Kari Heirinens: Starptautiskās izaugsmes īstenošana. Finpro pieredze


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  •  Short term business opportunties and regionalmarketopportunities FinproInsight: Trends, opportunties and potentialmarkets for Finnishcompanies & Finpro Foresightservice
  •  Industries: Construction & logistics, Software & digital media, Energy, Environment & Forest, Manufacturing & Martime, Services, LifeSciences (Health and wellbeing, Food), Finpro Navigator,experiencedpersonnel in 45 locationsaround the worldFinpro Navigator Simplifies and accelerates the internationalization process We have the ability to put plans into practice together with clients
  •  Notonlyaboutcompleting the assigment, butalsoknowing the rightpeople to open up the doors
  • Cleantech Finland –a national program that aims to support growth in Finnish companies that operate in the environmental technology sector. The national target is to develop the sector into a new cornerstone industryFinChi– Innovation center in Shanghai, acommunity and a serviceprovider for Finnishcompanies and innovationplayersFinlandCare - program promotes Russian health tourism to Finland and supports the internationalization of Finnish private healthcare and wellbeing service providersFuture Learning Finland is a national education export programme, exporting Finnish top-quality educational know-how and learning solutions globally. LuovimoLuovimo is an international growth programme for creative industry companies with a focus on innovative service and content business.
  • Kari Heirinens: Starptautiskās izaugsmes īstenošana. Finpro pieredze

    1. 1. Enforcing the international growth – case Finpro Riga 17.9.2013 Kari Häyrinen President and CEO
    2. 2. Content • Finnish economy and its challenges • What needs to be done • What could be Latvia’s challenges • Finpro’s role and activities in enforcing the growth – Trade and internationalization – Foreign direct investments 2
    3. 3. Features of Finland • Totally open Eurozone economy • Very dependent on exports • Small domestic market • High standard of living – with high cost structure • Well educated work force • Fastest aging population in Europe • High in innovation and competiveness rankings 3
    4. 4. Challenges for economic growth • Exports mainly of investment goods or other b2b goods and services • Main markets still in slow growth Europe with increasing competition • Large multinationals represent a major part of exports – with limited or negative investments in Finland • Geographic challenges for natural and easy internationalization • SMEs need to internationalize in very early stage with limited exposure to global market opportunities • Low FDI due to smaller domestic market compared to peers 4
    5. 5. Kari’s thesis for Finland - 1 • Strategy needs to be built on natural or long term competitive advantages 1. Northern location 2. Water 3. Forests 4. Solid bedrock 5. Long border with Russia 6. Innovations through education • Also the SMEs need to go to the emerging economies in Asia, Americas and even in Africa • Relevant global business opportunities need to become visible to the SMEs and they need to get quickly to the value networks • Achieved position at the ’home markets’ needs to be secured – Nordic countries and Baltic Sea region 5
    6. 6. Kari’s thesis for Finland - 2 • New private sector and export oriented jobs will be coming from SMEs (mainly from M) and through FDI • More global consumer goods need to be created for example by ‘born global’ start ups’ • Foreign companies will open the global marketing networks to local SMEs • High value adding foreign investments come for competencies that are world-class and well- known • All this needs focus, focus and focus (’picking the winners’) 6
    7. 7. Possible challenges to Latvia • Small economies that have developed fast are likely to lose their cost advantage before they have developed solid innovation ecosystem • Small domestic market is typically a disadvantage for the businesses but can also be considered as the driving force for internationalization • Larger companies will grow and invest more likely closer to the markets – are there enough SMEs having the will and the means to internationalize themselves • How to differentiate amongst the peers to attract the much needed high value adding FDI 7
    8. 8. Finpro is Finland’s official trade, internationalization and investment promotion organization 8 Over 65offices in 48countries Founded in 1919by Finnish companies Over1400assignments in 2012 370professionals
    9. 9. Access to future opportunities  We identify potential business opportunities for Finnish companies  We help the companies to enhance the innovativeness of their business development and accelerate the commercial success of the new solutions 9
    10. 10. Speeding up internationalization  We boost our clients’ success with world class services based on our strong expertise on internationalization, indu stries and global markets. 10
    11. 11. Breakthrough to right markets  Our global trade center network ensures the right services at the right time and place  Local expertise and connections ensure our clients’ successful foothold in the target markets 11
    12. 12. Industry expertise in internationalization 12 LifeSciences Software and digital media Energy, environment and forest industry Construction, logistics and manufacturing Services
    13. 13. Acquisition Candidate Search Market Monitor Sales AcceleratorEntry Options Partner Search International Growth Plan Test Drive Right Markets Sales Channel Development Direct Sales Establishing Company Supplier Evaluation Export Partner Groups Trend Pulse Improving Market Position Establishing Presence Finpro Navigator - service package 13 Planning Market Entry Preparing Growth Finpro offers expertise at every stage of internationalization Industrial Services
    14. 14. International programs operated by Finpro 14
    15. 15. Benefits of foreign direct investment • Stimulates economic growth through new jobs and possible export earnings • Improves the functioning of markets • Fills the gaps in capital markets • Diversifies the economy and industries • Increases international business know- how • Brings in the global business networks and competencies 15
    16. 16. Invest in services for international companies • Production of market information • Research about business opportunities • Evaluation of market entry alternatives • Networking in Finland • Location services • Consulting to get the business started 16
    17. 17. Wind energy investments Leading the cleantech sector Growth in travel and tourism Home base for Hi-Tech Favorable mining environment Ideal place for datacenters R&D and innovation strengths Green construction Invest in Finland focus areas 2013 17
    18. 18. Finpro’s Global Network 18
    19. 19. Global Network – Finland and Europe 19
    20. 20. Global Network – Americas 20
    21. 21. Global Network – Asia and Russia
    22. 22. Global Network – Australia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore 22
    23. 23. Global Network – Africa 23
    24. 24. Team Finland promotes external economic relations, the country's image abroad, internationalisation of enterprises, and investments to Finland.
    25. 25. Follow us on social media and visit our website www.finpro.fi