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Franz Seitz: Don'tForget About Cash


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Dr.oec. Francs Zeics (Franz Seitz), Veidenas Lietišķo zinātņu tehniskās universitātes profesora prezentācija Latvijas Bankas konferencē "Nauda un sabiedrības drošība" , kas norisinājās 25.09.2020.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Franz Seitz: Don'tForget About Cash

  1. 1. Franz Seitz Some Pros of Cash page 1page 1 Don't Forget About Cash Prof. Dr. Franz Seitz (Weiden Technical University of Applied Sciences)
  2. 2. Franz Seitz Some Pros of Cash page 2 Some (un)common pros of cash Anonymity and privacy Effective lower bound on nominal interest rates Access to secure central bank money Competition in the payments market Financial crisis and financial instabilities Financial (payments) inclusion and simplicity  Economy-wide perspective necessary  Special role of central banks