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Launch llc how to use mobile marketing


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Slides are a brief overview of where we have seen mobile marketing,reasons to use sms, mobile benefits, how we can use it, and how we can promote it!

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Launch llc how to use mobile marketing

  1. 1. Help , how do I use mobile WHAT IS SMS? MOBILE MARKETING FOR ALL marketing? 1
  2. 2. Mobile Lingo Translation for newbies 1. Short Message Service 1. Text message sent to your mobile (SMS) phone 2. Short codes 2. A shortened phone number for mobile users to respond to for information 3. Keyword 3. A word or name associated with your business that customers text back to you to communicate with you Getting started with the basics of mobile marketingVisit our website 2
  3. 3. Where we have seen mobile marketing ◦ American Idol- text to vote ◦ American Red Cross- text to donate ◦ Super Bowl 2012- text to enter to win So many ways to use it and companies are getting on board! Let’s find out why.Visit our website 3
  4. 4. Reasons to use mobile marketing: •People rarely go anywhere these days without their mobile phone. •Mobile messages reach recipients wherever they are. •There is no need to be near a TV, radio, computer, or mailbox, phones are within our reach 80% of Read Rates: 5% Email every day. 1.5% Direct Mail .25% Print 97% Mobile! •Not to mention, most people read a SMS within 15 minutes of receiving, and respond within 60 minutes, this is a very high response rate. Mobile MarketingVisit our website 4
  5. 5. 5 Mobile Marketing Benefits 1. Immediacy - Mobile campaigns are easy to create and execute; messages are delivered to recipients within seconds. 2. Affordability - No need to pay for postage, printing or air time, only a nominal per text message fee; prices are very modest and they decrease as volume increases. 3. Distribution - Reach out to people all over the world. Delivery is almost always guaranteed, unlike email, direct mail, and other forms of advertising. 4. Personal /Targeted - Content is targeted to individuals who have opted to receive them; the medium provides the ability to customize the brand message to a diversified audience. 5. Mobility/Reachability - Messages reach recipients wherever they are. No need to be by a TV, radio, computer, or mailbox.Visit our website 5
  6. 6.  Our program is supported across all major carriers ◦ SMS programs Our mission is to make sure that ◦ Voice programs an interactive strategy resides in ◦ MMS programs consumers’ digital comfort zone to drive involvement and participation. (Multimedia Messaging Service) ◦ Mobile Web programs ◦ Web programs ◦ Video  Platform Features ◦ Billing ◦ Social Networking integration ◦ Content delivery and optimization ◦ Enhanced end user information (Demographic) Functions & FeaturesVisit our website 6
  7. 7. How can we use it? Studies Show a Text-message  Announcements: Discounts, Exclusive stays on the cell-phone an average offers, Advocacy of 12 days.  Integrate knowledge with videos or This means additional exposures training products. to your audience  Updates and alerts on industry  Events & News: special events coming up  Registration for events  Calendar of events, reminders Our special of Our next event the day is buy is coming up, one get one reply 1 to 21777  Sign up for e-newsletter %50 off reserve your seat! Reply STOP 2 end  Job postings Reply STOP 2 end  Fundraising, donate via mobile And so much more!Visit our website 7
  8. 8. How do we promote it? Execution: Layer with existing channels, make it MOCIAL (social +mobile) • All staff promotion: Staff to inform customers to Text-in for instant deal; Place banners, signs, flyers, to build 10-20 customers per day into your database! • Facebook integration is a must! Text 21777 to • Add the Mobile “Opt-in” Option to your receive specials current Website options to capture online traffic into the Mobile database from the web • Traditional Media (capture new clients) Add the Mobile Call-to-Action to every Advertisement; print, radio, coupon, event, TV, etc.Visit our website 8
  9. 9. (Example of Return-on-Investment on a small scale) 35% or Higher 1,000 Redemption Customer is in your Rate on Average Transaction ROI Promotion or database Coupon Association Industry ranges between 35% redemptions on Mobile offers and coupons Quantifiable Return on this direct media! Investment to send 1000 messages to Database? $50 ROI on 35+ Businesses joining? $250 $250 average ticket? $8,750 Mobile Makes “Cents”Visit our website 9
  10. 10. Launch LLC has partnered with Mobile Zoom to offer effective mobile marketing to all businesses. Mobile is the NOW Marketing Let Launch manage your mobile marketing. We set up the campaigns, manage your database and give you access to mocial experts! Contact us with any questions or to get your mobile campaign started! Contact Kelly Knutson, 574.256.8879 or email Learn more about Launch, visit our website www.launch-llc.comVisit our website 10