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Backing the Right Domain for International SEO Success


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Set yourself up for an SEO win!

Published in: Marketing
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Backing the Right Domain for International SEO Success

  1. 1. F O R I N T E R N AT I O N A L S E O S U C C E S S Backing theRight Domain How to prepare your gaming site for international SEO success, the pros and cons of different ways of positioning your domain structure and how to optimise your site to gain the best organic visibility in a specific international territory. Choosing Your Domain C O U N T RY D O M A I N S C O U N T RY S U B D O M A I N PROS CONS Likely to increase local SEO authority Easier to communicate brand locally Often a new setup which takes time to build SEO authority Higher technical maintenance Longer ROI curve Higher registration and hosting costs Specific cultures engage better with a local domain Can provide better click through rate in search engines PROS CONS Partly inherits domain authority from root domain Offers flexibility on sub domain naming Not as much local authority as a country specific domain Natural links can easily point to wrong URL versions for users and search engines Risk of diminished trust from web users Cost saving versus country specific domain Technical capabilities often more agile and cost effective PROS CONS Overall domain authority greater due to one domain Lower maintenance costs Often harder to gain local country authority Often less likely to get user to link to specific country sub folder Less trust from a conversion perspective if the brand is small Existing CMS easy to integrate Shorter ROI curve Technical Considerations Ideally the host country of your site should be the same as the domain Use Google webmaster tools to configure your language and geo targeting Implement Hreflang code to tell search engines which page should rank in which country search engine Settings Geographic target Preferred domain Don’t set Display URLS as Display URLS as Target users in USA <link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”en” href=”” /> <link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”en-gb” href=””/> Understanding the User Research the relevant information United States Norway USA United Kingdom Sweden Denmark Poland Canada Finland Netherlands Other G A T R A F F I C B Y C O U N T RY / T E R R I T O RY S E O V I S I B I L I T Y S P R E A D B Y C O U N T RY Check different variations by country India United Kingdom Canada Australia Germany Netherlands Philippines Pakistan Indonesia Analyse search intentions Plan for your international audience Use Google planning tools Provide unique content per region Each country search engine has different keyword variations Sports betting Sports betting tips Sports betting Sports betting sites Sports betting tips and tricks Sports betting Sports betting tips Sports betting online Sports betting strategies Sports betting mate is a good resource to use for intpretation Content Key Success Ingredients for Considerations Literal translations can provide the wrong context More Unique Keyword Referrals Translation Issues More Keyword Variations Use interpretation not translation ® ® Eat your fingers off “It’s finger lickin’ good “ ” ” = Select the best domain Implement standard technical SEO requirements Identify regional demand Understand user context Use interpretation, not translation Sources: world-seo-visibility port-maps-for-british-businesses/, uk.domain.comexample: C O U N T RY S U B F O L D E R S