PIcture Perfect. Presentation for MOREnet conference #2013M3 Oct 14, 2013


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Presentation for MOREnet conference on Oct 14, 2013.

*Be a CREATOR and Storyteller. Take, edit, and share YOUR pictures and stories!*

My kickoff: 1. WE have the tools and social networks to CREATE and connect/share our stories with others. 2. Our brains are set up largely to process visuals over text.

So, why are we as educators largely consumers of media and why do we still rely mainly on text in education?

Time to SHIFT.

SHIFT to visual thinking and sharing of our stories. We can spread the POSITIVE stories in education and help other educators and kids.

Before educators can encourage kids to do the same, it's best if they have DONE it themselves!

Our focus was educator learning, doing, creating, and sharing.

Our goal was to take pictures, edit them with different apps, and then share them to a group page on my Flickr account--via my Flickr email. Every person on Flickr gets an email address to use for emailing pictures.

Many educators in the session had not edited pictures and said they rarely took pictures and told the stories of their edu-journeys with kids!

By the end of the session, we enjoyed seeing the pictures of our conference PHOTWALK pop up on my Flickr page. One person used WordFoto and many of us liked it so much, we bought it, too. :)

I showed my blog, Instagram, Twitter media stream, and Flickr account to show examples of the power of telling stories.

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PIcture Perfect. Presentation for MOREnet conference #2013M3 Oct 14, 2013

  1. 1. MoreNet 2013 #2013M3 Picture Perfect. #EdcampKC coming up Nov 9 Start taking pictures, documenting your world, editing, and then TELLING YOUR EDUSTORY!
  2. 2. WELCOME!! Happy we’re at #2013M3 together! A little about me!! Laura Gilchrist 6th grade Science and Social Studies Educator, 19th year **Connected educator since Nov 29, 2011! My husband and I have 17 and 19 year old daughters and a PUG and CHIHUAHUA! Passions: Nature, Birding, Photography, Bringing people together in learning and fun to create opportunities for kids! Voted best storyteller by my kids last year.  My focus this year Is visual storytelling and TELLING THE STORY OF MY students and our LEARNING and ADVENTURES!
  3. 3. Our goal and agenda! Agenda: 1.9:30-10:20 My story, our story and why tell visual stories as educators? 2. 10:20-10:45 PhotoWalk! 3. 10:45-11:20 EDIT your photos And EMAIL to my Flickr email address— to our big group photo album/story. Extend: SHARE your story of today in pictures on Twitter, IG, Blog, #2013M3
  4. 4. 1.YOU AS CREATOR: CREATE vs. Consume cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo by Laihiu 2 Shifts w/tech in all hands: 2. Think and Share visually.
  5. 5. Talk time!! 1.ON WHAT SOCIAL NETWORKS DO YOU SHARE Your learning or eduStories? 2. WHY ARE Pictures/Videos SO EFFECTIVE IN COMMUNICATING MEANING? Look at these pictures for insight : Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were
  6. 6. TALK Time!! 3. DO YOU BLOG? Why or why not? Who Could benefit from YOU SHARING your edu-world? 4. How often do you TAKE PICTURES IN YOUR CLASSROOM or use pictures for Instruction? 5. Are there more negative stories in Education or positive stories? Can we help change that?
  7. 7. Become a Creator of Visual media… Tell your stories Learn out loud Then guide your kids to do the same! Created by Dr. Ken Corum using the PHONTO App—free! ~80% of your brain is set up to process visual information THINK in terms of pictures/videos FIRST to tell stories. It’s a shift.
  8. 8. 3 ll . a e ive Schools = text k vo nit e It’s a big shift. l y C og k ic n d qu l, a d a a n i or ily av s ea Beh s re nal, u ct tio Pi o Em om d s in a : cc licensed ( BY ) Flickr photo by zeevveez: SHIFT: Think in visuals first. Pictures naturally guide us toward big IDEAS
  9. 9. T g. o Bl cc licensed ( BY ) Flickr photo by zeevveez: t ee w . kr ic Fl . m ra ag st In s. ie or st r ou y Don’t be shy. Reach out and share your stories with others!
  10. 10. Places to share, connect, and plant positive Views on EDU-Goodness! Visual sharing on all. TWITTER: @LAURAGILCHRIST4 INSTAGRAM: @LAURAGILCHRIST4 FLICKR: LAURAGILCHRIST4 FACEBOOK: GILCHRISTLAURA BLOG: http://lauragilchrist.blogspot.com
  11. 11. Maker Spaces SHIFT: Ts and Ss as CREATORS, not consumers! vs CONSUME Coffee art by Maleny_Steve CREATE Cc licensed (BY NC) flickr photo by gilchristlaura
  12. 12. Maker Spaces vs CONSUME “Let your Power Shine” by GilchristLaura CREATE “Hendrix Poster” by lajon
  13. 13. A New world of Visual Stories in my BLOG—I’m STORYTELLING EDUCATION! Any event is a chance to tell a story---visual is best! Rachel’s Challenge post Look at my first blogpost!! LOL Think outside the box Blogpost Power of 2 videos and 1 picture to Tell the story of the lesson!! Power of PICTURES and some words To tell the story of their emotional Reaction to Rachel’s Challenge Posters—create vs consum No more posters at the teacher store. The kids splashing our walls with THEM and THEIR CREATIVITY!
  14. 14. Instagram—share stories! Photos, videos, & hashtags My Instagram Storyline: http://instagram.com/lauragilchrist4 --Videos are 15 seconds --Picture editor built in --I usually take pics, edit them first in Snapseed and THEN Instagram them! --Examples of sharing school learning with school hashtag; and conference events with #!! (This picture was edited with ToonCamera app!)
  15. 15. Twitter—share stories! Photos, videos, & hashtags My Tweetstream Storyline: https://twitter.com/LauraGilchrist4/media https://twitter.com/LauraGilchrist4 --Picture editor built into Twitter --I sometimes edit in Twitter and Post pics OR I take pics, edit them first in Snapseed or Other app and THEN Tweet them! (I tweeted this picture out. See my media Timeline!) Redbud Repose
  16. 16. Flickr—My #1 Visual Tool! Store, Edit, Share, Community My Flickr Photostream! EdcampKC Flickr Set 2012—made by only ME #2013M3 Flickr Set – WE will make this together! What we’re doing at EdcampKC 2013 w/Flickr! My Starter Flickr Blogpost
  17. 17. FLICKR.com 1 1 TB Storage—FREE 200 MB/picture; 3 minutes/video 2 Copyright your pictures or use any of the 6 Creative Commons 3 Edit, Add Text, Store, Create products cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by LEOL30: http://flickr.com/photos/lwr/32063556/ 4 Share pictures many ways, places Your Flickr email address gives you group photo-storytelling opportunities. 5 Follow educators on Flickr and learn VISUALLY WITH THEM! (Check out who I follow, you may recognize some educators!) http://www.flickr.com/groups/858082@N25/pool/
  18. 18. Your Flickr EMAIL!! Have kids, colleagues email you pictures from event! . Keep them all in one place. Edit them once they’re in! How to find your Flickr email: Hover over your picture in upper right, click on Settings, and click on Emails and Notifications. Cool thing: You can CHANGE your Flickr email. If you give a group your email or tweet out the email, no worries about people having YOUR Flickr email address and photo-bombing you so to speak. :) You can change it whenever you want. cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by LEOL30 :http://flickr.com/photos/lwr/32063556/
  19. 19. 4 things we’ll DO to become visual creators and sharers! 1 PhotoWalk—Pictures 2 Wikipedia: Photowalking Ken Shelton's PhotoWalk Flickr Set Edit pictures—for story/effect Crop, add effects, blur tool, fix poor lighting! 3 Email to group Flickr set! Instagram Photo vai @nashworld Share FLICKR highlights and CREATIVE COMMONS settings! 4 Learn out loud: Tweet, Instagram, blog, or Flickr your visual learning
  20. 20. PHOTOWALK: TAKE PICTURES TOGETHER! Take pictures of anything around you that catches your eye. It can be lines, angles, people, food!!! Anything that captures a slice of this conference! You could go out with a theme in mind. Let’s go out and observe with an artist’s eye and see the world BE BACK HERE IN 25 minutes. Begin editing photos. Add text. Make collages. SEND IT TO MY FLICKR EMAIL with your title andyour name
  21. 21. Photo Editing Apps I use to EDIT PICTURES! Search your app/play store *Snapseed —I use this the most for editing quickly, nicely *FLICKR---STORAGE, EDITING, and SHARING; Creative Commons Searching *ToonCamera --cool! *WordFoto --cool! *Phonto --TEXT *InStatus--TEXT *PicCollage PicStitch Diptic Use #2013M3 hashtag Online and Free: www.Picmonkey.com (not on iPads)
  22. 22. CREATIVE COMMONS SEARCHING http://search.creativecommons.org/ I use this to find Music to use in my iMovie creations I use it to find Pictures and much more. Check it out. Takes you to CC searching on my websites, including FLICKR. Flickr gives you attribution text/links for all pictures and videos. SO EASY! FLICKR: Find CC pics!! Decide on your CC settings in Flickr: Go to Settings, Privacy, Permissions •My creative commons settings are: Attribution, Non-commercial, Share-alike You can select All Rights Reserved
  23. 23. How students can use visuals • • • • Visual Prompts instead of written ones 5 picture stories on Flickr VISUAL IDEAS FOR THE CLASSROOM!!! Ways to use pictures. Wes Fryer VISUAL WRITING PROMPTS to use/inspiration! Luke Neff Give kids a theme, like Erosion or water cycle. Kids take pictures. Create visual presentation or contribute to group photoset in Flickr. Great example of a photo-story! TELL YOUR STORIES educators! Alan Levine You will make a difference In education and in the lives of your readers and kids.
  24. 24. Share your stories. See our group Flickr Set! Laura Gilchrist Educator of 6th graders in the realms of science, social studies and life. 