Launch llc engaging, montioring and mesuring social media


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Launch llc engaging, montioring and mesuring social media

  1. 1. MONITORING & MEASURING @kellyjknutson
  2. 2. Monitoring & Measuring Overview of social media sites  How to choose what is right for the brand 3 track-able priorities for social media Local engagement Creating a social media crisis plan What is social media doing for our business?
  3. 3. FEEL FREE TO TWEET IT, FACEBOOK IT, SHARE IT!Use hashtag #LaunchLLC for the presentation!
  4. 4. Let’s talk numbers…Facebook 900 millionTwitter 465 millionFoursquare 15 millionPinterest 11.8 million
  5. 5. Where are consumers spending time?Facebook PinterestPinterest FacebookTwitter TwitterLinkedIn LinkedIn
  6. 6. DemographicsMales Females 40% Facebook  60% Facebook 40% Twitter  60% Twitter 60% LinkedIn  40% LinkedIn 20% Pinterest  80% Pinterest 50% Foursquare  50% Foursquare
  7. 7. Brands work best with… Large networks work “Niche” sites, most popular well for many, if not all… with… Facebook  Pinterest :  Lifestyle brands, tourism, Twitter retailers, food brands, magazines LinkedIn  Foursquare:  University, Museums, Libraries, Cities, Restaurants & Local Shops
  8. 8. How to choose a site for the brand The“next best thing” business syndrome Before jumping on board with the shiny new toy ask these questions:  Areour customers here?  Does our content work well with this network?  How will we use this network?  How will we present our brand? A must, monitor and measure!
  9. 9. SHARE IT!Make our social strategy more effective, pick a priority & track it. #LaunchLLC #LaunchLLC
  10. 10. How can we make a social media strategy more effective?  By monitoring and measuring 3 things brands can track 1 Traffic from social media sites 2 SEO ranking 3 Leads
  11. 11. Priority 1 Increasing traffic from social media sites The more links we create for our brand between social media and other online sources, the more value we add to our brand, which makes it more searchable and grows online exposure. Track specific links with . Insert specific link on bitly to shorten and track how many clicks you get from social media to a blog, website, video, etc.
  12. 12. How to track it?1. Track our website visits using GoogleAnalytics.2. Make note of our current traffic level.3.Monitor traffic during the campaign.Make note of what sites bring traffic toour website.4. Evaluate traffic patterns. If using morethan one social site, track # of visits fromeach site. This may show us were wewant to spend more time communicating.
  13. 13. Priority 2 Improving SEO ranking through social media For the most effective long-term SEO strategy, focus on great content, both on our website and across other sites, such as a blog and social media sites, which are our off-page SEO sources. Keep it FRESH! Every new piece of content we add supports, strengthens and showcases our online visibility, making our web presence stronger as we grow bigger.
  14. 14. SHARE IT!Most effective long term SEO strategy is sharing content on our website & across other sites. #LaunchLLC #LaunchLLC
  15. 15. How to track it?1. Determine how we want our company to be found.2.Then search for our brand using those keywords.3. Take note of where we rank currently.4. Develop content we want to share through original blog posts, videos, white papers, or links to related material.5. Begin sharing the content via social media.6. Check our rankings and evaluate our message.
  16. 16. Take note of whereLaunch Facebook isranked, over the website.Google found Facebook tobe relevant informationwhen Launch LLC SouthBend was searched.
  17. 17. Competing with numerousbusinesses in Google searchfor term Launch LLC.Made it on page 1 because ofwebsite content, and alsobecause of Google+ account.
  18. 18. Priority 3 Generating LeadsTake our social media beyond just chattingwith our customers, begin driving leads. 80% of Facebook users want coupons, promotions, discounts 84% of Facebook users are After spending time creating the active dailyrelationships with customers and gaining 51% of Facebook users saidtheir trust, it is time to start utilizing this they are more likely to buy achannel to develop the buying relationship. product since becoming a fan. *Source: Mashable
  19. 19. SHARE IT!Take social media beyond chatting & begin driving leads. Insert CTA’s. #LaunchLLC #LaunchLLC
  20. 20. How to track it? 1.Decide what we want to capture from a user. Emails, demographics, product reviews . 2. Give them a reason to give us information, think back to what 80% of users want from Brands! 3.Begin asking users and display the call to action on social media sites. Use entry form to collect info, make it easy for them. -Use apps or create one to custom fit our brand 4. Take the information and filter contacts to sales Team to follow up and keep track of sales made.
  21. 21. Use a stock formsuch as ContactMe,easy to integrate ona site.
  22. 22. Contact form integrated with a giveaway.Think about what makes users want to share their info with us. INTERACTION IS KEY
  23. 23. How do we engage Michiana? How can we make it easy for our community to find us? Social media is so noisy, how do we become a louder voice?
  24. 24. Use local resources! Facebook  Pinterest  Allow related businesses to  Open up one board that is post on our page, added related to the area- allow benefit- they create content other businesses or pubilc for us to post photos from around town  Ask to guest post on another local business  Use local people from the page community to help build content, Twitter  Ask them for input  Use local hashtags  Allow them to write for #DTSB, #Michiana you, benefit- they will tell all their friends to visit our page to see their posts/photos
  25. 25. Maintain engagement!  Social media is full of business  Use other mediums to drive traffic, important to promote social media presencesText Launch to  Go Mocial! Cross promote social 21777receive mobile media on other marketing channels information!  Mobile has 97% read rate and 35% redemption rate
  26. 26. SHARE IT!Include IRL interactions. #LaunchLLC #LaunchLLC
  27. 27. Protect Your Brand
  28. 28. Focus here, userpoints out companyis ignoring posts.
  29. 29. Companyresponds quicklyafter user postsabout the incidentand asks to get incontact with herdirectly.
  30. 30. Crisis Action PlanInform those involved how weexpect things to be handled.Include answers to these important questions:•Who is responsible for reacting ?•What action is to be taken?•How do we respond? Publicly or reach out to the individual privately ?•What time frame do we allow before taking action?•If action needed from higher level employee, who makes the decision?•Who is responsible after hours?
  31. 31. Q&A something into the world and create Text Launch to 21777