Find the Funding You Need Through Business Credit Webinar


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Learn the importance of separating your business and personal credit profiles. Get the help you need to increase funding for your business and attain a more credible business image to banks and lenders.

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Find the Funding You Need Through Business Credit Webinar

  1. 1. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA How To Achieve Financial Credibility Sponsored By: Laughlin Associates Presented By: Scott Burnett
  2. 2. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Who is Laughlin Associates? Corporate Formation and Compliance Company Small Business Consulting and Education Asset Protection and Income Retention Providing Business Solutions Since 1972
  3. 3. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA What is Business Credit Business Credit is MONEY!!!!
  4. 4. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Why Do You Need It? 26.5 million Small Businesses in America 50% of all new businesses fail within 3 years 95% of all these businesses fail within 5 years Why?
  5. 5. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Quiz What is the number one reason why businesses fail today?
  6. 6. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA “The dependency on personal credit is the primary factor of why most small businesses fail.”
  7. 7. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Separation CORPORATION OR LLC The New Trend Is To Say Personal Guarantees Are Alter Egos Why You Need It?
  8. 8. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA “Developing a solid credit asset is crucial to every small business.”
  9. 9. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA How Do You Get Business Credit Established For Your Business? The Problem With Business Credit Is That It Is Not Regulated Like The Personal Credit Industry
  10. 10. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Personal Credit Government Creates Law To Protect The Consumer Consumer Demands That Credit Be Repaired. Bureau Has Duty To Investigate And Repair.
  11. 11. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Business Credit Industry Is Not Regulated! NOT AUTOMATIC
  12. 12. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA How Do You Get Business Credit Established For Your Business? 1. Need To Understand System 2. Create Profiles With Big 3 3. Use Vendors That Report 4. Pay Your Bills On Time
  13. 13. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA
  14. 14. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Our Step By Step Approach Teaches, Creates, And Establishes Business Credit For Your Business! And We Get You Financing!
  15. 15. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Understand What To Do  Website and Email  Address For Business  Phone Listed for Business (411)  Licenses for City, County, State?  Good Standing with Secretary of State? Who Says This Is What Has To Be Done? Example
  16. 16. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Compliance Guidelines Each Business Credit Agency Has Its Own Rules For The Establishment Of A Business Profile
  17. 17. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Do I Need A Profile With All 3 Credit Bureaus? VENDOR These Credit Bureaus Dominate The Industry
  18. 18. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA The Initial Profile Of Your Business Is Essential To Getting Excellent Business Credit The Profile Facilitates The Tracking Of Your Credit History
  19. 19. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA What About Vendors? We Provide You With A List Of Vendors Who Will Extend Credit To Your Business. You Will Open Trade Accounts What Role Does The Vendor Play In The Process Of Building Business Credit?
  20. 20. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA How Does Our Program Work?  The program is 6 simple steps;  We will provide you with a business credit coach;  The program length is one year;  We will get your business a great credit score and financing;
  21. 21. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Building A Business Credit Asset
  22. 22. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA The platform’s real-time integration with the business credit reporting agencies, allow clients to easily access each Business Credit Reporting Agency to see: • if they have an active credit file; • if they have a credit score assigned; and • how many trade lines are reporting. Getting Started
  23. 23. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Benefits Of Our Program  Only Business Credit Builder Program that is partnered with D&B and Experian;  Only Business Credit Builder Program that has data feed with all 3 Bureaus;  Only Business Credit Builder Program that can offer you 2 unique credit options immediately;
  24. 24. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Business Credit Coach  Business Credit is an Asset that adds value to your business;
  25. 25. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Building Your Credit With Guaranteed Results! We guarantee a 30X return on your investment*;
  26. 26. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Timing When Is The Right Time To Get Started? How Long Will It Take? What Can I Expect? “The difference between winning and losing is timing”.
  27. 27. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Your Business Credit Coach Get Started Today And Start Building Your Business in 2010! Your Business Credit Coach offers the tools and methods for small business owners to create and build a business credit asset that enables consistent access to credit and cash.
  28. 28. #bizcred 1-888-386-3811 Via @LaughlinUSA Added Bonuses Receive an invaluable resource library valued at $475. • The Corporation Manual • Incorporate the Road to Riches • The Naked Entrepreneur • Lower Your Taxes, Big Time! • 24 Resource Guides on Business Growth Principles Invest Only $599 Plus $175 For 6 months.