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A service facilitating one off and ephemeral interactions with a minimal disclose of personal information.

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Ping pong

  1. 1. Materializing Digital Identity _ Brainstorming
  2. 2. Users Need Analysis _ Area of investigation• Necessity of proof tovalidate information• Trust base of anyinteraction and relationship• Easy, quick and fast key concept • Free service for the users• Necessity of findpeople in this crowdedworld.• Growing interest inmeeting people
  3. 3. Concept_ PING PONGIs a service designed to facilitate and secure short terminteraction between people in a precise and ephemeral timeframe. The users don’t know each other and are interactingthrough a third part while having a minimal disclose ofinformation.
  4. 4. Target _ PING PONGThe service is targeting companies that are acting as a trusted third part inthe interaction between users or / and interaction between users andprofessionals from the company.Third PartPING PONGUser UserUserProfessional
  5. 5. Why using PING PONG?•Hyper precise location identification (efficiency)•Easy implementation and adaptability for everyday use devices•Connecting people in a secure way•Free service for final consumers•Hyper precise location identification (efficiency)•Easy implementation and adaptability for everyday use devices•Connecting people in a secure way•Free service for final consumersMinimal disclose of information (privacy)Hyper precise location identification (efficiency)Easy implementation and adaptability for everyday use devicesConnecting people in a secure wayFree service for final consumers
  6. 6. Context of Use _ PING PONGUtilities CompaniesEvent & ConferencesOrganizersNetworking CompaniesService Companies
  7. 7. How it works? _ PING PONGApplication Link& CodeMembership &Service IntegrationMobile ApplicationMobile ApplicationCompanytca Cbs Yqtca Cbs Yqtca Cbs Yq
  8. 8. And now … let’s play ...Users Interaction _ Networking Service Scenario
  9. 9. Ping PongEnter your Ping codeOK
  10. 10. *******Enter your Ping codeOK
  11. 11. ConnectingPlease wait…
  12. 12. 14m
  13. 13. 14m
  14. 14. 14m
  15. 15. 14m
  16. 16. Technology Feasibility _ PING PONGSMS _ to send the code from the website to userBluetooth _ for the connexion and location of the two devicesUse of Layar augmented reality application on Android enabledhandsets
  17. 17. Technology Limits_ PING PONGBluetooth _ Users have to be in a 25 meter rangeBluetooth _ Devices have to be bluetooth-enabledLayar Application_ A Smart phone is needed
  18. 18. Application Steps_ PING PONGConnect the device to the bluetoothAsk the user for the ping codeChange the name of the mobile phone to the first 4symbols of the codeLook for devices with this same name in the bluetoothnetworkThe user enter the ping code he previously received (ex: tcaCbsYq)We suppose that the application found a mobile with the correct name (tcaC)12
  19. 19. Application Steps_ PING PONG34The application tries to connect to this mobile phonewith the given codeExchanging informations with the other device in orderto estimate its location. The video camera will be lauchfor the use of Layar augmented reality applicationWe suppose that the other mobile phone also enters the right code (so theconnexion is now established)The user is now able to locate the other person (and it’s possible to use thecompas to be more discrete)
  20. 20. Utilities Service Scenario
  21. 21. Trade show Scenario
  22. 22. Brand Platform from Brands and Branding (Clifton & Simmons, 2003), pp. 87Security, trust,connection people,privacy, fast, simplicityand innovation“Short term interactionpeople in a secure andwithout disclosinginformation““Ping me I find you in asecure and smart way ”MissionValuesBrand PlatformVision
  23. 23. Brand Platform from Brands and Branding (Clifton & Simmons, 2003), pp. 87Smart service to locatepeople withoutsharing personalinformation.PR and advertising onbusiness newspaper. Use ofweb, social network, andblogs.Partnerships with businessevents and other services.Brand CommunicationBrand ManifestationBrand Personality
  24. 24. Investors_ PING PONGThis service will use a recent and innovative piece of technology that isstarting to be popular looking at a new mode of use this technology.
  25. 25. Business Model _ PING PONGPay as you go for each codeSubscriptionsCodes&Mobile ApplicationCompaniesUsersRent advertisingspace on website
  26. 26. Now 6 month 1 year 5 yearsPing PongTimeline_ PING PONG
  27. 27. Questions?… Thanks for listening …