Multi Channel Online & Lifestyle Marketing Proposal


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Marketing Proposal I presented to Joi Pitts VP of Marketing for Atlantic Records

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  • Consumer habits, particularly those related to brand selection, brand loyalty and the purchase as many agencies and brands retooled their operations and thinking to effectively market to the changing habits of a new generation of consumers in terms of both the message itself and This second wave calls for a more fundamental change in how that message is delivered and It would be easy to dismiss Gen X and the Millennials as merely another generation with very connected generations, the marked differences in how they live their lives and how we billion each year, face a greater degree of direct corporate marketing than any other generation in history and Millennials and today ’s consumers do not merely seek engagement, they expect it and it is as the consumers live their lives, each element not only effective in its own right, but fully built on a principal of constant engagement - experiential marketing driving online activity that feeds mobile engagement, instigating online participation, word of mouth promotion, product discovery, and ultimately, purchasing followed by continued engagement and interaction to This circle of consumer engagement is what we call “Integrated Lifestyle Marketing ”or “I.L.M. ”
  • Multi Channel Online & Lifestyle Marketing Proposal

    1. 1. Presented to Joi PittsSenior Vice President of Marketing Atlantic Records Presented by Latoya Adrienne 1
    2. 2.  Introduction 3 Understanding Teens & Generation Y : The Millennials 4 Understanding Latinos: The Multi-Cultural Culture 5 Multi-Channel Online & Lifestyle Marketing Campaign 6  Marketing Goals 6  Campaign Implementation Timeline 7  Marketing Strategies 8  - Online Marketing Strategies 8  - Lifestyle Marketing Strategies 9
    3. 3. Consumer habits, particularly those related to brand selection, brand loyalty and the purchase decision making process have undergone a significant evolution. Many brands mustretool their operations and begin thinking about how to effectively market to the changing habits of a new generation of consumers in terms of both the message itself and the ways in which that message is delivered. Brands that have been able to cater to today’s cool, highly demanding yet highly educated and tech savvy consumers are currently gaining affinity in buyer’s hearts and minds. Consistent immersive engagement combined with strategic online marketing increases the channels of communication on and offline, seamlessly allows the consumer to interact with brands and products within their everyday life without the feeling ofbeing pushed to “try or buy”. This leads to greater trust and stronger desires to be supportive of the brand and purchase its products. An example of this kind of campaign would be one that uses experiential marketing which in turn drives online activity that feeds mobile engagement, that starts online participation leading to the highly desired word of mouth promotion and then product discovery and eventual purchase. Engagement and interaction is kept up consistentlyeven after purchases to help maintain the relationship. We will call this particular circle of online and offline consumer engagement Multi-Channel Online & Lifestyle Marketing.
    4. 4. Generation Y members, also known as Millennials believe that anything is possible. Millennials, were born between1984 and 2000. They are optimistic, social and have high The group’s total number is similar in size to the expectations for themselves and others. Baby Boomer generation, at approximately 80 Comprising a generation more than 50% larger million individuals. They earn about $200 billion than Generation X and soon to make up the annually and spend about $170 billion annually, majority of the workforce, this generation has the one of the highest income to spending ratios power to effect change and they are wielding seen in U.S. history. This generation is defined that power. Consumer habits, particularly those by the Internet and an increasingly globally related to brand selection, brand loyalty and the connected world. The Millennial Generation, like purchase have changed drastically with this other generations, has been shaped by the generation, as they are known as the least likely events, leaders, developments and trends of its to stick with a former beloved brand simply out of time. The rise of instant communication loyalty. With that said, teens are exceptionally technologies made possible through use of the hard to target, requiring unconventional tools and internet, such as email, texting, IM and new expertise. Consider that today’s teens are media used through websites like YouTube and constantly bombarded by choices and“wired” social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter throughout the day via multiple forms of and the new Google+, may explain the interpersonal communication like e-mail, IM, cell Millennials reputation for being somewhat peer- phones and text messaging. They are now oriented due to easier facilitation of demanding an experience with the brand that communication through technology.. As a whole, fosters a deeper connection and two way this generation is the most educated and tech communication. Millennials do not merely seek savvy of all generational groups. engagement, they expect it, they expect it to be constant, they expect it to be non intrusive or disruptive, and they expect it to enhance communication with a brand that fits seamlessly into their daily lifestyle.
    5. 5. As the United States fastest growing segmented Latinos do assimilate to prevalent U.S. culture,group the Latino market presents a complex but they are not, and probably never will be, fullyopportunity to major corporations to embrace assimilated. Instead, theirs is a path ofthem as a group comprised of many unique sub- acculturation. It is a process of integration ofcultures. The single most important native and traditional immigrant cultural valuessegmentation factor among U.S. Hispanics may with dominant cultural ones. Language is one ofbe their country of origin. The U.S. Hispanic the most obvious examples of this is comprised of sub-cultures from over 20 Spanish is likely to remain the language ofcountries in Central and South America, the preference among U.S. Latinos. In fact, UnivisionCaribbean and Spain, with the majority (63%) of is now the #5 network in the United States,Mexican heritage. The culture, beliefs, opinions behind ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. The Hispanicand consumer behavior patterns of U.S. populations buying power is expected to surpassHispanics are not identical, as a result of the $1 trillion by 2012 as Latinos are the largestinfluence of differences in their native countries minority group in the US. Hispanics under 35geography, indigenous ancestry and colonial spend more time online than watching TV, yetorigin. Each demographic has varying levels of Hispanic-targeted ad dollars remain locked in tolanguage usage, assimilation, and acculturation traditional media.which can influence taste, online language In these down times, the Hispanic market ispreference and comprehension. U.S. Latinos booming. Current size and heavy concentrationtend to "adopt and adapt" to customs and habits in the top, youngest, trend-setting markets in thein the U.S. without shedding traditions and value U.S., accompanied by their speedy wealthsystems, making it difficult to effectively creation and high consumerism are at odds withimplement the marketing strategies that work the neglect of investment across mostwith more traditional, general market consumers. advertising and marketing categories.
    6. 6. MARKETING GOALSLifestyle Online Teen LatinoMarketing Marketing Marketing MarketingTo introduce and expose To increase traffic to label To identify and re - To understand the trueAtlantic Records and artist & band sites. To add new engage our current complexities of thisbrands into the heart of subscribers to Atlantics consumer base. To segmented group. To gainwhere your target audience Network. To become the identify potential future cultural relevance.lives, works, shops, relaxes leader in online social consumers and initiateand plays. Instead of waiting integration enabling artists new online, offline andon consumers to come to to seamlessly and quickly lifestyle avenues to targetyou, bring your brand to communicate with their and interact with them.them. To connect with fans fan base. To integrateon a deeper emotional level different channels withinwith personalized interaction, the online/mobile strategytwo way communication and to replicate the “guerrilla”a non intrusive marketing style of marketing onlinestyle. with ease.
    7. 7. CAMPAIGN IMPLEMENTATION TIMELINE (can also be adjusted to work within a specific album release schedule)SETUP TRACTION POSITIONING ( EXPANSION(0-2 months) (3-5 months) 6-8 months) (9+ months)-assess touchpoints -transform touchpoints to -convert conversation points -establish recognition as a-build online environment conversation points to conversion points leader in generating a positive-setup consumer database -gain traction on social media -gain and stabilize positions experience for consumers offor fan networking and sites on search engines Atlantic Records productsmanagement -integrate mobile with social -online and offline initiatives -gain brand power-gain followers media work together to position -gain new streams of revenue-initiate or rehash -begin to integrate online with brand in consumers everyday -expand networks exponentiallyrelationships with offline marketing efforts life through fan/follower networksconsumers -lifestyle co-branding efforts -Affinity towards brand grows and social communities-develop content strategy -gain responses to call to as brand shows respect for-assess online strategy action consumer interaction .-assess lifestyle strategy -place on search engines -gain new sales revenue-increase member -gain new sales/members -develop brand loyaltyinteractions -build consumer -stabilize position as trusted-begin gaining new satisfaction/feedback brandreferrals/leads-initiate brand mentions
    8. 8. SOME ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGIES Write press releases and distribute them online. Just likewriting and submitting articles, this is a very simple andextremely effective way to get tons of publicity on your products.It is also a great way drive targeted traffic to your website. NEW ONLINE INITIATIVES THAT SHOULD BE IMPLEMENTED Affiliate Marketing This is where other websites market your  Interactive Apps and Games built specifically for Atlanticproducts for you and you pay them a commission on each sale. Records and it’s artists. Used as one channel independently andThis is an outstanding way to create a successful Internet in sync with other channels to drive interactionbusiness.  Example – An album drop game - unlock parts of the game Online Network using online forums, music communities and to really interact with the artist - do things online that cansocial networking services like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, be entered into the game where if completed will unlockinternet radio, Hi5, Google+,, Spotify, Ustream and codes to interact with artist on Twitter, Facebook, or inYouTube, Ping, Pandora and the list goes on and on... Social person at concerts, in stores etc…search campaigns and blog posts  Web content management – a fast streamlined dashboard that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). tracks and organizes online (and capable of offline) activity,What this means is using optimization techniques and keywords purchases, mailing lists etc for fan search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) will rank your  In studio series - select fans who unlock badges and keyswebsites within the top 10 search results. By doing this you can through Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare can receive codes toget literally thousands of people to your website every day for log in to Ustream and watch artists in the studio while theyfree. create hits. Link Exchanges. This is where you and other websites  Facilitate and run contests and giveaways via your web site thatexchange links to drive traffic to each other’s website. are directed by peer brand ambassador consumers.Exchanging links with other websites is also a great way to get  Blog and interact with your visitors.better rankings in the search engines. The reason for this is that  2d (qr) bar codes that can be instantly scanned through a smartsearch engines want to give top rankings to the the websites phone to unlock info, URL links and video available at point ofthat are most popular in their category/industry. The best way sale in many different lifestyle locations and online.for the search engines to determine which websites are the  Online coupons that send you to the store where you getmost popular is to see who has the most links pointing at their another code to go online with and redeem prizeswebsite. That is why getting a lot of links pointing at your  Proximity marketing - treasure hunt game on foursquarewebsite is so important. Also the average webmaster would find “Atlantic Terminal” follow Atlantic to unlock keys to your musicit an honor to be listed on Atlantic Records and artists city - music history of your city, significance to music, Atlanticwebsites… This would lead to them promoting your sites more Artists and the consumer. As you unlock badges you areand in turn drive traffic. rewarded and prompted to keep seeking and networking and Monitor Results unlocking badges.Test and analyze. Identify the strategies that are working.  Virtual life music integrationSurvey customers. Track sales, leads, visitors to your web site,percent of sales to impressions. Determine which marketing There are many custom online techniques and initiatives thatstrategies are producing the most customers and which are can be tailored to fit into your marketing plan.producing the least customers. Measure Return on Investmentper each marketing activity.
    9. 9. SOME LIFESTYLE MARKETING STRATEGIES Lifestyle Integration Strategies school or work and where they live. Integrate Facebook ads into your fixed operations offers Integrate the Spanish language into your Pay Per Click ads Integrate label and or artists blogs with Twitter and tweet Teen Marketing 6 times per day  School marketing Integrate Facebook and texting and gain valuable opt in  Sponsor basketball, football, cheerleading events cell numbers  School radio. Integrate more emphasis on website in TV ads  School ambassadors to raise awareness in schools and Integrate your blog content and make a great e-newsletter communities Integrate your key search terms in your social content  Charity in schools tied to music programs or after school Integrate Teens and Latinos into your social sites to add program like a club - must gain members, meet and relevancy to those peer groups for search (tastemakers discuss ways to innovate connecting young fans to the giving testimonials) music. Linking artists with students who want to save the Integrate texting into your TV campaigns music Integrate QR Codes into all print materials offer point of  Integrate with current trendy brands like Polo, Hollister, sale bonuses, coupons or codes linked to these codes KidRobot, Converse, popular sports like the extreme Integrate point of sale and your social networks sports and Soccer. Integrate lifestyle data into your media buys  Understand their segmentation – West Coast teens are Integrate zip code data for better digital results into skateboarding, surfing, snap back hats and Converse Converse studio Rubber Tracks in NYC – offers free day where East Coast teens prefer Nikes and New Era fitted session to aspiring artists. Can we cross market a caps. promotional campaign that’s integrated with Converse and their studio? Mobile “Sound Clash” mobile promotional vehicle where you battle head to head battle using Atlantic Artists that you can remix over new beats. Headphones and Serrato will be utilized. Can we integrate with a major headphone company like Beats by Dre. Skull Candy or Nixon Headphones? Integrate into other areas of consumer lifestyle. From where they shop, eat, party, relax, to where they go to
    10. 10. SOME LIFESTYLE MARKETING STRATEGIES because of loss of revenues due to piracy. The consumer Hispanic Marketing is empowered to “save” the music anyway they can Create an Atlantic Latino Urban Network because after all they are the Hero - its about letting Blended music - hip hop content over Latino beats. 1 young consumers know they have the power, when they minute blends that can be played in clubs or mixed by think they dont. They influence the music and control the radio DJ’s destiny of the music industry. Its about showing that in a Actively highlight and promote Latinos involved with the world of million dollar executives and billion dollar creation of urban music. From engineers to producers to entertainment corporations, the consumer fan is the heart marketers Latinos are very supportive and proud of other and soul that powers forward the music industry. Latinos Rave clubs are heavily frequented by Hispanics from Miami to Los Angeles. Spanish language advertising Personalized Marketing Use people’s names and or pictures in promotional items The Interactive Artist. Artist made up of all names of dedicated fans (think full body made up of words) Words are names of fans click on names to be linked to fan appreciation info like Twitter, Facebook. First name, last name each name is clickable. Design your own personalized official artist CD pressed up by Atlantic Records pre purchase your favorite artist CD and upload your images and thank you’s for a fee (to cover cost) Atlantic will package and deliver to stores where consumers can pick up Create a and market a themed campaign that empowers the fans. Example: “Pirates, A Record label president, silent radio and YOU” Make a simple yet empowering statement... YOU are the Hero campaign - rescue your favorite music, support your favorite artist . They must imagine a world with no music and artists who dont create