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  1. 1. PLN…(Personal Learning Network)
  2. 2. It is the networkaround you inwhich you learnfrom and helpsyou growpersonally andprofessionally
  3. 3. People learndifferently,so everyonesis different
  4. 4. Before the internet it includedface to face communicationfamily, friends, workcolleagues, library, etc.
  5. 5. Now, thanks tothe internet,you cancommunicateand learn fromway morepeopleinstantaneously!
  6. 6. In todays society itcan involve…
  7. 7. Social networking sites likeFacebook.Different from faceto face mentionedbefore as yourthoughts can reachmore people atanytime through theinternet!
  8. 8. Twitter or blogs where you canconnect with and learn ideasfrom what professionalsyou choose tofollow haveto say
  9. 9. Pinterest whereyou can searchthrough otherpeoples photos toresearch a housedesign you like ormaybe find ideason how to decorateyour classroom.Theopportunitiesareendless!
  10. 10. Youtube which is a fun andeasy way to find outabout any topic youwant to learn
  11. 11. And so much more…