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Feature flags to speed up & de risk development

Feature flags are a continuous delivery best practice. Feature flags, gating features and being able to quickly reverse features enables development teams to ship more frequently. Learn how to use feature flags for opt-in early access, private beta, canary launches and dark releases. This talk will use a mix of case studies and best practices and will appeal to software teams who want to move faster and deliver features to end users quicker.

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Feature flags to speed up & de risk development

  1. 1. Feature flags to speed up & de risk development Edith Harbaugh, CEO & cofounder, LaunchDarkly @LaunchDarkly
  2. 2. About Me •  Cofounder & CEO, LaunchDarkly •  Podcast cohost, “To Be Continuous” •  BS Engineering Harvey Mudd College •  Engineering, Epicentric & Vignette •  Product,, EasyBloom, TripIt •  Marketing, Concur
  3. 3. Tsunami Software Releases @Edith_H  
  4. 4. Feature Flags @Edith_H  
  5. 5. Feature Flags! •  Push functionality to who you want, when you want •  Expand or roll back, without a new deployment •  Separate code deployment from business logic •  Get real-world feedback and analytics •  No more long running branches with merge conflicts
  6. 6. Use Feature Flags to expose functionality when you want, to who you want @Edith_H  
  7. 7. Early Access Betas
  8. 8. Opt-In @Edith_H  
  9. 9. Block @Edith_H  
  10. 10. Rollouts @Edith_H  
  11. 11. Run A/B Tests @Edith_H  
  12. 12. Newbie > Power User @Edith_H  
  13. 13. Subscription @Edith_H  
  14. 14. Sunset @Edith_H  
  15. 15. Effective Feature Flagging •  What’s  the  right  level  of  flagging?   •  Ambiguously  named  flags   •  Misunderstood  flags   •  Removing  flags   •  Control  access  to  flags     •  Visibility  to  non-­‐technical  users   •  Logging   •  Dependency  tracking     @Edith_H  
  16. 16. Launch, control, and measure your features Edith Harbaugh, CEO @Edith_H @LaunchDarkly