Yacht Brokerage solution for joomla by Latitude 26 - Brochure 2012


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The Yacht Brokerage Solution for joomla was designed to answer the needs of yacht brokerage or dealership companies. It provides extensive features not found in the competition. The Yacht Brokerage solution includes lead request management to store all yacht requests, Social networks integration, xml feeds syndication, high quality PDF generation. - Brochure 2012

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Yacht Brokerage solution for joomla by Latitude 26 - Brochure 2012

  1. 1. YACHT BROKERAGE BROKERAGE BROCHURE SOLUTION BROCHUREMost advanced yacht brokeragesolution running on joomla CMS. latitude26.co.uk
  2. 2. We are professionals specialized in our core business.The Yacht Brokerage Solution for joomla was designed toanswer the needs of yacht brokerage or dealership companies.It provides extensive features not found in the competition. TheYacht Brokerage solution includes lead request managementto store all yacht requests, Social networks integration, xmlfeeds syndication, high quality PDF generation. We think global
  3. 3. We think globalbut act local.As well our solution includes different request forms forfinancing, insurance, storage, transport, survey and storesall requests in tables accesssible through maintenancescreens in the administration panel. The Yacht Brokeragesolution is integrated with 15 social networks through APIsand generates high quality yacht PDF brochures and monthlymagazines. We act local
  4. 4. marketing project management communicationSERVICES mobile development social networks social media marketing design development
  5. 5. // Social Networks // Listings Mgmt // PDF BrochuresPowerful and integrated APIs: Powerful Extensive and powerful features are The Yacht Brokerage solution for joomla& Integrated Syndication Services: Our included in the Yacht Brokerage solu- generates high quality PDF flyers andSolution offers a very powerful synchro- tion for joomla: Detailed yacht listings Brochures. All flyers and brochuresnization tool in order to increase instantly maintenance screens, High quality PDFs include a qrcode generated in order tothe visibility of the listings in the Longi- generation, Social networks posting, RSS offer a quick access to the listing fromtude 64 Yachting Network composed of and XML feeds syndication, Web Services mobile phones. Companies using theover 40 web sites (and growing) targeting synchronization, CRM area. Yacht Brokerage solution can now pres-the yachting and luxury markets. ent high quality yacht brochures.
  6. 6. There is one thing stronger than all the armies in theworld, and that is an idea whose time has come. The most costly decision a marketing or sales manager will However, when analyzing carefully the features provided, take when implementing a marketing strategy will be to rely as well as the possibility to create inbound traffic to the entirely on third party websites to acquire new contacts and company’s website or expand yacht marketing Platform the promote the yacht listings. This decision is mostly taken due reach to social networks, it does not appear anymore as a to the apparent easy setup and maintenance third party list- cost effective solution in a long term strategy. ing sites seem to provide.
  7. 7. Things may come to those who wait, but only thingsleft by those who hustle.Strength Latitude 26 All third party listings sites rely on traffic to their sites in The success in establishing a long term approach is to order to be able to charge yacht brokerage and yacht charter consider, as the central point, the company’s website. ie the firms. Thus, they will most of the time prevent this traffic to single point of entry for all listings should be your website. leave their site unless it goes to a paid advertisement. The Then, syndication to third party listings websites specializing data flow of the listings between the company’s website and in the yachting and to social network will take place. This the outside world must be carefully evaluated. data flow will allow you to generate inbound traffic back to your site and not to other sites.
  8. 8. Only those who will risk going too far can possiblyfind out how far one can go. You will have the control over the data provided to the Through APIs, you can automate the posting of listings external sites. Contacts and leads coming to your site once information and brochure to a large array of sites which are will most likely come back to your site on a regular basis. not used by third party listings websites to avoid loosing A powerful outbound strategy for the listings is to target all traffic. Nowadays, you can maximize your exposure on social available social network and document or images sharing networks relatively easily by selecting a yachting solution sites. already integrating the APIs to post automatically.
  9. 9. All that we are is the result of what wehave thought. Will The Longitude 64 Yachting Network Syndication: The Longi- syndication service in order to increase the exposure of tude 64 Yachting Network is a syndication of web sites tar- their listings. Automatic Synchronization: The synchroniza- geting specific users in the yachting market: sailboats, power tion is automatic between our client site and the Longitude boats, geographic locations, specific brands... At present 15 64 Yachting Network when the subscription starts. Every 24 sites are part of this network. All the customers using our hours, New listings and updates will be synchronized with applications have the possibility to subscribe to the automatic the Yachting Network automatically.
  10. 10. Contact us for a free consultation If you are a yacht brokerage company and you want to upgrade your web site and at the same time put in place a social media marketing strategy to maximize the visibility of your company and yacht listings, contact us. We will present you the possibilities of our yacht brokerage solution and how it is integrated in social networks. Vist our web sites to review all features offered by our solutions.LATITUDE 26 UK88-90 Hatton GardenUnit/Office 36London EC1N 8PNUnited Kingdom LATITUDE 26 USA LATITUDE 26 UKT | +44 (0)20 7078-4226 T | +1 (305) 394-9652 T | +41 (0)27 483-1220E | sales@latitude26.co.uk E | sales@latitude26.us E | sales@latitude26.chW | www.latitude26.co.uk W | www.latitude26.us W | www.latitude26.ch
  11. 11. Only those who will risk going too far can possiblyfind out how far one can go.
  12. 12. YACHT BROKERAGESOLUTION Most advanced yachting solutions running on joomla CMSBROCHURE