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  • Operation Noah’s Ark is a not-for-profit 501 (C) (3) organization serving individuals and families who are unable to pay for funeral or other bereavement services after the death of a loved one.It was founded on July23, 2001 by Laura E. Bacon and is the only such program of its kind. It is available to all persons in need, without regard to race, religion, creed, or minority status. Most revenue is collected through small donations from the internet, grants from private foundations and hopefully federal and state grants in the future. Some assets used for the bereaved include discounted products and services from funeral, flower and travel industries and online bereavement counseling.
  • Laura E Bacon – Founder and Chief Executive Officer She has been a visionary that is drawing attention to a previously unrecognized need in our society. – the millions of families today who lose loved ones and are unable to pay for minimal funeral, cremation, or burial services. Her intention for launching this unique charity is to help them. She is a High School graduate who has attended college but never graduated. She has associated with the poor and misguided during some periods of her life and knows firsthand how difficult financially and socially some families find themselves and how poorly prepared they are for exigencies.
  • Certifications:• Missouri Certified Emergency Manager (MoCEM)• CPR/AED Healthcare Provider•FEMA Professional Development Series•FEMA Advanced Professional Development Series• Introduction to the Incident Command System (IS 100)• ICS for Single Resource and Initial Action Incidents (IS 200)• ICS Intermediate for Expanding Incidents (IS-300)• ICS Advanced Incident Command (IS-400)• National Incident Management System (IS-700)• National Response Framework, An Introduction (IS 800.b)• National Incident Management System Resource Management (IS-701)• National Incident Management System Public Information Systems (IS 702)• Hazardous Materials Awareness Level - Missouri Division of Fire Safety• Hazardous Materials Operations Level - Missouri Division of Fire Safety• 16 Hour Air Monitoring Course – Environmental Protection Agency• Orientation, Prevention, and Deterrence – Franklin County Homeland Security Response Team• Outdoor Search and Rescue-MUFRTI• Fighting Chimney and Flue Fires-MUFRTI• Automotive Technology and Incident Safety-MUFRTIPage1• Introduction to SNS and Mass Prophylaxis-Texas Engineering Extension Service• Basic EMS Concepts for WMD Incidents- Texas Engineering Extension Service• Emergency Management Concerns for the First Responder in Terrorism and Disasters- TexasEngineering Extension Service• NEW WMD Incident Management/Unified Command Concept- Texas Engineering ExtensionService• All-Hazards Emergency Management-International Disaster/Fire Training Institute, Inc.•Plus many moreMaster’s Degree Level Coursework• Introduction to Emergency Management• Research Methods in Emergency Management• Disaster Response• Hazard Mitigation• Disaster Recovery• Disaster Preparedness• Military Role in Disaster Relief• Capstone in Emergency Management• Business Crisis Management• Biosecurity and Bioterrorism
  • Crisis Briefing and Debriefing for CISMHomeland Security ITC InstructorWMD General InstructorHomeland Security TERT Technical Emergency Response Team (Hot)-HazmatIncident Command System, ICS_100, ICS-200, ICS-300, ICS400, ICS-402 ICS700, & ICS-800Instructor for NCEMDamage Assessment/Instructor for Emergency Management/FEMAHurricane Planning & PreparednessManaging Volunteers108 Mass Care ManagementIncident Command Team ManagementIntro to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) NC Center of Public Health PreparednessChemical Terrorism Intro & Classification/Chemical Weapons/NC Public HealthIntro to Bioterrorists Agents/NC Public Health PreparednessCrisis Leadership/NC Public Health PreparednessCrisis Communication/John Hopkins School of Public HealthStrategies for Prevention of Bombings Injuries/John Hopkins SchoolWater Contamination Events: Lessons Learned from KatrinaAFES Volunteer for the American Red Cross in Eastern North Carolina region.CPR both community and workplace and also professional cpr instructor.Disaster Training Coordinator for OFRBTrauma and PTSD CounslerChristian Counselor/Crisis Debriefed/Disaster & CPR InstructorUnited States Corps of Chaplains, City/State (1/2005 - 2009)Volunteer (Deputy Commander/ retiredNational Commander of Emergency Response Chaplains Corps/ Rank/ General
  • SkillsInsurance agentPublic SpeakingCounselingPreachingDirect Sales
  • Shaun Douglas was one of the O.N.A. memorials and tributes.O.N.A. did in April of 2011 Shaun is now in Urn Number (URNMEX#086) that was a product donation from UrnaMex.com.  Friends and family in the Ventura County, CA area we're deeply sadden by his sudden accidental death in which was an overdose.
  • Sgtwilliam Knapp was a honoured Purple heart veteran who had served in 2 wars as a Sgt in Command P
  • Operation noah's ark 2012 power point

    1. 1. Disaster Relief Internal Command OperationsOPERATION NOAHS ARK
    2. 2. Donated to O.N.A 200 cremation casketsUSA Import Export world-wide distributors ACE CASKETS LTD. www.acecaskets.com ACE CASKETS LTD.
    3. 3. Mission Statement To provide burial, bereavement relief, memorial services, and discounted funeral related products to the low-income and victims of disaster relief. Some of the assets used for the bereaved include donated or discounted products and services for funeral, flowers, airline travel industries, and an on-line bereavement counseling center. (self help groups)
    4. 4. O.N.A Objectives As the there is always disasters and poverty in the world we must strive to meet funding provisions of these products and services. To employ and train certified officials of disaster relief to work with the charities mission and purpose on an International disaster response. Having a operation that is responsible to aide in disaster relief 1st responders that can work in a time restricted environment.
    5. 5. Disaster Relief Response Disasters can result to mass casualties. Disaster preparedness includes burial, cremation and other bereavement services for mass casualties. Operation Noahs Ark, through its global links with the funeral industry, is poised to offer caskets and urns and other services to casualties resulting from disasters.
    6. 6. Operation Noahs Ark Funding Is a charitable "Class" third sector Organization that depends on public support. 100% tax deductible cash donations from individuals. Private and public foundations, fortune 500 corporations and federal FEMA and state grants. Product donations from the funeral, flower, and Airline Industries Section 5o1(c)3 www.ona2001.org
    7. 7. Co-FounderOperation Noah’s Ark Organization Visionary and Chaplain Laura Bacon – ONA- Incident Commander
    8. 8. Dr. Jason Campbell MS,MoCEM O.N.A. VP-Logistics Chief
    9. 9. ONA-Senior Chaplain John D. Butler Emergency Response Chaplains CorpsCo-Founder of E.R.C.C E.R.C.C Commander General www.liferealm.org
    10. 10. Chaplain Bobby Myles Secretary Operation Noah’s Ark Charitable Organization ONA-Secretary  Military tributes and memorials  Funeral advisor and arranger  Chaplain Disaster Relief  Funeral Networking Advocate  Bereavement Relief facilitator WEST COAST REGION SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA bobby@ona2001.org
    11. 11. Kelsey Lindstrom (PIO)Operation Noah’s Ark Public Information Officer Media (ICS) Disaster Response Team klindstrom@ona2001.org
    12. 12. www.UrnaMex.com Product Donor of the Year
    13. 13. World-wide Product DistributorsUnited States of America Turkey, France,& Argentina Operation Noah’s Ark Affiliate Partners
    14. 14. O.N.A. Memorial and tribute Shaun DouglasJuly 18,2010
    15. 15. U.S.A Purple HeartMilitary Memorial and TributeSgt. William Edward Knapp
    16. 16. Channel 13 News with Ed CarmonaOperating with astrong sense of ethicsand integrity weknow it’s critical tomaintaining trust andcredibility with oursupporters.Families in need aregiven hope by thegenerosity of ourdonors, volunteers, employees, customers, vendors, partners, and the whole entirecommunity.