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  1. 1. easyCBM: Benchmarking andProgress Monitoring System
  2. 2. Assessments to Facilitate InstructionWhat does it take for a seamless integration of abenchmarking and progress monitoringsystem?Assess the right thingsScale the measures for sensitivity and reliabilityMake it easy for schools to useGet teacher buy inAlign with important criterion measures
  3. 3. Assess the Right Things:Reading MeasuresEarly Literacy• Phonemic Segmentation• LN, LS• WRF, PRF Gr. 2 Gr. 3-8Literal 6 items 7 items• Comprehension Inferential 6 items 7 itemsEvaluative 6 items
  4. 4. Assess the Right Things:Math MeasuresNCTM Focal Point Standards3 Focal Points per grade; each PM measure has16 items aligned to a single Focal Point. EachBenchmark measure has 48 items (16 fromeach Focal Point).
  5. 5. School UseBenchmark data need to guide decision-making.In many districts using an RTI framework, allstudents get Tier 1 and 2; those scoring belowa particular percentile on the benchmarkand/or non-responders get Tier 3 instruction.Instructional Decisions: who, what, when, how,where, how often, with whom?
  6. 6. Teacher Buy-In• Teachers need to input intervention info &modify instruction based on findings.• Selection of appropriate measure for theindividual student– Current skill level– Specific deficits– Sensitivity to growth– Aligned to intervention
  7. 7. Benchmark & PM Data
  8. 8. Passage Reading Fluency
  9. 9. Passage Reading Fluency
  10. 10. MCRC: Benchmark Only
  11. 11. Aligned to Other Criterion MeasuresUpcoming studies: criterion-validity studies examiningrelationship between benchmark measures and statetests in reading and math.Free site already open for use: http://easycbm.comDistrict site will be available for use starting inSeptember, 2009.For more information: contact jalonzo@uoregon.edu