0) @googleguacamole #elearninged Research
  30. 30. Connected Learning requires @googleguacamole #elearninged the recognition and creation of connections with people and across concepts, contexts, and time.
  31. 31. Can we capture connected learning through student digital annotation? @googleguacamole #elearninged
  32. 32. Student Instructor Teaching Assistant Open Participant Other Participant @googleguacamole #elearninged
  33. 33. @googleguacamole #elearninged
  34. 34. BLOG POST HYPERLINKS Additional Resources Traditional Citations Embedded Definitions/Examples PersonalizedTimeline of Learning ContextualizeWork (for Audience?) @googleguacamole #elearninged
  35. 35. 1. For more info, 2. check out: 3. NYTimes article 4. CNN article 5. Local news article STUDENT BLOG TEXT 1. 2. 3. Additional resource 4. Additional resource 5. Additional resource THEMATIC ANALYSIS @googleguacamole #elearninged
  36. 36. 1. Smith (2010) 2. states that verbal 3. and nonverbal 4. communication can 5. impact… STUDENT BLOG TEXT 1. Traditional citation 2. 3. Embedded description 4. 5. THEMATIC ANALYSIS @googleguacamole #elearninged
  37. 37. 1. As part of this course, 2. I have created a 3. framework and 4. design structure for… STUDENT BLOG TEXT 1. Audience (?) context 2. 3. Personal timeline 4. Personal timeline THEMATIC ANALYSIS @googleguacamole #elearninged
  38. 38. AESTHETIC ILLUSTRATION EXTENSION @googleguacamole #elearninged Role of Images in Blog Posts
  39. 39. Students tweeted with hyperlinks to contribute or promote items.. @googleguacamole #elearningedPhoto by Barn Images (CC BY 2.0)
  40. 40. Interesting article about student loans #course @Student might find this on financial aid interesting #course HYPERLINKS AS CONTRIBUTION @googleguacamole #elearninged just confirms what was said by the speaker last week #course
  41. 41. My post on social network analysis #course I blogged on social network analysis as #dataviz for #connectedlearning #course HYPERLINKS AS PROMOTION @googleguacamole #elearninged
  42. 42. Conclusions: Digital Annotations Nuanced areas for research & discussion Students seldom mentioned peer efforts Lack of targeted contribution Lack of source identification for images Hashtags! Course design & instructor behavior matters
  43. 43. @googleguacamole #elearninged -VCU Undergraduate Student
  44. 44. @googleguacamole #elearningedPhoto by Laura Gogia (CC BY 2.0)
  45. 45. Thank You. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES CONTACT INFORMATION Laura Gogia, MD, PhD @googleguacamole